Definition Of Life Satisfaction Mindset Essay

Human is an objective creature always assessing his life situation. He'll feel no satisfaction until he increases his goals. Perhaps, it can be said that the ultimate aspiration of each human being is to attain his goals and wishes which attainment contributes to life satisfaction. Therefore, Life Satisfaction is the central aspect of human welfare. It really is ultimate goal and every human being strives to do this goal throughout the life.

Life satisfaction is a multidimensional theory related to mental health and environmental life conditions. The term life satisfaction can be split into two words-life and satisfaction.

Life- Life is the talk about of useful activity peculiar to arranged subject and especially to the portion of it such as, constituting on pet animal or plant before fatality (Oxford Dictionary, 1990).

Life is what one's thinking helps it be, one makes it human or hell through one's thinking (Bartlett, 1986).

Life is on object to which the result or ambition is directed. Actually, no life can be with out a goal.

Satisfaction- Satisfaction is a Latin expression which means to make or do enough. Satisfaction is a term difficult to identify.

Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of English Language (1977) defines it as an "take action of satisfying or state of being satisfied, contentment in possession and enjoyment; and to meet is to gratify fully the wants, wants or wants of any to provide to the full extent, with what is wished for". Generally, the term satisfaction is defined as fulfillment or gratification of dreams, thoughts or expressing pleasures, delight, contentment and optimism. It is the knack of finding an optimistic for each and every negative. Satisfaction wholly relies upon the individuals' environment, caliber, habit and nature. It is more concerned with mind than the material world.

Life satisfaction is attainment of your desired end and fulfillment of essential conditions (Wolman, 1973). Satisfaction in life does not lie in the space of days, however in the utilization we make of them. A man may live long yet gets little from life. Thus satisfaction in life does not depend on number of years, but on will (Bartlett, 1977). It really is a degree of contentment with one's own life-style.

Goldenson (1984) psychologically speaking satisfaction may occur on a mindful, preconscious and unconscious level and brings an organism to a well-balanced status. Satisfaction with one's life indicates a contentment with 'or' popularity of one's life circumstances, or the fulfillment of your respective needs and needs for your life all together.

Life satisfaction is the mindful and cognitive judgement of one's life in which the criteria of judgement are upto the person (Pavot & Diener, 1993).

It is frequently uttered that the individuals writing the view that life has a interpretation, goal and way, are the ones having best life satisfaction.

Definition of Life Satisfaction

Life satisfaction defined in an exceedingly simple and clear way, is not viewed as this much easily understandable idea in reality. For this reason, many different explanations can be encountered.

Life satisfaction for Sumner (1966) is "A good evaluation of the conditions you will ever have, a judgement that at least on balance, it steps up favourably against your requirements or expectations. " Matching to Andrew (1974) life satisfaction symbolizes an overarching criterion or ultimate final result of individual experience.

Life satisfaction provides indicating to one's life and it could be source of a sense or self-worth. Inside the Indian context, almost all of older people review their part life in conditions of personal fulfillment (Butler 1976).

Life satisfaction can be an assessment of the overall conditions of presence as derived from a comparison of one's aspiration to one's real achievements (George and Bearson, 1980).

Life satisfaction is recognized as a powerful process which continues on throughout one's life (Dark brown, 1981).

Life satisfaction identifies a person's personal judgement of wellbeing and quality of life based on his or her own chosen standards (Diener, 1984).

Generally, life satisfaction can be described as emotional interaction that person shows to the life defined as job, free time and other out of work time (Sung-Mook and Giannokopoulos, 1994).

According to Hamilton (1995) in the Dictionary of Developmental Mindset, life satisfaction is the amount of contentment with one's own life style. Life satisfaction is referenced as an examination of the entire conditions of existence as derived from a comparison of your respective aspiration to one's real achievements (Cribb, 2000).

Life Satisfaction generally means the pleasure a person gets from his/her life (Telman and Unsal, 2004).

In Indian School of thought, satisfaction includes the capacity for satisfaction i. e. more excitement causes more delight. A satisfied and significant life will involve both subjective thinking and objective part. The three foundations of the satisfied life are-

The establishment of depth human relationships;

The commitment to tasks and goals; and

The use of tales that place life in genuinely ultimate framework.

Therefore, life satisfaction is a complex index of one's adjustments, behaviour towards life and events, perception and experience of problems and interactional happenings.

Harleen (2004) opined that pleasure enhances reasonable self-satisfaction. The three A's of contentment are achievement, approval and affection.

So, to be truly satisfied and activated by life, a person needs to be intrinsically satisfied. It really is thus apparent a person can be happy only when he has an authentic appraisal of his capabilities and potentials to build up realistic dreams and expectations. And lastly, an optimistic perspective and cheerful disposition towards life is a healthy view without which it is difficult to acquire satisfaction in life.

