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- Humanist, - Romantic - International negotiations in business and politics

Ifnj - humanist flexible-intuitive style jung's dichotomy : ethics, intuition, introversion, rationality. at the negotiating table, the introverted.

System Definition of Public Policy, Environment Explanation...

1.6. system definition of public policy in the system approach, public policy is seen as a system of actions in relation to the environment, goals or.

Three currents (flow) of public policy by D. Kingdon...

3.4. three trends (flow) of public policy by d. kingdon over this diversity of institutional and cognitive factors inherent in the policies space, some.

Locarno guarantee pact. Soviet-German Treaty of 1926. Temporary...

Locarno guarantee pact. soviet-german treaty of 1926. temporary stabilization of the economic and political situation in europe. for paris, this was a.

Problems and Priorities for Combating International Terrorism - World Politics

Problems and priorities for combating international terrorism the world community since the 1960s. was put before the need to intensify counteraction to.

Electoral dimension of public action - Public policy

1.4. electoral dimension of public action the articulation between political parties and public policy was continued by those of researchers who aspired.

Agreements concluded during the mediation process...

Agreements concluded during the mediation process in accordance with the federal law on mediation, the agreement on the application of the mediation.

Rules for the preparation of a public statement, the rules for...

4.3. rules for preparing a public appearance a well-known american psychologist and communications theory specialist dale carnegie (1988-1955), in his.

Solution as a heuristic tool, Public identification...

1.2. solution as a heuristic the grid , proposed by c. jones, has become a significant step in the study of public policy. it became such a means of.


World-observal and systematic basis of policy political theory obviously, the relationship between the political system, political institutions and the.

Political hermeneutics - Modern US politics

Political hermeneutics in addition to synergetics, protection from harsh political methods has become a understanding knowledge oriented to interpreting.

Decision as a stake in power, The role of bureaucracy - Public policy

1.5. decision as a power rate every decision process is a kind of bet, around which there are and will be clashes of various social and political actors,.

Main Types of Political Leadership - Political Science

Major types of political leadership max weber proposed one of the first classifications of political leaders based on the type of power legitimacy.

Building the collective interests of doctors in France...

Building the collective interests of doctors in france and germany in germany, the doctors' representation was built around medical cash registers, that.

Stages of crisis development - Modern US politics

Stages of crisis development having ascertained through monitoring what the probability of the onset of crisis processes or revealing the signs of a.

Correlation of morality and power in the foreign policy...

Correlation of morality and strength in the foreign policy of the state politics is the result of conscious, volitional efforts of people who set.

Glossary - International negotiations in business and politics

Glossary alternative (the alternative from the latin alter is one of two) - the choice between mutually exclusive opportunities; each of the mutually.

Political management: discussion about the content...

Political management: a discussion about the content of the concept at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. in connection with the appearance in the.

Rational political doctrines, Utopian doctrines by T. Mora and...

5.3. rational political doctrine the adoption of completely new standards of human existence and a departure from the feudal way of life constituted a.

The phenomenon of fragmentation and proliferation of states - Geopolitics

The phenomenon of fragmentation and proliferation of states obviously, although the very concept of sovereignty is undergoing a marked transformation,.

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