Terrorism And Counter-top Terrorism: Western european Approach

The term 'Terrorism' is hard to determine. There is absolutely no official classification of terrorism agreed on through the planet. Definitions have a tendency to rely closely on who's doing the defining and for what purpose. Some definitions give attention to terrorist tactics to define the word, while others concentrate on the participant. The UN, philosophers and various states make an effort to formulate a concrete description of Terrorism over the last several 10 years. The UN Security council followed a several range of measures to identify 'Terrorism'. Different areas define terrorism matching to their political, religious, local and economical aspect. This newspaper matter on the defination of terrorism and counter-top terrorism, ideology of counter terrorism, the EU's methodology on counter terrorism and their drawback. I have tired to formulate a defination of terrorism with exemplory case of defination of other international group. Different ideology of counter-top terrorism how European union approach accroding to that ideology to fight terrorism. This newspaper will not discuss the other facts of Western european Union's struggle against terrorism, such as education, business and other communal facts.


C. A. J. Coady in his publication "Defining Terrorism", say: "the structured use of assault to attack noncombatants ('innocents' in a particular sense) or their property for political purposes is terrorism". Though there is absolutely no such definition that philosophers and international orgenization like UN, European union and Arab council decided on, from my view the general explanation can be described for terrorism is "an 'act' that is determined in whole or in part for a politics, spiritual or ideological goal, objective to intimidate the public or a segment of the public with regard with their security. The 'act' includes creating death or physical harm through assault, endangering life or creating a serious risk to the health or safety of the general public or any portion of public".

UN Meaning of Terrorism:

UN security council says in one quality about this is of terrorism is that "causes danger to human being dignity and security, development, global steadiness, success, and UN purposes and principle". The UN Basic Assembly evidently condemned "all serves, methods and techniques of terrorism as criminal and unjustifiable, no matter their motivation, in every their varieties and manifestations, wherever and by whomever committed". This make reference to the risk to peacefulness and security posed by terrorism and its danger to life.

EU Explanation of Terrorism:

The EU details terrorism for legal/formal rationales in Art. 1 of the Platform Decision on Combating Terrorism. The European union define terrorism as terrorist offence. The last EU Justice and Home affair council come to a "Political" contract on the "Framework Decision on Combating Terrorism" and identified that terrorist offences are certain legal offences lay out in a list comprised generally of serious offences against people and property which given their dynamics or framework, may seriously ruin a country or a global organization where committed with the purpose of: seriously intimidating a people; or unduly persuasive a Government or international company to execute or avoid performing any work; or significantly destabilizing or destroying the essential political, constitutional, economic or social buildings of your country or a global organization.

But this meaning of European union is criticized by civil society groups because this is mostly influenced USA and leading European union governments around G8. The civil culture think that this definition will cause harm to legitimate action, such as trade union activities or anti-globalization motion.

US Description of Terrorism:

The USA has defined terrorism under the Federal Criminal Code. Title 18 of america Code identifies terrorism and lists the crimes associated with terrorism. In Section 2331 of Chapter 113(B), identifies terrorism as: "activities that entail violent or life-threatening functions that are a violation of the legal laws of america or of any Talk about and appear to be meant (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian populace; (ii) to effect the policy of the federal government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a federal government by mass damage, assassination, or kidnapping; and(C) appear primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States"

US Patriot Work of 2001: terrorist activities include-

threatening, conspiring or attempting to hijack airplanes, watercraft, buses or other vehicles.

threatening, conspiring or attempting to commit acts of assault on any "safe" people,

such as federal officials

any criminal offense devoted with "the utilization of any weapon or dangerous device, " when the purpose of the

crime is determined to be the endangerment of open public safety or considerable property damage

rather than for "mere personal monetary gain

FBI indentify the terrorism as "The unlawful use of power or assault against people or property to intimidate or coerce a Federal, the civilian populace, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives".

U. S. Military also define terrorism is the "calculated use of unlawful assault or risk of unlawful violence to inculcate dread. It is designed to coerce or intimidate governments or societies. . . [to attain] political, religious, or ideological goals. " U. S. Army Field Manual No. FM 3-0, Chapter 9, 37 (14 June 2001).

Arab council meaning:

The council of Arab Ministers of the inside and the council of Arab Ministers of Justice define Terrorism as "Any work or risk of violence, whatever its motives or purposes, occurring in the progression of a person or collective legal agenda and seeking to sow anxiety among people, causing fear by harming them, or inserting their lives, liberty or security in danger, or seeking to damage the environment or even to general public or private installations or property or even to occupying or seizing them, or wanting to jeopardize countrywide resources".

