Political Economy Essays

The economic theory of production. Production function, the...

The economic theory of production. production function the concept of the economic theory of production by economic theory of production is understood.

Economic development of Germany, Economic consequences of the...

Germany's economic development the economic consequences of the first world war the first world war cost germany more than other capitalist countries..

MACROECONOMICS, NATIONAL ECONOMY, Production and reproduction...

Macroeconomics - macroeconomics is a division of economic theory that analyzes large-scale economic phenomena, such as inflation, unemployment, interest.

Types of competitive behavior - Economic theory

Types of competitive behavior the main feature of competition in all its manifestations is the collision of the interests of market participants. the.

Economic Views in Ancient Society - Economic Theory

Economic views in ancient society economic thought of ancient greece in the works of outstanding thinkers - xenophon, plato, aristotle. they were the.

Features of corporations and financial capital of France, Nationalization...

Features of france's corporations and financial capital the top 10 commercial banks in the world include four french banks: the bank of nacional de.

New Deal Roosevelt - Economic history from ancient times to the present day

New deal roosevelt the crisis was such a catastrophe that economists began to talk about the end of capitalism, that the former capitalist economy can.

Income of the population: structure and indicators, Principles...

Population incomes: structure and indicators the level of people's well-being is characterized primarily by their income. it is income that determines.

The US economy after the Second World War, The main...

10.2. the us economy after the second world war 10.2.1. main directions of economic development the second world war was a powerful catalyst for the.

Economic Growth in Society, Economic Growth and its...

Economic growth in society economic growth and its measurement one of the most important goals of modern society is economic growth, ie. a quantitative.

Development of military production, Agriculture, population...

Development of military production since the second half of 1942, industrial production began to increase. by 1945, the leading branches of heavy.

Trade and finance - Economic history from ancient times to the present day

Trade and finance in the period of war communism trade was banned. in the transition to nep, at first it was not intended to return to trade,.

Dynamics of inflationary processes, Anti-inflationary policy - Economic theory

Dynamics of inflation processes in terms of the intensity of inflation processes, there are four types of inflation: 1) normal inflation - prices are.

Militarization of the Japanese economy - History of the economy

9.4. militarization of the japanese economy japan in the period 1919-1939. provided a significant increase in its national economy. however, the post-war.

Proposal of production factors - Economic theory

Proposal of factors of production proposal to the market for factors of production - this is the amount that goes into the sphere of sale at current.

The supply of money and the establishment of monetary...

The supply of money and the establishment of monetary equilibrium by money offer is understood the amount of money offered by the country's banking.

Japanese economic miracle and its causes, Foreign economic relations...

Japanese economic miracle and its causes as already mentioned, industrial production by the end of the war decreased by 10 times compared with the.

Demand and supply of goods and market price, Market...

Demand and supply of goods and market price market demand and its factors from the concept of commodity demand (pp. 195-196) it follows that the main.

Consumer balance and demand - Economic theory

Consumer equilibrium and demand the formed individual gray consumer is the achievement of his equilibrium at the point of maximizing the usefulness of.

Economic development of France after the Second World...

Economic development of france after the second world war the economic losses of france in the second world war were all the more significant, since the.

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