Action and success - Political psychology

Action and success

The need to closely monitor all the consequences of their own political behavior forces the political leader to determine and evaluate the symbolic results. Often, behavior is projected almost exclusively as actions calculated for a certain evaluation. A significant part of these actions is manipulative character. In this regard, the political actions of the leader are constantly modeled by the formula "actions and success". The actions of a political leader are, first of all, his personal characteristic, therefore the success of his personal project is a result not so much of his business competence, but of personal merits. Earlier, procedures were considered for detecting the moral justification of claims for political leadership. Acts & Success - a formula that constantly upholds the moral right to leadership, that is why the political success is so jealously emphasized and even formalized. A completely definite and unequivocal success is part of the heroic myth. Success must be understood by all.

In the process of formalizing the political activities of a leader, the formulas "success" one has to face one of the most paradoxical situations of political leadership. The leader of the nationwide scale is constantly included in the bidding on numerous, often mutually exclusive problems. This is a multi-stage bidding & quot ;, where at every stage the success is very limited and, as a rule, simply questionable. In subsequent stages, previous successes can be an obvious defeat. Talking about any final success of the bidding on the system of internal problems is practically not necessary. From the point of view of professional political consciousness, the formula success in specific decision-making processes, plays a very limited role and rather confuses the case. The vast theory and practice of political managerialism once again convinces us of the non-mandatory and extreme convention of the "success" formulas. in decision-making processes.

However, for representative measurements of the political leader's behavior formula "success" plays a central role. And the political leader is interested in success not vague and uncertain, but clear and precise, concluding his clear and definite act. In other words, the political leader is interested in what is obviously unattainable in the context of domestic political "trades" of the situation. In the mass political consciousness, the conviction must consist and constantly be maintained that the succession of clear actions of the political leader has come to an end with quite definite success. The Reality of Domestic Political Trades does not provide such opportunities, therefore for the political leader the whole situation is shifted to the cultural and symbolic dimensions of the socio-political process.

Formula act and success is elaborated in the cultural symbolic dimensions of political leadership as one of the formulas of the heroic myth. Unlike members of the performing elite political leader is forced to periodically dramatize the situation symbols of the crisis typology, and then successfully restore the equilibrium situation by the formulas of heroic actions, i.e. Each episode of the political biography of the leader should potentially be regarded as a heroic deed and success. In this regard, in spite of the real ambiguity of possible political situations, each of which is formalized by its specific task, this task in the perspective of the formal structure of the heroic myth should be considered a success or failure.

Dramatized change of losses and acquisitions, the rhythm in the fate of the hero is the main content of the culmination formulas of the heroic myth. The content of these formulas can be said with a considerable degree of conventionality. The main function of the formulas of heroic leadership is to formalize the realities of political leadership in the cultural and symbolic dimensions of the socio-political process, therefore the main way of existence of heroic formulas is formal. This circumstance was clearly understood in the traditions of Jungian depth psychology. The practice of heroic design of political leadership largely supports the idea of ​​the modern possibilities of the heroic myth as purely formal, and therefore the ritual-mythological and technical-typological typologies within the framework of the counterculture are so closely correlated.

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