Express diagnostics of resistance to conflicts, Assessment of...

1.6.3. Express diagnostics of resistance to conflicts

Rate on a five-point scale, to what extent each of these properties manifests itself.


I avoid the argument.

5 4 3 2 1

I'm torn into a dispute.


I treat a competitor without prejudice.

543 2 1



I have adequate self-esteem.

543 2 1

I have an overestimated self-esteem.


I listen to the opinions of others.

5432 1

I do not accept other opinions.


I do not give in to provocation, I do not get started.

5432 1

Easily I get started.


I concede a dispute, I compromise.

5432 1

I am not inferior in a dispute: victory or defeat.


If I explode, then I feel a sense of guilt.

543 2 1

If I explode, I think that without this it is impossible.


I maintain the correct tone in the dispute, tact.

5 4 3 2 1

I admit a tone that does not tolerate objections, tactlessness.


I think that in a dispute you do not need to show your emotions.

543 2 1

I believe that the dispute should be strong.


I believe that the dispute is an extreme form of conflict resolution.

543 2 1

I think that the dispute is necessary to resolve the conflict.


Count the total amount of balls. The levels of resistance to conflicts correspond to the following indicators:

• 40-50 points - high level of conflict resistance,

• 30-39 points - the average level of conflict resolution,

• 20-29 points - the level of pronounced conflict;

• 19 points or less - a high level of conflict.

1.6.4. Assessment of the aggressiveness of the teacher (A. Assinger)

A phlegmatic person rarely turns out to be a good teacher, but the pupils are not sweeter and with an overly aggressive teacher who attacks them every time, like a tiger from an ambush, and provokes new conflicts. A. Assinger's test allows to determine whether the teacher is correct enough in relations with his colleagues and students, whether it is easy for them to communicate with him. For greater objectivity of answers it is possible to conduct a mutual estimation when colleagues answer questions for each other. This will help to understand how true their self-esteem. Subjects are encouraged to emphasize one of the three answers in each assignment, after which the sum of the numbers of the selected answers is determined.


I. Are you inclined to look for ways to reconcile after another official conflict?

1. Always.

2. Sometimes.

3. Never.

II. How do you behave in a critical situation?

1. Internally boil.

2. Keep complete peace of mind.

3. Lose your composure.

III. What do your colleagues think of you?

1. Self-confident and envious.

2. Friendly.

3. Calm and unconstrained.

IV. How will you react if you are awarded a responsible position?

1. Take it with some apprehension.

2. Agree without hesitation.

3. Refuse from it for your own peace of mind.

V. How will you behave if one of your colleagues takes a paper from your desk without permission?

1. Give him the first number.

2. Make you return.

3. Ask if you need anything else.

VI. What words will you meet your husband (wife), if he (she) returns from work later than usual?

1. "What's taking you so long?"

2. Where are you staying up late?

3. "I've already started worrying".

VII How do you behave while driving a car?

1. Trying to overtake the car that showed you the "tail".

2. You do not care how many cars you bypassed.

3. Rush at such a speed that no one caught up with you.

VIII. What do you think of your views on life?

1. Balanced.

2. Frivolous.

3. Extremely hard.

IX. What do you do if not everything works out?

1. Trying to blame others.

2. Resign.

3. Become more careful.

X. What words will you react to the article about cases of debauchery among young people?

1. "It's time to forbid them such entertainment!"

2. "We need to create an opportunity for them to organize and culturally rest."

3. And what do we do with them so much?

XI. What would you think if the place you wanted to take was taken by someone else?

1. And why did I just spend it on nerves? "

2. "Apparently, his face is cheerful to the boss."

3. "Maybe I'll manage it some other time."

XII. How do you see the scary movie?

1. Afraid.

2. Miss you.

3. You get a sincere pleasure.

XIII. How will you react if you are late for an important meeting because of the traffic jam?

1. You will be nervous during the meeting.

2. Try to indulge your partners.

3. Sorry.

XIV. How do you feel about your sporting activities?

1. Be sure to try to win.

2. Appreciate the pleasure of feeling young again.

3. Very angry if you are not lucky.

XV. What would you do if you were not well served in a restaurant?

1. Be patient, avoiding scandal.

2. Call the head waiter and make a note to him.

3. Go with a complaint to the director of the restaurant.

XVI. How will you behave if your child is offended in school? 1. Talk to the teacher.

2. Make a scandal for the parents of a juvenile "criminal."

3. Advise the child to give change.

XVII. Which, in your opinion, are you a person?

1. Normal, simple.

2. Self-confident.

3. Punching.

XVIII. What would you say to the subordinate who was confronted at the door of the institution, if he began to apologize to you?

1. "Sorry, this is my fault."

2. Nothing, nothing.

3. And you can not be more careful?! "

XIX. How will you react to an article in the newspaper about cases of hooliganism among young people?

1. When will concrete measures be finally taken?!

2. "We need to introduce corporal punishment."

3. "It's impossible to bring down all the youth, the teachers are guilty too!"

XX. Imagine that you have to be born again, but already an animal. Which animal would you prefer?

1. Tiger or leopard.

2. Home cat.

3. Bear.


36-44 points. You are moderately aggressive, but quite successfully go through life, because you have enough healthy ambition and self-confidence.

45 points or more. You are excessively aggressive and often too hard on other people and unbalanced. You are hoping to get to the management "tops", counting on your own methods, and to succeed, sacrificing the interests of the home, surrounding. You are not surprised by the hostility caused by such behavior by colleagues, but at the slightest opportunity, you try to punish them for it.

35 or less points. You are excessively peaceful, which is due to lack of confidence in your own abilities and capabilities. This, of course, does not mean that you like the grass blazes under any breeze. And yet, more determination will not prevent you!

If on seven or more questions you scored three points and less than seven questions - one point each, then the explosions of your aggressiveness are more destructive than constructive. You are prone to ill-considered actions and bitter discussions. You treat people disdainfully and provoke conflict situations that you might well have avoided.

If on seven or more questions you scored one point and less than seven questions - three points each, then you are excessively closed. This does not mean that you do not have a flash of aggression, but you put them down too carefully.

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