Determination of character accentuations in high school students...

Determination of character accentuation in high school students

The method of autoidentification of character accentuations by EG Eidemiller

The methodology can be used to refine the results of diagnosing a personality typology, assessing the degree of objectivity of an individual with respect to one's own "I". The study will require 13 cards describing characterological types. The examinee is invited to familiarize himself with the content of all the proposed characteristics and choose one or several cards on which his character is most fully and similarly described. If the subject chooses several cards, they are ranked in order of preference.

Card A

I am a born pessimist, my mood is always lowered. I perceive the world as though through black glasses: life often seems to me senseless, in all I see only gloomy sides.

I can not help feeling that something is going to happen. It seems to me that I am to blame for something and because those around me treat me badly, look down on me. I'm gloomy, glum, I'm not happy with everything. I do everything slowly, slowly. My friends say that my face is sad, which makes me sad. I am not capable of strong-willed effort, I am in despair because of difficulties. I feel especially bad in the morning, I wake up with a feeling of weakness and stiffness. Often I have constipation. My life is a ridiculous and painful torture, sometimes thoughts come about its worthlessness, aimlessness.

Card B

I always have a good mood, I can safely say about myself that my character is friendly and open. I think that I am kind, at least willingly take part in the fate of my friends, whom, incidentally, I have a lot. I am not silent, I am pleased to participate in the conversation. I willingly help people, but since I give out many promises, naturally, not everything I can keep. I can not stand the tedious, laborious work that requires perseverance and patience. At work I have so many things that I do not have time to do everything on time. I noticed that those around me willingly listen, then they repeat my most witty statements. I do not need to ridicule my opponent. I often have original ideas, but, I confess, I do not like to make them work. I love girls, they told me that I'm a gallant boyfriend. How many people I met, yet I can say that few of them would have put themselves above themselves. I do not like it when they contradict me, it starts to annoy me; and when I break up, behave rudely, I scream, swear, insult everyone in a row. I have a great appetite. At school I had a reputation as a naughty teacher, the teachers considered me a ringleader in all pranks, perhaps with good reason. Who saw my facial expression, the ability to imitate and copy people, always said that I was going to the actors. I tolerate everyday hardships easily, I do not keep money in my account, I easily lend them, I easily get into debt myself.

Card In

Perhaps the main thing in my character is the causeless change of periods of different moods: then I feel very good for a long time, everything works out for me, the work is good, I sleep well, I have a wonderful appetite, I often meet with friends, I go with them to the cinema , to the dances. If there are any troubles with me, then I easily transfer them during this period. However, the mood that is completely incomprehensible to me deteriorates, sometimes for a long time - for weeks, even months. Everything becomes indifferent to me, I feel sick, dull in this period, I cease to believe in myself. Sometimes there is a fear that something can happen to me. From the encountering difficulties, troubles I fall into despondency. I sleep badly, wake up with a feeling of weakness, I eat badly. I do not want to meet people, their society annoys me. I want to lie in bed and forget about everything. I noticed that such shifts in periods of good and bad mood often occur either in the spring or in the fall.

Card G

By nature I'm a cheerful person, open-minded, good-natured, but the slightest trouble (weather change, rude word, hostile look, etc.) darkens me, depressing me deeply, but not for long. Any interesting news, warm participation help me to regain my former spirits. During the day, my mood can change from many different reasons. Even it is unclear why it suddenly became so depressing, although before that it felt good, was cheerful. I'm very inspiring and timid, that's my character - a little childish, too gentle. My feelings are not particularly believed, they are considered too superficial, although this is certainly not the case. Various troubles, even minor, are difficult to bear.

