Eros as a human passion, images of love in different...

Eros as a human passion

Eros is a human passion, a deep sexual attraction of a person. In ancient Greek mythology - the god of love, at first had cosmic features. The word eros already found in Homer. It did not designate the name of God, but was used as a noun expressing desire. In the theogony of Hesiod, Eros means one of the gods (the other two are Chaos and the Earth). Eros in mythology had no descendants, did not play any role in the continuation of the kind of gods. However, he had great power over mortal beings. He could weaken members or overcome the dictates of the mind of both gods and humans.

In Antigone Sophocles Eros is characterized as an invincible, destructive god, rushing over the seas and deserts. No one can escape his will-neither gods nor people. He brings his victims to madness, turning good into evil. In such poetic images, observations of human nature were reflected, and collisions between rational and irrational were emphasized.

Western European philosophy also uses close terms - agape and amor, as well as the later proposed psychoanalysis the concept of libido, considered as a variant of eros. Plato in the Pier narrates that people once did not have the gender of men or women and existed as immortal hermaphrodites. Zeus divided them in half. Therefore, eros is understood as the vague languor of people over former unity, the mysterious aspiration of people doomed to die, to find immortality in the offspring. The appearance of sex is a break in the original single and powerful nature.

In ancient cosmogonies, eros is the primordial, spontaneous, powerful passion that triggers the creation of the world. Eros is a desire and passion, natural, sexual instincts of a person. Agape is the highest, transforming kind of love. Although eros and agape refer to opposite poles, they are similar, because they are universal and impersonal; almost do not depend on the excellent qualities of the object of love. With the advent of the XI century. ideas about amor enormous importance have acquired just the personal qualities of lovers. With the advent of Freudianism, Eros began to be viewed from a psychological point of view. This opened up new opportunities for the analysis of Eros collisions. For Freud, the concept of libido became one of the key. He identified him with erotic psychic energy.

Images of Love in Different Epochs

This incident occurred in one of the Moscow schools. On the eve of the International Women's Day, girls of the eighth form decided to start collective life in adulthood. But the misfortune - one girl was unable to part with her virginity on that ill-fated evening. She was shocked by her lack of demand and hanged himself.

Really in all ages, girls acted this way? Or in other epochs they loved otherwise? When the ancients said: "I am a man, and nothing human is alien to me," they meant emotions and desires, secret intentions and passions. These movements of the soul are unique: they are not in the animal world. The drama of human existence reveals itself in the "rapture of passions". Among them, love seems to be pervasive ... After all, mankind could not live a single day without it ...

Being a universal and intense passion, Eros permeates human existence throughout life. In fact, they are determined by the fundamental foundations of being. And at the same time, Eros is manifested as a deeply individual, purely personal, unique feeling. This passion is all-encompassing and unique, it belongs to the human race and personally to me, you, him. The sultry flame of eros is an eternal repetition and eternal discovery ...

So, reflections on eros, on its influences in different cultures on the deep secrets of sex, about pastoral and dark passions, will give an idea of ​​amazing sexual beings, the unexpected and startling temptations of voluptuousness, the mighty preaching of an extraordinary feeling, the love that Maximilian Voloshin called the "lamp of dreams, the mistress of conception". Eros as one of the human passions that bring us closer to the philosophical comprehension of man.

In our country, more recently, love was under surveillance. So, generally speaking, occurs in any totalitarian state. In the erotic hobby man showed himself extremely individually and freely. That's why totalitarian rulers try to take control of the person's intimate life. The punishing sword fell upon everyone who could not keep his passions within the predicted limits.

Today - quite another ... Forbidden is just what is outside the law. You can, for example, buy ancient Chinese treatises on the "art of the bedroom or Indian "Kama Sutra", erotic horoscopes, recommendations. Is there a need for an ardent condemnatory word? I do not think ...

By eradicating puritanism, it is impossible not to fall into the opposite extreme. In the history of mankind it has been so many times. In different cultures, to love, to Eros were treated differently. The person's love feelings are eternal, unchanging. But culture, undoubtedly, has an effect on erotic norms. The prevailing standards of behavior determine the form of not only mass, but also personal experiences. Sexual violence is replaced by chastity and vice versa. And yet in this feeling in all ages and times more common than different. Each of us is still close and understandable love drama of Sulamith and King Solomon, Daphnis and Chloe, Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet.

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