Can Music Have an impact on SOMEBODY'S Behavior Psychology Essay

"My idea is that there is music in the air, music all over; the earth is packed with it, and you simply take just as much as you require. " (Elgar, 1998-2010). At present, that aphorism is only true and heartfelt. Nowadays bursting with myriad civilizations, the effect of music is comparable to a global trend. As the saying moves, different strokes for different people? Suffice to say, different people have diverse means of manipulation of music to be able to suit their preferences. Being homo-sapiens residing in a techno-bounded world, we are exposed to various types of music from several sources. For example, music is audible through loudspeakers of the plasma tv sets, a choir performance, video games, if not only the everyday-life stereo system radio. In view of that, the study of how music affects us both positively and adversely is important. By knowing the advantages and cons that music can bring us permit us to make use of music safely, thoroughly and effectively. A survey on my matter "Effects of Music" was conducted throughout the exploration of my analysis on 30 people of different age ranges. They may be of different categories of people who have different judgments about how music could influence an individual in today's world.

Music could certainly give a direct effect on a person's mental level and cause an effect on the power of his or her brain to store and recall information. It really is proven by the experts that by hearing or participating in music, a person's brain could be changed and hence, the functions of our bodies. Alternatively, music aid for positive change in mental state governments that will have an impact on an individual's restoration from illness. Within the medical world, a report published shows that the healing ramifications of patients could be increased by aid from music. We realize that, Cortisol and adrenaline are two "stress" hormones that are secreted by the adrenal glands in response to Synacthen test. In one trial, patients who had just received information about their needs for procedures were examined for blood Cortisol concentrations after hearing a piece of relaxing music, chosen by each patient throughout a discussion of music remedy; Cortisol levels were reduced 50% set alongside the control group that didn't hear listen closely any music. As there have been results on the Cortisol levels, it is hence clear that thoughts would be highly influenced if an individual were to listen to sentimental music before an imminent surgery. Therefore, the astonishing capability that music has affected and manipulated the thoughts and the mind is undeniable, yet most can't be explicated.

Harmony, tempo, lyrics, melody, timbre and pitch are the musical elements that can together create a strong and profound mental reaction. Studies have shown that numerous kinds of music can have different effects on disposition. Grunge rock and roll, for example, can increase hostility, stress and anxiety. Country music can cause a depression whereas common has the durability to uplift an individual. For instance, the music strap REM's Shiny Happy People can energize using its quick tempo, lively beat and excellent tonal colours. On the other hand, Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik can relax a person with its slow-moving, smooth moving rhythms and even heart and soul pulse. Taking all these factors into consideration it would appear that the tempo of music can straight affect a person's mood favorably.

By learning music, one's communication skills which are essential to our daily life can be strengthen. From my research, music therapist in addition has proven that music therapy provides a drug-free-way to set the spirits in people with melancholy or foster socialization in people that have limited method of communication. Not only that, it could induce languages as they sing, and it would increase the communication skills and therefore much easier for an individual to talk to others. In a result, a person could communicate his needs, leading to a less strenuous life for people to talk to him.

Students of most age ranges have often stated they can study and find out more effectively when listening to music. Indeed, several analysts have evaluated the opportunity of copy of cognitive skills to other curriculum areas to theorize that exposure to music can facilitate nonmusical learning. However, a strong research base because of this claim appears to be lacking. From an internet source, Wolf and Weiner (1972) reported that there is a statistically significant difference between the condition with music turned on and the in a silence condition on arithmetic test results. However, they attributed this difference to familiarization trial because most topics reported that they paid attention to "hard rock and roll" music when they studied. Alternatively, Moller (1980) also found no significant dissimilarities in the mathematics test between organizations affected by track record sounds or music and silence condition. Regarding to these options, there have been inconsistencies in the data anticipated to music which appears to improve the learning of a lot of people but also distracting some other people.

Social behaviour is very much of a behavior which is directed to the contemporary society or occurred between people of the same kinds. Nowadays, the world has been facing problem on the alternatives of getting rid of youths who get excited about low level anti-social behaviour. That is said so because research discovered that we now have youths who having nothing better to do, are hanging around involving themselves into these anti-social behavior such as swearing, smoking at public areas, harassing or raping. Corresponding to a railway train station company, they found that these youths are creating intimidating emotions on their people because they often seem to appear to be they could have a violent agenda while loitering about the places. Hence, they finished up developing a concept of participating in music to help the people there to cross the time while they are simply waiting for their teach. So for the youths who are loitering around were to be exposed to some of the music that they dislike, they will have a strong reaction to the hostilities and remove themselves from the situation. Taking this factor into consideration it appears that there are contradictions in the data because the youths may entail in the negative behaviours again if the music performed were to make them feel motivated on their bad actions.

Research found that some music can promote the creativity, create feelings of rest and calmness or energize the mind. Music such as American traditional music allows one to capture and share their various thoughts and experience. Even for those who are not familiar with the sounds of your choir or symphony orchestra can offer an emotional feeling to music. The sort of music listened by an individual actually directly influences his mood. In this particular view, every homo sapiens have sounds that they can be directly related to, because music can take the emotion of one's feeling at that moment. Not just that, with the ability to remind an individual on something that has happened in his life. Following the research that was carried out, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that music affects an individual adversely.

