Development of information flows in the era of informatization...

Development of information flows in the era of informatization. Development of e-business models

The Internet came from no doubt a bold scheme, born in the imagination of technology experts from the Advanced Research Project Agency of the US Department of Defense (DARPA), who sought to prevent the Soviet seizure or the destruction of the American communications system in the event of a nuclear war. To some extent, this was a variant of the Maoist tactic of dispelling partisan forces over a vast area in order to counteract enemy power by maneuvering and acquaintance with the territory. The result was a network architecture, which, according to the idea of ​​its creators, could not be controlled from a certain center and consisted of thousands of autonomous computer networks, which had countless communication paths that circumvented electronic obstacles. In the end, the ARPANET network created by the US Department of Defense became the basis of a global horizontal communications network of thousands of computer networks (for a computer literate elite consisting of approximately 20 million users in the mid-1990s but growing exponentially). The network was used by individuals and groups around the world.

This illustration helps us understand the importance of the unintended social consequences of implementing information technology.

Consider the e-business model as a result of the development of information technology.

Modeling the processes of integration of new information technologies into the enterprise's economic activities and offering practical tools led to an increase in the efficiency of implementing various integration models in the conditions of an individual enterprise.

According to the definition of IBM's specialists, e-business (or online business) is the transformation of basic business processes using Internet technologies. Thus, electronic business can be called any business activity that uses the capabilities of global information networks to transform internal and external relationships for profit. Internal organization of the enterprise on the basis of a single information network (intranet); external interaction through the Internet with partners, suppliers and customers (extranet) - all these are components of electronic business.

By offline (traditional) business is understood any business activity in order to create profit without the use of Internet technologies.

E-commerce is the most important component of e-business. E-commerce refers to any form of business transaction that is conducted using information networks.

Depending on the degree of integration of new information technologies into business activities, business models are classified as follows (Figure 40.9).

Classification of business models by degree of integration into e-business

Fig. 40.9. Classification of business models by the degree of integration into e-business

Intranet model (Bn model)

The initial stage of enterprise integration can be called the creation of an internal information system - an intranet-type system (model B0). At this stage, the Internet is used as a tool for implementing an effective system of internal communications in the enterprise. Access to the information resources of such a system is provided only to employees of this enterprise and is protected from the outside world by special means. Intranet systems increase the efficiency of information exchange between all employees, facilitate the establishment of feedbacks, allow staff to work together regardless of location. Such systems reduce some of the transaction costs of an enterprise related to the formation and maintenance of the organization's internal information environment, optimize planning and management processes. Thus, the application of the intranet allows to increase efficiency of functioning of internal processes of the enterprise.

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