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Think Twice before Stating "I Do"

With all the changing of times, it's easier today than ever before to meet someone from another country. International relationships are more and more common and getting equally suitable nowadays by Chinese language people. Not really a few of Chinese women have a great desiring an international romantic relationship or even a global marriage. Marring a overseas man with a history very different from Chinese language traditional culture seems mystical and affectionate. Alternatively, it must confront more conflicts in ways that might not be predicted. X and Y are both my good friends; X married an Egyptian man, while Y chose a same national marriage. Let's take a look at their marriage life and see the distinctions between two types of marriages.

First of all, it seems that foreign spouse is more enthusiastic; he'll spare no attempts to reward his wife's beauty and virtue, expressing his strong passion for her at any time and from anywhere. In comparison, Chinese language man is more implicit; he's more likely to keep his affection inside rather than conveying it in words. For instance, X's man often glorifies her directly in the sweetest words and the most honeyed phrases in the presence of these friends. "Each day, he makes me think that I am the most beautiful and intelligent female in this world. His sight, words and functions show his hot passion and I can't resist him. Being frank, his flattery too much broadened my self-confidence. " said X, laughing. While, Y's partner will blush or feel shy if he is asked showing adoration for his better half in public areas. Many Chinese language men might not be proficient at expressing his love in words. They imagine what they do is more important than what they state. Y explained that same national marriage offers her a feeling of security; she prefers to have a Chinese man, though he is sometimes clumsy of showing his love in words, she can still feel his tenderness and gentleness through his tendencies.

Second of all, communication may be considered a matter of best importance in any marriage. A good effective communication plays a critical role in retaining the couple's relationship over time. For all those couples whose local tongue is same, verbal communication is easier; they can understanding quickly what their spouses say and make a response rapidly. For those lovers in international relationship, it may be more difficult to create an adequate communication. For taking my pal X for an example, her hubby doesn't know Chinese whatsoever, so she's to use Arabic, Egyptian dialect and British, as well as dictionary, to talk to him and exchange ideas. "I'd be like a kitty on hot bricks when he can't grasp the message I send to him, or I can't get what he means. " X said. Nevertheless, this type of vocabulary obstacle may help defuse or put down a potential quarrel between the couple sometimes. "It isn't meaningless, somewhat, it reduces the possibility that husband and wife battle in words taken for shot. " Y commented on this issue, "I feel that most of the quarrels between me and my hubby derive from our harsh tongue. Although I understand it's inadvisable to speak hurtful words, I simply can't help doing it, for it's an wall socket for my discontent. If my hubby couldn't understand my indigenous tongue, there would not have been those quarrels. "

Marriage is a union of two people who've their own thoughts, ideas and prices. It's said that whenever husband and wife are incompatible, it's because they may be operating within two value systems that are not in contract. Every person has his own values, which are trained in the house unconsciously, and reinforced by his social environment and social surroundings. On this point, international relationship seems more dangerous than that of the same nation, according that both factors of international couple have their own ethnical backgrounds and value systems, which may be totally different, complex and obscure. This means that for international couples, there may be complex differences in their view of the world and eye-sight of life and those differences can lead to many issues creating misunderstandings in their matrimony. By comparison, marrying a local person would be much safer; in the end, his cultural backgrounds and value systems tend to be more much like yours. Not only once, X has complained if you ask me about his husband's odd thoughts that are dictated by his Islamic religion. "We have so many contrary ideas in regards to many things, and a lot of his ideas I can't share, like the variety of children, the way of childrearing, and male and feminine roles in population: he's okay with the fact if our child couldn't go into university in the foreseeable future, while I am identified to offer my child the best education. He insists that I should give up my job and be a full-time housewife once we have child, while I stick to the basic principle that I must bring forward my enterprise. " In comparison, Y and her Chinese husband are able to reach a consensus on such important issues because of their same social backgrounds.

The situation is further complicated for international couples if their religions are different. Faith differences will surely raise a string of setbacks, for instant, the issues in regards to to where manner and which religion their children will choose.

International relationship may sound charming, and there are a few benefits indeed. However, relationship isn't just infatuation and love; it needs a broader bottom, in which culture background takes on an important role. In fact, the latest inspection shows that international relationship has more potential divorce rate, weighed against same cultural marriage. Hence, if you show up in love with a foreigner and hope to constitute a family with him, think before stating "I do".

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