Evaluation of the neuropsychological stability of the teacher...

1.8.4. Evaluation of the neuropsychological stability of the teacher (a questionnaire of neuropsychological stability Forecast )

The technique is intended for the initial tentative identification of persons with signs of neuropsychic instability. It allows you to identify certain painful signs of personality disorders, as well as assess the likelihood of their development and manifestations in human behavior and activities. The subject should answer 84 questions within 30 minutes. The analysis of answers will allow to specify certain biographical information, features of behavior and states of mental activity in various situations.


You are offered a test of 84 questions, each of which must be answered yes or no & quot ;. The proposed questions concern your health, behavior or character. There are no right or wrong answers here, so do not try to think about them for a long time - answer based on what is more appropriate for your state or ideas about yourself. If your answer is positive, paint the rectangle with the answer "yes" above the number of the corresponding question. If the answer is negative, paint the rectangle with the answer "no". If you find it difficult to answer, paint the two rectangles that correspond to the answer do not know & quot ;.


1. Sometimes I get such bad thoughts into my head that it's better not to tell anyone about them.

2. Constipation I have rarely (or not at all).

3. Sometimes I have a fit of laughter or crying, which I can not cope with.

4. There are times when I do not keep my promises.

5. I often have a headache.

6. Sometimes I tell a lie.

7. Once a week or more, I feel the heat in the whole body for no apparent reason.

8. It used to happen that I talked about things I do not understand.

9. It happens that I'm angry.

10. Now it's hard for me to hope that I will achieve anything in life.

11. Sometimes I postpone for tomorrow what I need to do today.

12. I readily participate in meetings and other social events.

13. The most difficult struggle for me is to fight against myself.

14. Muscle cramps and twitches are rare (or not at all).

15. Sometimes, when I feel unwell, I feel irritable.

16. I'm rather indifferent to what will happen to me.

17. I stay at a table better at home than at home.

18. If I do not face a fine and there are no cars nearby, I can cross the street where I want, and not where it should be.

19. I believe that my family life is as good as most of my friends.

20. I'm often told that I'm hot-tempered.

21. As a child, I had a company where everyone tried to always stand in each other's shoes.

22. In the game, I prefer to win.

23. The last few years, I feel good most of the time.

24. Now my weight is constant (I do not fatter and do not lose weight).

25. I am pleased to have significant friends among my friends, it gives me weight in my own eyes.

26. I would be pretty calm if somebody from my family had trouble.

27. With my mind, something is amiss.

28. I am concerned about sexual (sexual) issues.

29. When I try to say something, I often notice that my hands are shaking.

30. My hands are as clever and agile as before.

31. Among my acquaintances there are people who I do not like.

32. I think that I'm a doomed person.

33. I quarrel with members of my family very rarely.

34. It happens that I'm gossiping with somebody.

35. Often I see dreams that I do not want to tell anyone about.

36. It happens that when I discuss certain issues, I do not particularly think about it, I agree with the opinion of others.

37. In school, I learned the material more slowly than others.

38. My appearance suits me in general.

39. I'm pretty sure of myself.

40. Once a week or more often I am very excited or excited m.

41. Someone controls my thoughts.

42. I drink unusually a lot of water every day.

43. It happens that indecent or even obscene joke makes me laugh.

44. I'm happiest when I'm alone.

45. Someone is trying to influence my thoughts.

46. I love Andersen's tales.

47. Even among people, I usually feel lonely.

48. It makes me angry when they hurry me.

49. I'm easily confused.

50. I easily lose patience with people.

51. I often want to die.

52. It used to happen that I left the case because I was afraid that I could not manage it.

53. Almost every day something happens that scares me.

54. I am indifferent to religious issues, it does not take me.

55. Attacks of bad mood are rare for me.

56. I deserve severe punishment for my actions.

57. I had very unusual mystical experiences.

58. My beliefs and views are unshakable.

59. I have periods when, due to excitement, I lost sleep.

60. I'm a nervous and easily excitable person.

61. It seems to me that my sense of smell is the same as that of others (not worse).

62. Everything I get is bad, not the way it should be.

63. I almost always feel dryness in my mouth.

64. Most of the time I feel tired.

65. Sometimes I feel that I'm close to a nervous breakdown.

66. I'm very annoyed that I forget where I put things.

67. I'm very attentive to how I dress.

68. Adventure stories I like more than stories about love.

69. It is very difficult for me to adapt to the new conditions of life and work; transition to any new conditions of life, work, study seems unbearably difficult.

70. It seems to me that in relation to me, it is especially often that they act unfairly.

71. I often feel unfairly offended.

72. My opinion often does not coincide with the opinion of others.

73. I often feel tired of life, and I do not want to live.

74. They pay attention to me more often than others.

75. I have headaches and dizziness due to experiences.

76. Often I have periods when I do not want to see anyone.

77. It's hard for me to wake up at the appointed time.

78. If someone is to blame for my failures, I do not leave it unpunished.

79. As a child, I was moody and irritable.

80. I know cases when my relatives were treated by neuropathologists, psychiatrists.

81. Sometimes I take valerian, elenium, codeine and other soothing agents.

82. Among my close relatives there are those who have been brought to criminal responsibility.

83. I had drives to the police.

84. At school I learned badly, there were times when they wanted to leave me (left) for a second year.


The sincerity scale

Neuropsychic Stability Scale

Neji <->

Yes & lt; +)

No (-)

1,4,6, 8, 9, I, 16, 17, 18, 22, 25,31,34, 36,43

3.5.7, 10, 15.20, 26, 27, 29, 32, 33, 35, 37, 40, 41.42, 44, 45, 47.48, 49, 50, 51, 52 , 53, 56, 57, 59, 60, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82 , 83. 84

2, 12, 13, 14, 19,21,23, 24, 28,30, 38, 39,46, 54, 55, 58,61,68


The indicator on the scale of neuropsychic stability (NCP) is obtained by simply summing up the positive and negative answers that coincide with the key.

Characteristics of the levels of the NHRI

29 points or more. High probability of neuropsychiatric disorders. It is necessary to have an additional medical examination of a psychiatrist, a neurologist.

14-28 points. Neuropsychiatric disorders are likely, especially in extreme conditions. It is necessary to take this fact into account when issuing an opinion on the suitability for work, which requires an increased NHRI.

13 or less points. Neuropsychiatric disorders are unlikely. In the presence of other positive data, it is possible to recommend for specialties that require an elevated NHI.

Table 1.4. The methodology for determining the NHRI

Score on a 10-point scale

Sum of responses on the scale of the NHRI

HLP group



5 or less











II 13





IX 22




24 32




33 and more

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