From these meaning of terrorism will most likely never arrive at a perfect meaning and it made an appearance controversial. Though terrorism has characteristics to which most of us spot, like violence or its hazard. in reality, the only defining feature of terrorism may be the actual fact that it asked, since the label "terrorism" or "terrorist" begins when there is disagreement over whether an function of assault is justified. Different authorities businesses and legal regulators define terrorism in their nationwide legislation. The Australian Parliamentarian Angus Martyn says while briefing the home " The International community has never been been successful in developing a recognized comprehensive explanation of terrorism". So, in one logic, it could be reasonable to say that terrorism is strictly violence (or the risk of assault) in point of view where there will be disagreement over the use of that violence.

Counter Terrorism:

Counter-terrorism generally identifies the government, militaries, authorities departments and different agencies adopted methods, practices, techniques, and strategies in response to terrorist threats and/or works, both real and imputed. It is a system to neutralize terrorist and their function by through searching for and eliminating or making arrest of the terrorist individuals or groupings. counter terrorism is the strategy of the same ambitious habit that the terrorists have keeps in order to oppose the functions of terrorism.

Ideology of Counter Terrorism:

Ideology is a set of aims and ideas that directed people goal. It is like comprehensive eye-sight, a way of looking things, in keeping sense and many philosophical tendencies. Alternatively this can be a organized body of concepts about human being life or culture, a manner or this content of thinking characteristic of a person or teams. The ideology of counter terrorism is to neutralize and beat terrorism. It really is considered that ideology is the main element motivation pressure for the existing spin of terrorism. The ideological approach guided to some interesting perspectives in the plead to find way to the situation of terrorism. You can find three methods to fighting terrorism-

(1) Operational counter terrorism,

(2) Strategic counter terrorism,

(3) Conflict quality respectively.

Operational Counter-top Terrorism:

The operational counter terrorism aims at lowering the immediate menace by monitoring suspected terrorists, collaborators, supporters and their cell, disrupting their plan by well-timed arrests. Now a day many countries own a special make, security organizations and elite tactical products focus on handle terrorist threats. Their role is to immediately build relationships terrorist and carry out preventive activities, hostage save and responding to current terrorist problems. Methods, techniques and skills for manhunting are under stable development. For a good example after 9/11 the US government invested in expanding their operational counter terrorist functions, increased the finances and expanded the numerical power of their intelligence areas and enforcement regulators. Because of this post 9/11 functional counter terrorism degraded terrorist features in US.

Strategic Counter-top Terrorism:

A plan that guide activities, help undermine the recruitment of terrorists, and change the environments they inhabit into more and more non-permissive ones. This coverage may not work well against terrorists who are prepared to sacrifice their lives. But it is possible to at least inhibit some terrorist action if the operatives find their world progressively more hostile, new initiates harder to find, and the chance that they will be turned into the government bodies great. [B. Deniel, 2008, p3]

The strands of strategic counter terrorism are in ideological, educational, advertising, legislative and financial reactions. The fundamental is to counter the terrorist ideology that activates, causes and justifies terrorism. Much like ideological respond to terrorism, which reveals the abnormal teachings of terrorist categories, initiatives in educational response seeks to make it difficult for terrorists to work with the current spiritual education system to politicize the religious. It is establishing an ethic against terrorism in the wide-ranging society. To make neighborhoods that hate assault, the governments use the press to counter politics terrorism and violence. The mass media has perform such an important role in formally and informally meliorating the public and evoking their consciousness about disease and famine. Similarly with the legislative reaction to terrorism.

Resolving Regional Conflicts:

The administration of developed countries do not try to understand the required of resolving the regional conflict areas that breed and keep terrorism. To diminish the hazard of political violence globally it is essential for the international community to produce a justified try to end the regional conflicts through political negotiation. The United Country publish a guideline for UN Mediator-Terrorism. For the reason that publication UN global counter-terrorism strategy on resolving the local conflicts came out in Section 1, paragraph 1

"To keep to fortify and make greatest use of the capacities of the US in areas such as issue protection, negotiation, mediation, conciliation, judicial pay out, rule of legislation, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, in order to contribute to the successful elimination and peaceful resolution of long term unresolved issues. We notice that the peaceful image resolution of such issues would donate to strengthening the global fight terrorism. "

Palestine, Kashmir, Maluku [Indonesia], Mindanao [Philippines], Afghanistan, North Korea and Iraq's regional discord are major makers of human protection under the law violations, home disarticulation, refugee flows and terrorists. The Israeli-Palestinian discord in the 1970s and 1980s produced terrorists and put forth over to neighboring countries; Afghanistan produced the most significant range of terrorists in the 1990s and today. International community neglects this regional conflicts, believes that the preventing group will combat the other person and weaken them themselves. The developed countries proven wrong when al Qaeda organized a attack against US from Afghanistan. Probably the most regional political organizations adopted violence some situations, In case the international community provide the right opportunities and negotiate with the terrorist categories, many of them sign up for mainstream politics and end the assault. If indeed they develop a host to assist in negotiation, actively mediate between fighting factions, the gap for regional ideological and politics terrorism can be significantly reduce. Proper knowledge and execution for structuring calmness processes must be developed.