Life Satisfaction-A Component of Subjective Wellbeing

Life satisfaction presents the ideas that the individual reaches about subjective well-being (subjective wealth) and life quality in conditions of facts getting involved in his/her life (Dikmen, 1995).

Maddox (1987) in the encyclopedia of Maturing defines life satisfaction as subordinate build of subjective wellbeing (SWB), others being enjoyment, feeling and morale. It really is contentment with one's life in general.

Life satisfaction can be an overall assessment of thoughts and attitudes about one's life at a specific point in time ranging from negative to positive. Research has determined two broad aspects of subjective well-being as follows-

An affective aspect, which is usually further split into pleasant affect and unpleasant impact (Diener, 1990; Diener & Emmons, 1984)

A cognitive element, which is known as life satisfaction. (Andrews & Withsey, 1976).

The affective and cognitive component of SWB is not completely 3rd party; however, the two components are somewhat distinctive and can offer complementary information when evaluated separately. These both affective and cognitive areas of SWB seem to be important but, the life span satisfaction component has received less attention (Diener, Emmons, Larsen & Griffin, 1985). Because life satisfaction frequently forms a separate factor and correlates with predictor factors in a unique way, it seems worthwhile to individually assess this build.

Life satisfaction is known as to be judgmental component of subjective Well-Being. It could be assessed internationally or by specific domains area such as satisfaction with work, matrimony and health. It symbolizes how satisfied people feel using their life generally, as contrasted with positive effect (Sometimes called happiness), which symbolizes the way they feel at a single point of time. That's life satisfaction entails people's considering their life all together including factors such as whether they are reaching their goals, are doing and also other people around them, and are happy generally somewhat than simply right now. Life satisfaction is thus an extended term strategy than affect.

Diener found that SWB is a broad category of phenomenon which includes people's emotional reactions, domain satisfaction and global judgement of life satisfaction.

Life domains satisfaction- refers to satisfaction with specific regions of a person's life such as work, matrimony, health & income etc.

Global judgement of life satisfaction:- are much more broad, comprising an individual's complete judgement of his/her life.

Importance of Life Satisfaction

Need of L. S. Life satisfaction involves generally the whole life of the person and everything the aspects of life. Life satisfaction is the dominance of positive emotions to the negative ones in the daily life and means to be good in different views such as enjoyment and moral (Avsaroglu, Deniz & Kahraman, 2005).

Life satisfaction is the need of the hour. It is of much importance in today's stressful lifestyle. Without satisfaction man cannot lead a peaceful and profitable life. So one must learn to break tensions, problems and anxieties of lifestyle. Otherwise these all will break him. Life satisfaction refers to an individual's well-being, quality of life and contentment (Noone, 1998).

It is circumstances of sense pleasure in an organism, which is ultimate goal that humans are thriving to attain in complete lives. Without life satisfaction, there is certainly disharmony in the inner & outer home. It gives surge to sense of emptiness, uneasiness and meaninglessness in life. This paradoxical situation brings about crisis of figure, values and working efficiency. Life satisfaction includes the capacity for enjoyment. A lot more we can enjoy what we've, the happier we live. A person having high life satisfaction is expected to have happy/higher adjustment with life and vice-versa.

When we refer to life satisfaction, we can evaluate the scope to which specific feel that these are leading a significant life. It can benefit us in evaluating social problems in that way, aiding us in the forming of policies to triumph over such problems.

By the study of life satisfaction, we can monitor social progress. Life satisfaction of individual in a group suggests the meaningfulness of life but when satisfaction declines, this indicates possible problems.

We can also find out about certain factors which play an optimistic role in increasing life satisfaction and their crucial role in minimizing the dissatisfaction.

Factors Affecting Life Satisfaction

Wilson (1968) is of the view a man would be completely happy if he is satisfied in all aspects of life. A life that involves the satisfaction of simple desires, gives many pleasures. These wishes arise scheduled to lots of behavioural activities that are related to overt or covert behaviour of the concerned specific or these may be environmental i. e. related to communal, mental and physical environment.

Lio et. al. (1990) examined nine life satisfaction parameters such as satisfaction with relationships, hobbies, host to residence, satisfying life (happy or lifeless), health issues, conditioning and health and overall satisfaction with one's life situations. Douthitt et. al. (1992) reported that economic variable significantly affected monetary and non-economic domains of life. Maynard (1993) reported as the amount of occupational roles increased, life satisfaction tended to decrease.

Cribb (2000) within his study the individuals become more content with their lives, as they get older. This could be that as we age, we come to understand that most of the considerations in life aren't for sale. Among they are work satisfaction, companionship, pleasures of solitary thought, reading and other types of non-commercial leisure.

