Differentiation of research by purpose is related to their academic, applied and practical orientation.

The goal of academic research is knowledge for the sake of knowledge. It is aimed at clarifying the essence of the phenomenon as such, its nature by origin, links with other phenomena and their properties, structure, and causal (causal) dependencies and determination.

The purpose of applied research is to elucidate the optimal conditions for the functioning of a person in the role of the subject of subject-practical activity and social interaction. At the same time, mental properties are beginning to be considered as factors for the success of labor, communication, cognition and other forms of human activity.

The purpose of practical research is to determine the state of the psychic organization of a particular person, to diagnose it on an individual level for the purpose of providing psychological assistance. In this case, the study turns into a monographic survey of a person's mental organization as an entity.

The tasks of empirical research are determined based on the research objectives.

If the goal is a scientific cognition of a phenomenon, then the tasks of such research should be related to the study of its specificity, structure, determinism and cause-effect dependencies, forms of manifestation, classification, correlation with other phenomena of the human mental organization. >

The objectives of applied research entail the task of studying the mechanisms of regulation (management) of people's behavior and activities and ascertaining the specific conditions for the positive and negative manifestation of a person's psychological qualities. They also include modeling tasks for appropriate conditions and management mechanisms.

The objectives of practical research are transformed into the tasks of providing psychological support and socio-psychological support, as well as the development of appropriate technologies.

For example, in a study on the topic: "The manifestation of aggression in human relationships" academic goals are transformed into tasks clarifying the factor dependence of the content of human relations on the forms of manifestation of aggressiveness in social interaction

when the role composition of dyads varies and the degree of aggressiveness of their members. This most common task is verified in more specific tasks:

• Selection of methodical tools for diagnosing aggressiveness;

• Search and formulation of forms of manifestation of aggressive reactions, actions, actions, behavior, activity; design of the classifier of empirical referents of aggressiveness;

• measuring the degree of aggressiveness of the subjects;

• the formation of experimental dyads on the role composition and the degree of "aggressiveness - peacefulness";

• formulation of referents for scales of registration of the content of human relations;

• the elucidation of the variations in the content of human relations in diads, depending on "aggressiveness - peacefulness" its members;

• Analysis of statistical and structural differences in human relations in dyads with different combinations of aggressiveness and peacefulness of their members;

• Interpretation of the empirical difference - the similarity of human relations in dyads as a factor influence of aggressiveness on the social interaction of people.

The objectives of applied research add to these tasks the following:

• elucidation of the organizational conditions for interaction in dyads of a specific role composition and their influence on the increase - decrease in aggressiveness;

• Development of a model for optimal interaction in dyads of a specific role composition;

• Approbation of the optimal interaction model in dyads in real life conditions.

The objectives of the practical study add to these tasks the following:

• a survey of the psychological potential of the client's personality;

• Clarifying individual personality problems in human relationships;

• development of a program of psychological assistance to specific clients;

• generalization of results in special psychotherapeutic technologies.

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