EU Track record:

There is a contradiction in the EU's role in counter-terrorism. EU politicians have debated strongly in matter of greater Western european co-operation in combating terrorism. There is made terrorist communities in EU like ETA and IRA who are dynamic for the long time however the international terrorist organization like Al-Qaeda skin cells are operating across the globe and may attack anywhere in Europe. A studies says, there are about 18, 000 trained al-Qaeda terrorist about the world and nobody knows how many of the dynamic in Europe. There's a terrorist harm in Madrid in March 2004 and wiped out about 191 innocent people. From then on strike the politicians argued that the EU must take necessary take action in assisting the member-states to supervise preventing cross-border terrorist activities in Europe. The EU government authorities has a borders which is a core benefit for the terrorist to go freely across the Union. The European union can do many things to help their member says counter terrorist group. But EU's ability is limited for just two reasons.

Firstly the European union is not really a national government. The EU cannot arrest or prosecute terrorist and cannot use spies or satellites to track them. This activities are conducted by the local policemen and national intelligence of the neighborhood government. The government dislike to talk about cleverness information with the other federal and the cross-border investigations, the governments conduct mostly with their work bilaterally not at European union level.

Secondly the term 'Counter Terrorism' is not itself a precise insurance plan area which intricate the down sides of European union. "Counter Terrorism" spans lots of insurance plan area in its broadest and fullest sense. To success the EU needs action out of every government division not only from those who costed with law enforcement, border control, overseas and defense coverage. Money ministries need to trail terrorist money, health ministries should have stockpiles of vaccines, and education ministries should account academics research into Islamic categories. National governments facing issues to co-ordinate with own ministries and agencies involved in counter-terrorism. It really is exponentially more challenging for EU to looking to organize the collective initiatives of 25 governments. [B. Deniel, 2008, p3]

EU Counter Terrorism Strategy:

Since all EU countries facing the same danger, there's a shared 'Western Approch' has used for counter terrorism. The Western european Security Strategy, a file agreed by European union governments in December 2003, is clear "Europe is both a concentrate on and a base for such terrorismConcerted Western action is indispensable. " The strategy makes an especially pointed reference to the danger of terrorist communities using biological, chemical substance or even nuclear bombs on Western european soil. The doc continues on to recommend that the EU should have a broad method of working with terrorism, as "none of the new hazards is purely military; nor can any be tackled by purely military meansDealing with terrorism may necessitate a mixture of intelligence, police, judicial, armed service and other means. " [B. Deniel, 2008, p3]

The counter-top terrorism strategy both US and Western posses blend judicial, police, diplomatic and means with a long-term political method of tacking ling terrorism. The primary different of Western and US strategy is the fact that, US chosen to combat its battle on terror in foreign countries, whereas the Europeans have primarily concern on the danger at home. The Western do not generally support the idea of "war on terror" by US which seems US plan as over-reactive and military services driven. The Western Security officials opt for the key phrase "fight terrorism" to describe their procedure.

The different federal of European union prosecute terrorism in different way. UK, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Finland and Ireland have a strong anti-terrorism laws. A number of these countries have decentralized law enforcement officials pushes and secrete services that dominate counter terrorism work. The other administration have national police centralized under clearly designated 'chief'. Alternatively Germany, Belgium, Netherland and other countries have weakened terrorism laws. Frequently these countries face issues in keeping the suspects in jail. In Germany terrorist suspects stay free whereas in other countries they might face arrest. They are the aspect that different authorities of EU are operation in different ways against terrorism.

