Effect Of Violent VIDEO GAMING On Children Psychology Essay

Parents, these days, are concerned about their children for spending too much time playing video games. Major negative perceptions parents have regarding it are that their childrens production decreases at institution, watching television may damage their view and ling durations of using video gaming may cause body posture issues for these people. However, there are other consequences of using video gaming as well that are not usually overlooked by parents. Remaining home and doing offers all the time generates anti-social patterns in children which has effects on their psychosocial health. There are several violent video games that have an effect on the cognitive performance of children in such a way that their mental expansion is culminated and they become potential danger for contemporary society (Bensely & Eenwyk, 2001). Video games have the ability to incept the idea in childrens brain without posing noticeable outcomes. There is no denying to the actual fact that video games are also learning to be a major shift in trends of the modern culture and positive final results are also visible from these game titles. Among the major is the fact that students can alleviate their stress of work insert by participating in and can also ease their violent tendencies by participating in action games. This is why that criminal offenses rate and juvenile violent behavior is reduced to some extent (Ferguson, 2007). Therefore, video games can have positive effects as well but their control is necessary for some reason.

The main aim of the article is to judge the utilization violent video gaming for children in both negative and positive ways. For reaching the respective goal an evaluation between these results will be completed and final evaluation depends on the intensity of the result. A report of literature will be carried out and articles from journals will be incorporated in the paper to justify the positive or negative impact of violent video games on children.

Video Game titles

Technological improvements have changed the concept of routine jobs and activities generally due to product innovations. The easiest task has modified its notion. Belief of exercise in addition has changed in today's revolutionized world. Video games are known as another mean of exercising without leaving the room. Video games have the ability to impact mental and physical abilities of individuals especially children in a certain way. Therefore, video gaming have grown to be interesting obstacle of educators and various studies on the result of various types of video games have been taken to light (Bogost, et al. , 2012). Video games are defined as,

A game which we play because of an audiovisual equipment and which may be based on a story (Esposito, 2005)

This depicts that video gaming are digital narration of different reports. These stories are believed significant for research because they're discussing specific cultural, economical, political, and technological aspects and various dimensions of education are being damaged by such review. The inter relationship of video games with all the domains of education emphasized on its significance in real life. The narrations are influencing the children, as they are most dominating players of this industry. The history of video games show that this industry is nearly thirty years old and has gained a fresh level as inventions are being launched with technological improvements (Griffiths, 2002). There are contingent factors for the study of video gaming including its internal influences and scientific advances. These two are governed by video gaming as the stars in video games often understand and represent certain types of behavior related to their psychological capacity, and this demonstrates effects of technology. The occurrence of various stars is specifically described in the games. The idea of the similarity between two terminologies game and play is incorrect as these are referring to different rules and actors. This difference is defined as under,

A game is a voluntary interactive activity, in which one or more players follow guidelines that constrain their patterns, enacting an artificial conflict that ends in a quantifiable end result (Esposito, 2005).

Playing video games on computer will then utilize a different concept which will have a combo of game and play which is defined as,

The gameplay is the element of the video games that is found in no other art form: interactivity. A video games gameplay is the degree and dynamics of the interactivity that the overall game includes (Esposito, 2005).

Playing games with such guidelines can have effect on cognitive features of children or not is the essential goal of this essay. This can be known by studying various impacts proven from studies.

Psychological Effects of Video Games

The percentage of children playing and relying on video games as a source of entertainment has increased which proportion is increasing as inventions in video games technology is on the rise. Therefore, the study of psychological ramifications of video games is also gaining significance. As discussed earlier, the subconscious effects of video games can't be neglected because these intervene with a folks conception through the incorporation of a specific story. The most significant factor in this regard is the results of all the games according with their types. Although there's a notion that children choose the types of video gaming according with their personality the games also explain personality of some individuals. This defining process may be through inception of ideas into brain that are depicted in the stories. Therefore, the fact that video games impact, negatively or favorably, childrens tendencies is accurate to a great degree. The most common types of video gaming include; arcade, activities, puzzle, experience, and music. These kinds are followed and bring personality results through mental interplay (Anderson, 2004).