There can be an interesting interconnection between music and ambiance because music has been regarded as a competent and effective opportinity for triggering moods. Additionally the elements of music are incredibly a lot of a reflection of an individual's condition. Thus, as the elements such as rhythm and pitch changes, it gradually changes our ambiance as well. Research found out that there is no data to verify that music has undesireable effects towards an individual.

Communication Skills

Music therapy can enable those who do not have the dialect to communicate, participate and express themselves non-verbally. In addition, music therapy also often assists with the introduction of oral communication, talk and terms skills which can evoke and energize a person emotionally, physically and cognitively with techniques that words cannot. Studies discovered that music could improve children's terminology skills and then enhance their communication skills. Therefore, up to now there are no facts seems to claim that communication skills are negatively affected by music.

Today, the immediate effects of contact with musical looks during research or academic tests are still getting hardly any attention. According to Henderson, Crews, and Barlow (1945), they claim that there is no effect on a vocabulary test that was completed on a group of students. They were split into two teams where one with popular music performed in the backdrop and the other without. Besides that, a similar review was also completed on the reading understanding test, and relating to LaBach (1960), there were no results on the ratings as well. Taking all these evidences into account it would seem to be that there is no significant effects of music on performance of tests.

Songs which has violent lyrics can lead to aggression related thoughts and emotions. According to experts from Iowa Talk about University or college and the Texas Department of Individuals Services discovered that music which is made up of aggressive lyrics increase a person's violent thoughts and feelings, which might lead to competitive tendencies and long-term effects. Not just that, analysts from Pittsburgh School discovered that those who regularly listened to music with X-rated lyrics and competitive phrases were twice as likely to be having sex than those who do not.

The Usage of Music Therapy on Wellness

Research reviews that music therapy is effective in relieving stress and anxiety, promoting rest, easing major depression, and assist patients manage illness. Music remedy allows person that has mental problems make positive changes in their feeling and practice problem resolving. This may boost physical and mental working of people with neurological or development disruption.

Stress Relief

Music remedy could reduce each day stress through lively music making like drumming or through passive listening

Therapist for many years has recognized that the utilization of music is an help for positive change in disposition and emotional express. Therefore, it is stated that stress can be relieved by music remedy. Stress is a way a person's body respond to any types of demand. It could be because of the good and bad experience. When an individual listens to sentimental music, the patients will feel more calm and relaxed. Hence, an equilibrium of mind-body is restored by then. In view of this, music therapy isn't just for individuals who are suffered from health problems but also healthy people and their stress can be relieved through listening to music.


Music can reduce sympathetic anxious system activity, lower anxiety, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate and could have results on rest via muscle relaxation and distraction from thoughts

Music can reduce sympathetic nervous system activity, cut down respiratory and heartrate, anxiety, blood circulation pressure and could have positive impact on rest by calming the muscle and the disturbance of your brain. Sleeping may be influenced by growing older and therefore the music remedy to treat insomnia on individuals is very important. Research discovered that music resulted in significantly greater quality of sleep in the experimental group which carried out music therapy, as well as significantly better rest quality.


Music therapy has been found in the treating a variety of mental disorders such as depression

Depression is a strong mood regarding sadness, hopelessness, despair that keeps on for a period of time in an individual. Based on the research, music remedy can reduce depressive disorder on women that are pregnant and to treat all sorts of mental disorders.


In this century, music has been a part of human's life. That is said so because music is around us whenever and anywhere. Music gets the ability of evoking different thoughts on homo sapiens and also creating results on us whether or not it is positively or negatively. Hence, it is preferred that a person must be careful in utilizing music in daily lives. Therefore, parents should become more aware on how their children uses music because results from research shows that children and adolescents are likely to be influenced more compared to adults. The most reliable sources ( BBC NEWS 2009) suggest that music are linked to teenager's sex habits. Besides, in line with the America Psychology Relationship, violent lyrics in the music in today's world may provoke serious violent behavior. (America Psychology Association 2010) In the positive area, music could highly boost one's behavior too. Predicated on this evidence stated by the Associated Press Article writer known as Brandie M. Jefferson, one could say that music remedy do develop an individual's communication skills as well as motor unit skills. (Associated Press 2006) Additionally, the most attentive talk was that music remedy may help women reduce their stress, melancholy and anxiety during their preganancy. (The Medical's Media 2008) Hence, it brings about an improved development on their newborns. Now, humans tend to have insufficient time to complete their work on hand which will then lead to stressfulness and finally they will suffer from insomnia. Insomnia tend to be said to be affecting many areas of the quality of life and well-being. So, what's the best way to cure insomnia? Predicated on the study, it demonstrates music remedy stands a very high percentage to treat insomnia since it is a non-pharmacological treatment. Therefore from all the evidence found on research, it is proven that music gives both positive and negative affect on a person.

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