A lot of research work has been centered on identifying factors that are related to and impact an individual's life satisfaction (quality of life). Factors impacting on life satisfaction can be split into two categories the following:-

Factors affecting

Life Satisfaction



Satisfaction of Needs or Urges (i) Social/Friendship


Nature of Job (ii) Physical

Leisure Activities

Marital Position (iii) Good residential

Sports Involvement facility

Positivity of Emotions

Coping Ability (iv) Occupational

Mental & Physical Health facility

Ego personal information (v) Community Env.

Financial/Economic status


Personal Factors:

Satisfaction of needs - our needs or urges always creates tensions and concerns in our mind. As effect, we become restless and dissatisfied. The various needs are as follows-

Physiological - needs includes food, clothing, dwelling & love-making.

Psychological - needs include self-esteem, attitude, social intelligence, mental health, anxiousness, irritation, life skills, psychological stability.

Social - needs include strong family support (satisfaction with spouse, with children and with slumber of family), public participation, public support interpersonal cognitive skills, family associations, social status and other public stores and affiliations.

Education - It has been came to the realization that education plays a pivotal role in the life span satisfaction of an individual. Education is very much important for everyone. It dispels mental illusions and its place cultivates good thinking, knowledge, attitudes, worth etc, which helps in providing life satisfaction.

Nature of Job - Life satisfaction also is determined by a person's Job mother nature and job satisfaction in which he is employed (Singh & Mulay, 1982). Man, being a social canine needs social popularity which is designated by his position and position in the society. Job can be an important factor to up grade the social status and position of a guy. Hence, appropriate job provides satisfaction in life.

Leisure Activities -

Marital Status -

Sports Involvement -

Mental and Physical Health -

Positivity of Thoughts:-

Coping Abilities:-

Ego Personality:-

Economic Position - Satisfaction with cover and living conditions, with income's purchasing ability and with financial solvency.

Personality of the Individual:-

Environmental Factors:

Environment includes anything that surrounds us. It really is one of the critical indicators which affect not only the many psychological traits but also our good cultural behaviour. It the environment is peaceful and congenial it helps to facilitate well balanced life. Good public relationships with neighborhood friends, collogues and participation in social activities also provide life satisfaction.

Social Circle/Friendship - satisfaction with friends and with availability of time to spend with them.

Physical/Geographical Environment -

Good Residential Facilities -

Occupational Facilities - such as campaign, recognition, liberty, salary, job-security, work itself, job status, friendliness of head, romance with employees, accomplishment and working conditions boosts the life span satisfaction.

Community Environment - satisfaction with community services such as garbage collection, public transport, road conditions, general population lights, neighbourhood basic safety and trust in local regulators.

Duffy (2004) conducted a study using data from British isles Household Panel Review with aim to identify factors that happen to be most and least associated with life satisfaction. They are called positive and negative drivers respectively.

Positive Individuals - comfortable funds, retired life, talk to neighbours, trust ordinary people, show wealth and contribution in sports activities.

Negative Motorists - Long-term disorder, want to go home, one, non-retired house carry, number of appointments to basic practioner, cannot find the money for visits.

People having positive drivers tend to be satisfied in life when compared with people aged 35-44 years with negative drives. The entire picture demonstrates the income (not genuine income) and self evaluated degree of health are the most crucial predictors of Life satisfaction (Shown in Fig. )-

Positive Individuals Negative Drivers

Limiting Long tern illness

Comfortable Finances

Agree with typical people and show wealth

Aged 35-44

Cannot manage visitors

Number of visit to general practioner

Single, non retired house hold

Want to move home

Life Satisfaction

Sports Participation

Talk to neighbours

Retired Life



+10% -11%



+5% -8%

+5% -5%

Life satisfaction of Teachers

The keystone in the educational edifice is doubtless the instructor. On him relies much more than every other, the improvement and success of students. Nobody can effectively take his place or influence students in the manner and to the amount; it is possible, for him together to do. It really is strongly presumed that to be a teacher is to be the person in a holy order.

It is normally agreed that the instructors have a very strong impression upon the minds of the young students by their overall personality and behaviour pattern. It's important for a professor to take a good view of his profession also to be fully content with life.

Lavinga (1977) says that a professor, who is happy with his work and discovers satisfaction in his life, performs a pivotal role in the upliftment of contemporary society.

Teacher's personality, behaviour and his sense of satisfaction in life can have paramount influence on students. A satisfied educator can do justice to his work and is supposed to be acclaimed and highly accepted personality among students. Only a friendly, enthusiastic, secure and well-adjusted tutor can contribute to the wellbeing of his students.

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