Card D

I often feel sluggish, tired. My mood is usually depressed. I reluctantly obey some people, others can command me. It is very difficult for me to concentrate, to do the work, connected with a long effort and stress, in such cases there is a feeling of fatigue, drowsiness. I am very worried about my own health, I often have fears that I am sick with some kind of illness. That I am am disturbed with pricking pains in heart, a headache. My appetite is not very good. I sleep badly, I can not sleep for a long time, sometimes I even want to take sleeping pills, often see nightmares. Often, sleep does not bring refreshment. Since morning I am sluggish and sleepy, but by the evening the condition improves - I disagree. Sometimes it's hard for me to restrain myself, I get irritated at the slightest occasion, I scream, even cry. With difficulty I get used to the new collective. Neat can not be called me, I often get reproached for the fact that my things are in disarray.

E card

Perhaps it will be right to say about me that I am a timid person, shy, impressionable, cowardly. I suffer very much if they treat me rudely, I can not fight back, stand up for myself. Human society tires me, makes me seek solitude. I'm afraid of the dark, shudder from the slightest rustle. I can not stand the sight of blood, I feel sick at the sight of uncleanness. I can not stand hot arguments, I try to avoid scandals, conflicts: I'd rather concede. I do not lose my sense of inferiority. It often seems to me that those around me condemn. My mood is usually low. I am very much tormented by the feeling that I am not like everyone else, I am extremely unsure of myself, I look enviously at people who are strong, determined, self-confident. When appearing in a large society, a shy, I feel uncomfortable, blush, I begin to stutter. My sleep is restless, anxious, full of nightmarish dreams.

Card J

The main features of my character - extreme indecision, timidity, a constant inclination to doubt. The hardest thing for me is to make a decision. Having decided on something, having started to act, I constantly doubt: whether I do this, or I do what I want; My eternal doubts make this work slow and painful. I love, when they console me, I do not know how to manage without friendly support. Afraid for my health, I worry about the fate of my loved ones; constant anxiety, fear, anxiety - this is the content of my life. I can not decide for a long time, but if I have made up my mind, I will not rest and will not give rest to those around me until I have decided on what I have planned. I'm a pedagogue, a formalist. Every deviation from the once and for all established order disturbs and angers me. Very shy and lost, when they pay attention to me. Because of my shyness, I often am afraid to do what I would like; if, for example, I was made good, I do not dare to thank; if I make an unsuitable offer, I do not dare to reject it. I like physical labor, I think that clumsy, awkward. Nc is adapted to the struggle for existence. Tends to self-analysis, self-interest. I like to reason and discuss "common problems" that do not directly concern me.

Card Z

By nature, I'm closed, the circle of my friends is small. In companies, I can not find a place for myself. I feel lonely in a society of people. I'm closed, but sometimes I do not know why I can share my experiences, open up to the person I like. It is difficult for me to understand relatives, their griefs or joys, and they, in turn, find it even harder to understand me. From friends I had to hear in my address that it makes me cold, that it's difficult to communicate with me. Sometimes some of my actions look strange, cause surprise to others. I have everything I can think of, and what I do not match, I drop it. I love to insist on my own, I do not like other people's advice, I do it my way. I am often considered unfair, they say that I do not know the middle. " My inner world, experiences, ideas are incomprehensible to others. I often cause confusion and smiles in people, but it does not touch me. I use my system of images, words that are not used by other people.


I am a man of ideas, struggling all my life for the implementation of my invention, then for the implementation of any reform. Observing people I have come across allows me to consider myself above them. The circle of my acquaintances consists of people who share my views. I do not forgive people for either indifference or disagreement with me. I confess the principle of "who is not with me, that is against me". I have no reason to be dissatisfied with myself; I feel good, always cheerful, active. If I set myself a goal, I always achieve it, if I notice shortcomings, then I use all my powers to correct them in accordance with my principles. I use it in any way to get my way: I write to the newspapers, I speak at meetings. My friends say that I sometimes bring them suffering, but it's not true: in fact, they are to blame for all their failures. I believe that people can not be particularly trusted, I have many envious persons, ill-wishers. Because of their intrigues, it is so difficult for me to carry out my ideas, but despite this, nothing can stop me - neither requests nor threats. Life convinces me that I am always right and that it is worth fighting for this.

