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Autogenous Exercise - Exercise 2

Approximately two weeks after you mastered the initial exercise on the method of autogenic training, it is necessary to include in the exercises and formulas of the second exercise. Its purpose is to learn to intentionally call out what happened before by itself. The basic formula of the second exercise is:

- My right hand is warming up more and more.

The exercise is performed after autogenous immersion and the end of the first exercise. The formula of the second exercise is repeated six to eight times in combination with slow exhalations. Exercise should be accompanied by visual emotional images that you associate with a sense of warmth. Of particular importance in mastering this exercise is the skill passively, without the tension of the will to concentrate its attention.

In the future, after you learn to freely and quickly cause heat in your right hand, you must learn to arbitrarily regulate the stress of the walls of blood vessels in your left arm, legs, or any part of your body. Heat not only provides the best rest and calms the nervous system. The ability to cause local heat relieves pain, improves nutrition and the work of the harassing organ. You can use the following formulas:

- A nice sensation of warmth appears in the right hand.

- The left hand begins to warm up.

- Hands are warming.

- Hands are warming up more and more.

- The blood vessels of the arms expand.

- Warm blood flows through the blood vessels.

- Pleasant warmth spreads around your hands.

- Heat grows in your hands.

- Hands are pleasantly warmed up.

- I'm completely calm.

- The feet are warm.

- The right leg is warming.

- The left leg is warming.

- Feet vessels expand.

- A stream of warm blood rushed to the feet.

- Feet grows more and more.

- My feet are pleasantly warm.

- Hands and feet are heavy and warm.

- The body is relaxed and completely rest.

- Heat spreads throughout the body.

- Normalized blood pressure.

- Nothing distracts me.

- I indulge in rest and peace.

- I'm completely calm.

Sometimes after the end of the exercise, the practitioners feel an itch or a burning sensation in the hands and feet. Most often this is due to an incorrect exit from the state of autogenous immersion and disappears when the exit formulas are used in the proper order.

Autogenous Exercise - Exercise 3

After you are free to evoke a feeling of warmth anywhere in your body, you can begin to master the third exercise using the method of autogenic training. According to the classical scheme of mastering this technique, the third exercise is aimed at normalizing the activity of the heart. His goal is the ability to arbitrarily affect the heart rate - the pulse.

In the first stages of the exercise, it is better to lie down. The left arm should rest on the chest. After completing the first two exercises, attention is focused on the sensation of heat in the left hand. To do this, you can use, for example, the following formula:

- My left hand is immersed in warm water.

Then your imagination spreads this sensation of heat in the left hand to the chest area, which reflexively leads to the expansion of the coronary vessels of the heart, receiving additional blood flow, and with it oxygen. In this case, you can use the following basic autosuggestion formulas:

- My breasts are warm.

- Heart beats calmly and strongly.

- The heart beats rhythmically.

- I feel light and at ease.

Formulas must be repeated five to six times, trying to combine them with calm, even breathing.

The degree of mastery of this exercise can be determined with the help of pulse control before and after classes. The ability to bring the pulse back to normal in a short time after emotional excitement indicates a highly developed skill.

Unpleasant sensations in the heart that arise in an emotional situation do not mean his illness, but often are of a neuralgic nature. It is usually enough to cause heat in the chest area to relieve these pains in the heart, adjust the rhythm and strength of its pulsation. If you consider this action to be insufficient, then to strengthen it you can use the following set of formulas:

- My attention is focused on the left hand.

- Heat in the hand is amplified.

- I feel a surge of warmth to my chest.

- The blood vessels of the chest expand.

- The vessels of the heart were slightly enlarged.

- Improved nutrition of the heart muscle.

- The chest was filled with pleasant warmth.

- All painful and unpleasant sensations in the heart are removed.

- Warm blood flows through the blood vessels to the heart.

- The heart rests in affectionate warmth.

- My heart has calmed down.

- In the chest is easy and free.

- Breathe rhythmically and easily.

- The heart works rhythmically, calmly, well.

- The heart works without my control.

- I am calm for the work of my heart.

- My heart beats clearly, smoothly.

- I'm completely calm.

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