The most dominating benefit of video games is attributed to the positivity induced bodily and socially disabled children. Chemotherapeutic patients and impaired children cannot enjoy the normal routine games but presence of video gaming has increased the chances of their healing process as this allows those to main a cultural balance with the stories depicted in the games. Similarly, stress and anxiety and depression in neglected children is also diminished by their engagement in video games. Video games are believed a kind of mental exercise and the creativity of 3D video gaming has also fulfilled the facet of physical exercise. These days, children need not walk out home for leisure activities and can gain good attitude from video gaming (Russell & Newton, 2008). However, staying home all the time also escalates the risk of antisocial tendencies in children without dominant notification. The patterns induced in children is type specific as violent video games have different type of influence on children. Therefore, the analysis of negative and positive ramifications of violent video games will determine the beneficial and disadvantageous position of such games for children.

Positive Impact of Violent Video Games

Although there's a general theory that violent video games are unsafe for children yet there are certain positive aspects of these game titles as well. Violent video games are basically the genre of arcade or action games and these depict certain situations where you have to take a sudden decision in line with the given scenario. This has also shown to improve the decision making potential of children in complicated situations and enhance their skills. If such children are created to face certain communal complexity then their skills and capabilities are sharpened to the degree that they boldly face such situations. This is actually the most dominant good thing about video gaming. Impulsive behavior is increased through the changes of conditions in games and real life. Another essential aspect that needs attention is the fact that arcade video games require quick motion which is achieved if children use specific brain and side movement at the same time. These quick actions improve the spatial activities and brain performing and prepare someone to multitasking. The identified benefits of violent or action video games are recognized to include increased skills in decision making and research of situations, improvement in observation and concentration, planning of children to face any cultural negativity, develops the ability to multitasking, and help children to deal with obstacles (Feng, et al. , 2007). These all aspects are not confined to video games only rather true to life is packed with demands of such reactions and capability to respond to such situations is also very important. This is because games are in reality obtained from real life testimonies and these depict certain kinds of fact in them. Similarly, the introvert children are benefited from such violent game titles as they get the chance to exhibit them and release their disappointment on a similar setting in games. Such action reduces the probability of interpersonal delinquency and prepares one to face problems. Violent video games are notorious in socially destroying the child but these skill sharpening talents are beneficial in education as well and children get and perceive the taught materials more accurately (Randel, et al. , 1992).

Negative Impact of Violent Video Games

The studies show that action video gaming that depict assault in them are dangerous for children as they psychologically stimulate negative habit in them. This is also called the negative impact of mass media as video games are type of media that affects behavior benefits in children. This is also known as the ambitious and emotionally aggravated action induced in children after looking at violent activities in games. Social interplay of these games implies that children try to imply all the viewed and false activities in their real lives so that generates dangers of juvenile delinquency. The most common negative benefits of psychological concern in children from violent video gaming include antisocial behavior, violent ideas and perceptions, hostile behaviors, psychological outbursts, and increased psychological arousal. These behaviours are related to the most prominent factor which is public isolation (Anderson & Bushman, 2001). Community relationships and integration of ideas lead to enhanced capability of perceiving and taking others ideas without imposing ones own ideas. When people are socially isolated cultural positive patterns is reduced and triggers self reliance and dominance over everything. Children fail to admit someone elses ideas and develop aggressiveness. This action, if ignored, causes the development of emotional disruptions and despair in introvert children whereas legal and violent activities in extrovert children (Bartholow & Anderson, 2002).

Health of the children is also depicted to possess negative repercussions from violent video games. These video games show certain information or scenarios that develop nerve-racking conditions and cause tension in children. Girls are more influenced from this as long lasting and long-term effect on autonomic nervous system is widespread dominant by the sensation of fear. This system is of significance as vitals are disturbed and heart rate and blood pressure is influenced badly. Negative health results in children are the most dangerous (Kardaras, 2008).


Video games have grown to be a way to obtain entertainment for children plus they are suffering from the habit of being home the whole day without grievances. Technology has better to this level that not only mental but physical demands are also satisfied from video games. Diminished outdoor activities are good to some level but poses serious concerns about anti-social tendencies. Children, who stay home and concentrate on video gaming, become socially isolated which impacts their cognitive and internal health. Violent video gaming induce certain degree of aggressiveness and mental outburst in children which brings about many social crimes. Health of the kids is also associated to be influenced from violent video games. However, the positive final results of violent game titles cannot be overlooked. The skills and development of the capability to comprehend the information and react to it in mere seconds is the trend that relates to increased cognitive performance. Violent game titles, as the name indicates, are referred to as the harmful games but in fact these are action and arcade game titles adding the skill management properties. Although the idea of negative effects of violent video gaming is more prevalent the above discourse concludes that strengths of violent video gaming are more dominant and these should be advertised. However, certain degree of social connection in children is also significant and parents should provoke those to be socially active as well.

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