The European union member first working collectively on counter terrorism in 1979 by building the authorities working group on terrorism. The group brought together senior law enforcement officials officers to compare methods for combating the IRA in Britain and Ireland, the Red Brigades in Italy, and the Baader Meinhof gang in Germany. The expansion of cross-border planned crime and sports hooliganism in the 1980s further accelerated pan-European law enforcement officials co-operation. Member-states made police force co-operation a formal EU policy area in the Maastricht treaty of 1991. The European union governments invested additional resources to battle against terrorism after 2001 invasion in US. They impose an EU-wide arrest warrant, set up a common description of 'terrorism' and a typical list of terrorist organizations, and outlined guidelines for joint businesses between national law enforcement officials forces. Governments gave Europol, the EU police firm, extra funds, and create a counter terrorism task drive combination of countrywide cops. The government authorities also created Eurojust, the EU's appearing law enforcement agency, to help countrywide magistrates work mutually on cross-border investigations. The European external borders company in Poland has just started its work to support co-operation between nationwide border guards. This are the functional strategy of EU to counter terrorism. [B. Deniel, 2008, p17]

The EU not only focus on the types disorders that plan to carryout but also about why these folks become terrorist and just why some modern culture support them. EU authorities consent that terrorism can only be beaten with a long-term politics strategy. For long-term counter terrorism strategy the European union has made an 'Construction Decision'. The European union Counter-Terrorism Planner (CTC) Mr. Gijs de Vries has stated: "the role of the union is never to supplant Member Areas but to aid them in working internationally and the key thrust of Europe's protection against terrorism remains securely at the amount of national government authorities". [ Leitner, S. 2005]

For the permanent policy the European union has used new laws to regulate terrorist funding, and is also moving non-EU countries to adhere to United Nations terrorism conventions. European union countries had not much previous connection with different terrorist categories so they dealing with US help on the counter-top terrorism strategy. Both US and European union approach mixed judicial, law enforcement officials, diplomatic and military services opportinity for their long-term strategy to counter terrorism. The long-term counter-terrorism streaky, sketching upon the entire sources of the EU and its own member-states. [B. Deniel, 2008, p17]

The EU counter-terrorism long-term insurance policy is not very clearly defined policy, as it encompasses aspects of almost all traditional insurance plan areas, for example the EU non-proliferation insurance policy or the European Security and Defence Plan. European union need to find response to two key problem- how to raised integrate different religious people like Muslim into European population; how to encourage democratic reform throughout the center East. Several European union policies help to address the causes of radicalisation and recruitment into terrorism. The European union development strategy and its own contribution to the center East Peacefulness Process play a significant role in this value, as does the process of assessing and examining the Member Expresses policies with respect to the integration of minorities and countering discrimination. [ De Vries, 2004, p. 8 ]

EU's Downside:

According to EU's foreign and security policy main, Javier Solana, there three major shortfalls of counter terrorism of EU-

i) some member-states weren't implementing EU contracts, including the common arrest warrant;

ii) The EU lacked sufficient resources to experiment with a meaningful role in counter-terrorism;

iii) Co-ordination between European union officials focusing on law enforcement, international and defence regulations was poor.

Several countries of European union do not wants to put into practice the EU's common arrest warrant in their nationally. Like Cyprus, Greece, Luxembourg and Spain first of all not decided to common arrest warrant but latterly they are doing. Italy decided on Apr 2005 and Germany argued which it violates the German constitution on human being privileges grounds.

Co-ordination between different governments also a problem for European union. One administration do not would like to share defence policy, intellect information and foreign coverage with other European union government. The cross-border concern still resolved bilaterally.


International terrorism is not the one security challenge facing EU government authorities. They are currently training Iraqi security causes, keeping the serenity in the Balkans, Afghanistan and parts of Africa, and trying to encourage Iran not to build nuclear weapons. EU government authorities are also worried about failing claims, such as Sudan and Congo, and the problems posed by sorted out offense. However, as the Madrid episodes exhibited, terrorism - in particular radical Islamist terrorist categories - remains a serious threat in European countries and beyond.

EU government authorities in their counter terrorism strategy try to focus on not only the types of episodes that terrorists plan to carry out, but also on why these folks turned into terrorists and just why some segment of culture support them. After the Madrid harm the member claims updated the counter-top terrorism action plan formulated with over 150 solution, covering a broad range of counter terrorism co-operation. EU doesn't have the power to investigate and prosecute ion to tackle terrorism but can help member areas to identify, extradite and prosecute terrorist.

The counter terrorism strategy of European union should be 'isolated'. EU must make an effort to isolate the terrorist from their targets, resources and supporters both is European countries and around the world. The strategy of isolation must have got three tactical elements: integration; investigation; and insulation. Obtaining this goal will be difficult because European union needs to control a multi-faceted and long-term way at home and overseas. If the EU could develop the counter-terrorism elements of its law enforcement, foreign and defence guidelines, based on an decided strategy, it might start to turn into a much more effective counter-terrorism professional, terrorism can be defeated with this long-term methodology.

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