Ethnic Organizations And Discrimination Politics Essay

Tradition and culture are two major elements explaining a particular group of people within confirmed time period ever sold. Different ethnical and ethic teams have different principles and traditions which is transmitted from one generation to the next without loss of meaning. Arab Americans have gone through several episodes of discrimination in america. This has been added by biased perceptions that prevailed in america during the early times. Being a community Arab Americans similar to the other minority teams endured numerous experience of prejudice, racism and segregation. The paper takes a look at the issue of discrimination in america. Special concentration will get to Arab People in the usa in the United States.

Ethnic Organizations and Discrimination

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The issue of discrimination is mainly associated with cultural groups. Therefore, several communities encounter discrimination because of their ethnic origins. Discrimination will involve several aspects that signify unfair treatment of certain teams because of their ethnic affiliation. As a result, discrimination takes the form of racism, prejudice and segregation (Wang, 2006). Arab Americans have undergone several shows of discrimination in america. It has been added by biased perceptions that prevailed in america during the early times. As the community Arab Us citizens similar to the other minority categories endured numerous experiences of prejudice, racism and segregation. The paper takes a go through the problem of discrimination in america. Special concentrate will be given to Arab People in america in america.

Arab People in the usa migrated to the United States. The community transferred to America through the early days. Some of them came up as early people and explorers who eventually settled in america. Furthermore, through the colonization of the world by the Western powers the English moved Arabs of their countries to other territories under their control. This included the Arab colonies which were under British guideline. Since America was also under the colonial rule of Uk, it became easy for Arabs to move to the American continent. Therefore, the Arabs who migrated to the United States during the English colonial period will be the forefathers of the Arab American community in the United States.

Arab People in the usa underwent discrimination in america. The community was subject to prejudice, racism and segregation. There were several ways that Arab North american were subjected to discrimination. The city was regarded as inferior to the whites who are the majority in the United States. These were discriminated given that they were not considered to be original Americans. This is one of the key explanations why the Arab Americans endured prejudiced. At that time when racism was at its maximum, blacks and Asian Us citizens were not considered as an integral part of they American culture. Because of this, they were not allowed to take part in mainstream activities like voting and education. Even after the community was allowed top pursue education special companies were set aside for them. Therefore, Arab Americans were not allowed to attend similar institution with whites. This was the highest level of segregation that was experienced by Arab People in the usa. Arab Americans did not have reps in leadership; these were subjected to subjugation by the white bulk.

Arab Us citizens were greatly afflicted by the discrimination against them by almost all. As a result, the Arab American community participated in a number of activities in response to discrimination. Among the events that the city had taken part in include; Dual labor market, Environmental justice issues, Affirmative action, Redlining, Two times jeopardy, Institutional discrimination, Slow discrimination, Glass ceiling and glass wall space. Through affirmative action, the Arab American community wanted to entrench the practice of equality in the population. This mainly targeted cultural institutions like schools, private hospitals and other social amenities. Through affirmative action, the Arab American community endeavored to achieve justice and equality. Opposite discrimination was also rampant because the Arab American community had taken measures to guard their interests and these methods amounted to the discrimination of other neighborhoods (Kayyali, 2006). The Arab American ethnic group also needed part in institutional discrimination. This was initially targeted at ensuring that the community reduced the speed of discrimination against its users. However, the practice was nearly counterproductive since it institutionalized discrimination indirectly.

The immigration process in the United States is very demanding and exhaustive. I personally would not want to migrate to the United States. This is because the whole process is merely too long and uncertain. In addition to the bureaucratic character of the immigration process, the costs engaged are also too much. Because of this, it costs a lot to complete the whole immigration process. They have this becomes so hard to move to america now a days compared to prior years. Considering the complete process of becoming a US citizen I would nothing like to migrate to america (Naber & Jamal, 2008). The immigration process is merely too difficult for any immigrant seeking to travel to america and be a citizen. Additionally, the facet of cost has a great deal of relevance to immigrants. First and foremost immigrants move to the United States in search for better living. Therefore, it is clear that those going to america are people who are not well off financially. High costs of control immigration are a great obstacle in the immigration. .

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Immigration laws, policies and protocols should be natural at all times. AMERICA immigration policy shouldn't favor any sort of immigrants. This is because it is an facet of discrimination to favour certain immigrants at the trouble of others. Unless there are justifiable reasons the immigration process must guarantee independence and equality. It really is against the nature of equality and oneness to prefer one group in the process of immigration. All kinds of immigrants must be given equivalent chance to remain competitive for immigration. The role of the federal government is to set regulations that govern the immigration process. These legislation should be based on the use of protocols that must be adhered to such protocols should not be based on ethnicity.

Preference in the immigration process if any should be given to the neediest organizations. These criteria provides justice to the whole process. Instead of favoring certain categories and not others, the procedure of awarding citizenship should be equal. However, incase there tend to be more candidates from a certain group, and then there is no problem awarding them the majority slots. This may be looked at as fair since the majority group has a right to be considered in large numbers. However, the problem of awarding applicants from a certain group only and denying other ethnic communities is unethical and really should be discouraged.

There are also the variables that are often considered when awarding citizenship; they include ability, oppression and affluence. Among the list of three skills should get preference. Up to it is okay to concern citizenship to the group with the greatest applications, it is in the interest of the country to award citizenship to the most skilled applicants. This will likely ensure that they play a constructive role throughout the market on america. It will not maintain order to award citizenship to the most oppressed ethnic group. It is because oppression can't be a practical criterion in awarding citizenship. Affluence also will not measure up as a feasible method of awarding citizenship. The immigration process in the United States shouldn't consider awarding citizenship to the richest applicants.

It obviously seems that the immigration process has been still left to the rich and on my case I'll not consider migrating to america.

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