Card K

For me, there are no other interests than the interests of the work and my own. They consider me quick-tempered, although I hold back a long time, but when I am outraged, I fall into irresistible rage. I am touchy, I have remembered the offense for a long time, I do not miss the opportunity to pay for it. I have long been convinced that if I do not find fault, then no one will work.

Around such a mess, such carelessness in everything, promiscuity, that I am forced to seek order. Therefore, I am extremely demanding of others. I demand scrupulous observance of the established order, I do not forgive a single offense. Since I have an accuracy and punctuality in the performance of work, I demand the same from others. I consider it my duty to give advice, I do not tolerate an official relationship. If I say, I explain something, I do it in detail, in detail, slowly, so that I can speak as convincingly as possible. I hate to be interrupted when they interrupt me, do not give me time to tell, they hurry me. Sometimes I have an unreasonably dreary mood, and then I become quick-tempered and irritable. At work, I am praised and set as an example for thoroughness and accuracy. Flexibility in dealing with people is not peculiar to me, I'm used to go straight ahead, say what I think, although I realize that because of this there can be trouble.

Card L

I can not stand the indifferent attitude of others around me. I like to be in the center of attention, when they take an example from me, imitate. I like to surprise others, I like it when they admire me. It is better to let me hate what they say indifferently or do not notice. I like to tell stories, and the more eagerly, than listen to me with great interest. It is believed that I have artistic abilities. I like to fantasize, in my fantasies my dreams are fulfilled, I reach such a position that everyone envies me and admires me. I immediately feel the attitude of people towards me. If I want, then they are friendly with me. Unfortunately, I could not find a true friend. I appreciate a friend who is always attentive to me. When I am sick, I want to be treated with care, take care of me and even regret me. I love the work, fascinating, so that I appreciate and set others as an example. In love, I get the greatest pleasure in flirting. I like to dress so that others admire me.

Card M

I'm a sociable person, I really miss when I'm alone. As usual, I take an example from my stronger friends. I do not always finish the work I started, especially if no one checks me and does not help. I like all kinds of entertainment, drinking in the company of friends. I always want to have fun. In general, I like everything that is forbidden. My family reproaches me for being lazy, sloppy, disorderly, but these reproaches do not touch me very much. Having sobered up, repent of my actions, I abuse myself, but at the same time, after thinking, I understand that my fault is not so great. If not for a number of circumstances, everything would be different. I would like to have a true friend who would protect me from harm, otherwise I might disappear. About my future, I think a little, especially in moments when I'm having fun and good.

Card N

I believe that we must live in the same way that everyone lives, do not break away from the collective, keep up with others, but do not jump ahead. I do not like to be original. I love that I have everything like people's: a good, moderately fashionable clothes - not so that everyone turns around in the street; at home - a good environment and everything you need. I try to live so that no one can say anything bad about me: neither comrades, nor neighbors, nor close ones. I like to have fun like everyone else: if you drink, then in moderation and not often, sit in a circle of friends, watch TV. I'm not looking for any special entertainment. I do not like those who are too original, fashionable, breaks the established order, is chasing after the novelty. I believe that the majority opinion is always correct and to oppose the majority is always bad and harmful.


You need to familiarize yourself with the content of all the proposed characteristics and choose one or more cards, in which, in your opinion, the most complete and similar is described your character. If you select several cards at once, arrange them in order of preference.


Interpretation of the results of the methodology is carried out in accordance with the types of character that took the first two places. The results of autoidentification should be compared with observational data, conversations, generalizations of independent characteristics, and other methods of scientific psychological research.

Verbal portraits of characterological types are encoded by letter designations:

A - melancholic;

B - hypertensive;

B - cycloid;

G - emotionally - labile; D - neurasthenic;

E - sensitive;

F - psychasthenic;

3 - schizoid;

And - paranoid;

K - epileptoid;

L is hysterical;

M - unstable;

H - conformal.

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