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1.4. Teacher's Communicative Assessment

The leading professional quality of the teacher is sociability. Its presence in the teacher serves as an indicator of high communicative potential. Ability to listen, be attentive, understand the speaker's state are the most important components of pedagogical sociability. They are manifested when there is interest in the inner world of the disciple, the need to communicate with him on a spiritual level.

Pedagogical culture implies other qualities of personality, necessary in communication. This is justice, openness, sincerity, tolerance, self-control, self-control, exactingness, tactfulness.

1.4.1. Assessment of the general level of sociability (VF Ryakhovsky)

It is necessary to answer unambiguously some simple questions. The answer options are: yes & quot ;, no & quot ;, sometimes .


1. You have an ordinary or business meeting. Does it knock you out of the rut?

2. Does your confusion and displeasure cause the commission to make a report, message, information at any meeting, meeting or the like?

3. Do you postpone your visit to the doctor until the last moment?

4. You are offered to go on a business trip to a city where you have never been. Do you make every effort to avoid this trip?

5. Do you like to share your experiences with anyone else?

6. Are you annoyed if an unknown person on the street asks you to (show the way, name the time, answer a question)?

7. Do you believe that there is a problem of fathers and children and that it is difficult for people of different generations to understand each other?

8. Do you feel ashamed to remind a friend that he forgot to return the money you took several months ago?

9. In the restaurant or in the dining room you served a dish that was obviously of poor quality. Are you silent if you only moved the plate angrily?

10. Once you are alone with a stranger, will you enter into a conversation with him and will you be unhappy if he speaks first?

11. You are horrified by any long line, wherever it is (in the store, library, box office of the cinema). Do you prefer to give up your intention or stand in the tail and will languish in anticipation?

12. Are you afraid of participating in any conflict resolution commission?

13. You have your own, especially individual criteria for assessing the works of literature, art, culture, and you do not accept any other opinions on this matter. Is that so?

14. Hearing somewhere on the sidelines a statement of a clearly erroneous point of view on a well-known question to you, do you prefer to remain silent and not argue?

15. Do you have a vexation of someone's request to help sort out this or that service question or academic topic?

16. Are you more likely to state your point of view (opinion, evaluation) in writing than in oral?


For the answer yes 2 points are given, sometimes - 1 point, no - 0 points. The points received are summarized, and the classifier determines which category of people the subject is.


30-32 points. You are clearly uncommunicable, and this is your trouble, because you suffer more from yourself. But people close to you are not easy. It's difficult for you to rely on in a case that requires team effort. Try to be more sociable, control yourself.

25-29 points. You are closed, taciturn, prefer solitude, so you have few friends. The new work and the need for new contacts, if they do not plunge you into panic, are permanently out of balance. You know this peculiarity of your character and you are dissatisfied with yourself. But do not limit yourself to such discontent: it is in your power to break these characteristics of character. Does it not happen that with any great enthusiasm you suddenly acquire complete interpersonal skills? It's worth shaking.

19-24 points. You are to some extent sociable and in an unfamiliar environment you feel quite confident. New problems do not frighten you. And yet with new people you agree with an eye, in disputes and disputes you participate reluctantly. In your statements, there is often too much sarcasm without any justification. These shortcomings are correctable.

14-18 points. You have normal communication skills. You are inquisitive, willing to listen to an interesting interlocutor, are patient enough in communicating with others, defend your point of view without quick temper. Without unpleasant experiences you go to meet new people, at the same time do not like noisy companies. Extravagant tricks and verbosity make you irritated.

9-13 points. You are very sociable (sometimes, perhaps even over), curious, talkative, like to speak out on various issues, which sometimes causes irritation among others. Willingly get acquainted with new people. You like to be in the spotlight, you do not refuse any requests, although you can not always fulfill them. Sometimes, flare up, but quickly go away. You lack perseverance, patience and courage when faced with serious problems. However, if you want, you can force yourself not to back down.

4-8 points. You must be a "shirt-guy", extremely sociable. You are always up to date on all matters. You like to take part in all discussions, although serious topics can cause you to have a migraine and even a spleen. Willingly take the floor on any issue, even if you have a superficial view of it. Everywhere you feel at ease. Take care of any business, although you can not always successfully complete it. For this very reason, leaders and colleagues treat you with some apprehension and doubt. Think about these facts.

3 points or less. Your sociability is painful. You are talkative, verbose, intervene in matters that have nothing to do with you. Be sure to judge the problems that are completely incompetent. Willy or involuntarily, you are often the cause of all sorts of conflicts among others. You are quick-tempered, touchy, often not objective. Serious work is not for you. People - at work, at home, and everywhere else - with you it is difficult. Yes, you need to work on yourself and your character! First of all, cultivate patience and restraint in yourself, respect people, finally think about your health: this kind of life does not pass without a trace.

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