Expert Methods - Business Psychology

Expert methods

A big role in assessing the situation on the market and making forecasts belongs to working with experts. Briefly consider the most common forms of work with experts used in marketing research.

1. Standardized expert survey. A standardized questionnaire with closed-type questions is being developed to implement the survey. The questioning can be conducted both in the personal interview of the interviewer with the expert, and by self-completion.

2. A non-standardized expert survey. The method is a personal interview with an expert on a particular issue. The degree of formalization of the interview can be different - from an informal conversation, for which only the topic is determined, and then the expert himself decides how to cover it, before developing a clearly structured questionnaire with open-type questions.

3. Individual notepad method is an expert's correspondence work without direct communication with researchers. The expert receives a notepad on the first page of which the problem is described, and then for a specified period of time (determined by the complexity of the problem and the urgency of its solution) inserts into his notebook all his thoughts, ideas, observations relating to the task, and then hands over the notebook to the researchers.

Unlike individual group methods, they assume the collective work of experts (full-time or part-time), they require the agreement of the opinions of all experts and the development of a general expert conclusion based on consensus.

4. The nominal group method is an intermediate form between individual and group methods. When implementing this method, first an individual poll of some experts is carried out, and then the results of these interviews are also independently and independently discussed by other experts.

5. Brainstorming. The method is a joint full-time discussion of the problem by a team of experts. The method is implemented in two stages. At the first stage, experts put forward various ideas concerning the treatment of the analyzed situation and (or) the forecast of the development of the phenomenon. At this stage there is no criticism, the main task is to generate as many ideas as possible. After the break in the second stage, ideas are discussed, evaluated and selected those that are considered the most faithful. There are many varieties of this method, but in general they all have a common work structure.

6. Business game. The method can be implemented in different forms. The most common form is the modeling of the analyzed processes and (or) future development of the predicted phenomenon in different variants and consideration of the data obtained.

7. The trial method. The method is one of a variety of business games. Discussion of the task is implemented in the form of a lawsuit: the "process over the problem" is modeled. Select "lawyer", "prosecutor", "court", "juries" and other participants in the process & quot ;. Everyone defends his point of view regarding the analyzed or predicted phenomenon, arguing his statements. The final verdict about the problem being investigated is determined in two stages: jury voting " and the concretization of the decision by the "judges".

8. The consultation. Experts examine the problem similarly to how doctors examine the patient: the symptoms of the problem are revealed, the causes of the problem are revealed, the analysis is made, the diagnosis is made and the situation is forecasted.

9. The Delphi method. The method is an anonymous and anonymous poll of the expert group in several rounds with the agreement of the experts' opinions. Experts are offered questionnaires on the issue under study. The degree of standardization of questions can be different. Typically, the Delphi method is implemented in two or three rounds, and in repeated surveys experts are invited to see either the opinions and arguments of each expert, or with an average rating. On repeated rounds, experts can change their assessment, taking into account the arguments of colleagues, and can remain with the former opinion and make sound criticism of other assessments.

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