Diagnosis of the need for the search for sensations...

3.5.3. Diagnosis of the need for the search for sensations (M. Zuckerman)

The methodology is used to study the level of need for sensations of various kinds in relation to adolescents and adults. The search for new sensations is of great importance for a person, since it stimulates emotions and imagination, develops creative potential and ultimately leads to personal growth. Subjects are offered a number of statements, combined in pairs. From each pair it is necessary to choose one statement, which the person considers most characteristic for himself.


1 a) I would prefer a job that requires lots of traveling and traveling.

b) I would prefer to work in one place.

2 a) I am encouraged by a fresh, cool day.

b) On a cool day, I can not wait to get home.

3 a) I do not like all bodily scents.

b) I like some bodily scents.

4 a) I would not like to try any drug that might

have an unfamiliar effect on me.

b) I would try some of the unfamiliar drugs that cause hallucinations.

5 a) I would prefer to live in an ideal society where everyone is safe, secure and happy.

b) I would prefer to live in the vague, troubled days of our history.

6 a) I can not endure a ride with a person who loves speed.

b) Sometimes I like to drive very quickly, because I find it exciting.

7 a) If I was a salesman-salesman, I would prefer a solid

salary, not a piece-rate salary with a risk of earning little or nothing.

b) If I were a salesman-salesman, then I would prefer to work as a piece-worker, since I would have the opportunity to earn more than sitting on a salary.

8 a) I do not like to argue with people whose views are very different from mine,

since such disputes are always unsolvable.

b) I believe that people who disagree with my view, are more stimulating than people who agree with me.

9 a) Most people spend too much money on insurance in general.

b) Insurance is something that no person can afford to do without.

10 a) I would not want to be hypnotized.

b) I'd like to try to be hypnotized.

11 a) The most important goal in life is to live to the fullest and take from it

as many as possible.

b) The most important goal in life is to find peace and happiness.

12 a) I enter the cold water gradually, giving myself time to get used to it. b) I like to immediately dive or jump into the sea or a cold pool.

13 a) In most types of modern music I do not like randomness and disharmony.

b) I love listening to new and unusual kinds of music.

14 a) The worst social defect is to be a rude, ill-bred person, b) The worst social defect is to be a boring person, a bore.

15 a) I prefer emotionally expressive people, even if they are slightly unbalanced.

b) I prefer the people of calm, even "regulated" more.

16 a) People who ride motorcycles must have some kind of unconscious need to hurt themselves, harm.

b) I would like to drive a motorcycle or ride it.


1a, 2a, 36.46, 56, 66, 76, 86, 9a, 106, 11a, 126, 136, 146, 15a, 166.


Each answer, which coincides with the key, is estimated at one point. The points are summed up, and the sum of the matches is an indicator of the level of the need for feelings.

11 to 16 points - high level of need for sensations. This means having an attraction, perhaps uncontrolled, to new ones,

tickling nerves impressions, which can often provoke a subject to participate in risky adventures and events.

From 6 to 10 points - the average level of need for sensation. It shows the ability to control such needs, moderation in their satisfaction. Or, in other words, the opening up of a new experience, on the one hand, and restraint and discretion in the necessary moments of life - on the other.

0 to 5 points - low level of sensory needs. This means the presence of foresight and caution at the expense of obtaining new impressions (and information) from life. The subject with this indicator prefers stability and ordering to the unknown and unexpected in life.

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