Features of social behavioral responses, Test questionnaire...

3.3. Features of social behavioral reactions

3.3.1. Test Questionnaire for assessing social and communicative competence


Before you a series of statements about the characteristics of behavior, habits and attitudes. After carefully reading each statement, decide whether you agree or disagree with it. If you agree, put in the cage of the registration form under the number of the question number 1, if you do not agree - put 0. In the questionnaire do not make any notes. Answer in order, not missing a single question and trying to make a better impression. You will facilitate your work if you give the first answer that comes to your mind.


1. If there is a sudden pause in the conversation, I often do not come to mind to save the situation.

2. I'm annoyed that others are more fortunate than me.

3. I'm pleased if I have to express my opinion on a case, not knowing what others think about it.

4. I quickly lose my composure, but also quickly regain control.

5. A person with an obscure or nasal pronunciation irritates me.

6. At a party, in the circle of unfamiliar people, I too can contribute to making the evening a success.

7. I have not yet reached the position that I deserve by the results of my work.

8. I'm embarrassed when they introduce me to a famous figure, because I do not know what he will think about me.

9. I can so enraged that, for example, I break dishes.

10. I often fall for difficulties before I get down to business.

11. On vacation, I rarely get to know other people.

12. I do not like being in the spotlight.

13. If I myself can not decide on an important personal issue, I act on the advice of an elderly respected person.

14. If I get furious, then discharge, doing such physical work as, for example, cutting wood.

15. I attach great importance to what others think of me.

16. It's easier for me when they tell me what to do than when I have to lead myself.

17. It's hard for me to make friends with someone.

18. In most cases, I always see first the good side of a person or business.

19. When making decisions, I quietly weigh everything for or against .

20. From time to time, I lose patience and become fierce.

21. I am happy to undertake such tasks, in which other people are in my subordination.

22. I easily renounce the intention, if others about this low opinion.

23. In the community, I can chat freely with people I've never seen.

24. I have no real friends.

25. I often see first the bad or weak sides of a person or business.

26. I would be pleased if others admired me.

27. I often have a bad mood.

28. It's better for me if I can join others' opinions.

29. In general, I'm calm and it's not easy for me to get mad.

30. I rarely have guests.

31. I feel restrained when others are promoted.

32. In decisive situations, often internal anxiety makes me make a quick decision.

33. I join the opinion of my work collective, as a rule, only when the majority approves it.

34. I am rarely invited to visit.

35. As a rule, I treat people with skepticism and distrust.

36. I'm happy to go to a carnival or other fun festivities.

37. Most often I look confidently into the future.

38. At production meetings I'm more eager to join the opinion of the authorities.

39. On a trip, I almost never talk with a fellow traveler.

40. It depresses me if I have to postpone my decisions.

41. I willingly give directions.

42. If there is disagreement in my work collective, I keep aloof.

43. If I get furious, I often lose my composure.

44. Most often I find that life is worth living.

45. I willingly spend my leisure time with friends or in interest groups.

46. I am worried by the fact that I do not know what awaits me in life.

47. If I think it over, then I tend to criticize something more than acknowledge.

48. I like it when others do what I demand of them.

49. I do not like when in books or movies the action at the end remains unfinished or ends in a different way than I expected.

50. I am an optimist.

51. Often, I have comments that would have been better not to say.

52. I find it difficult to establish contact between people who do not know each other.

53. When I'm furious, I say unheard-of things.

54. I miss when others are having fun.

55. Most often I find it senseless to pursue personal goals: all the same, everything turns out differently.

56. I avoid communicating with people when I do not know what to think about them.

57. I do not have any special interests, because I really do not enjoy anything.

58. Often I can not cope with my irritation and rabies.

59. I am a sociable and open person.

60. I strive to excel others.

61. In relation to others, I am responsive and obligatory.

62. I quickly fasten dating everywhere.

63. Daily difficulties often make me rest.

64. Before expressing my opinion, I first check what others think about it.

65. Unexpected guest often happens for me inopportunely.

66. In a position that corresponds to my ambitions, I could really turn around.

67. I think it's better not to trust anyone.

68. I can well tune into an unexpected visit.

69. Unfortunately, I'm one of those who are often rabid.

70. I rarely go in a depressed, bad mood.

71. I easily lose composure when they attack me.

72. I think that popularity would not bother me.

73. I can find something good in all aspects of life.

74. Often I myself deny myself the fulfillment of desires in order to avoid disappointment.

75. I'd rather settle down with something than let's get down to business before the dispute.

76. I rarely find the right words when someone introduces me.

77. I do not like to think about solutions again.

78. I can rarely really rejoice.

79. It is not difficult for me to make a revival in society.

80. If something fails, I think: "Next time it will be better."

81. I like it when others ask for advice.

82. I will be better by myself, then I will not have to be disappointed.

83. I do not like cases, the solution of which provides the future and wait, how they will develop.

84. With good news, I'm always afraid that on closer examination, it will turn out to be.

85. I can often get used to new colleagues only after a long time.

86. I often express threats that I do not take seriously.

87. When people unfairly criticize me, I rather agree with this than defend myself.

88. Often I without thinking, say something, and then repent.

89. I'm worried when I do not know exactly what others think of me.

90. When events that I do not have influence on, I like surprises.

91. I most often recognize the truth of others, although I do not share their opinions.

92. I am happy to communicate.

93. For me, it's burdensome if my daily routine violates unforeseen events.

94. I quickly capitulate if something fails.

95. My weekdays are generally interesting and entertaining.

96. Unexpected events often confuse me.

97. When someone promises something to me, I'm afraid that it will not work.

98. I do not like that I have to obey the orders of people who understand me less than I understand.

99. The embarrassing situation that someone gets into, I can beat in such a way that others will not notice it.

100. Often I get nervous about someone.

101. I like to know in advance who will be at the invited party, to which I am invited, and how it will pass.

102. I avoid criticizing my boss, although sometimes it is necessary.

103. I'm worried when friends or friends I'm invited to meet unfamiliar people.

104. Often I get too angry with others.

105. When a stranger talks to me, I often do not know what I have to say.

106. If I fail, I tend to be afraid for my credibility.

107. I often doubt my abilities.

108. I would gladly become a celebrity.

109. I often feel like a powder keg before an explosion.

110. I hate when my other half invites guests without my knowledge.

111. When I get a new job, I often think that I will not master it.

112. I willingly talk with other people when the opportunity is given.

I ІZ. I do not hide my opinion.

114. I think that others treat me prejudicedly.

115. I willingly try something when from the very beginning it is not known what will be the outcome.

116. I like it when they let me feel that I can not do without me.

117. I can draw strangers into the conversation.

118. I calmly expect the solution of any issue, even if it is very important to me.

119. I quickly surrender.

120. Compared with the work I do, I must deserve more recognition.

121. It's difficult for me to talk with a stranger.

122. My feelings are easy to offend.

123. Before I take a position in any matter, I wait until I know the opinion of others.

124. Most often I find it difficult to choose from several things or opportunities.

125. With friends I have not seen for a long time, I reluctantly start talking first.

126. I tend to speak louder during a dispute than usual.

127. Most often I adhere to the proverb: "The courage of the city takes".

128. I would be happy to enter the circle of people who make important decisions.

129. I tend to either quickly condemn, or protect people.

130. If I could repeat my formation, I would quickly reach the position that is not yet given to me today.

131. I can remember that I was once so furious that I took the first thing I got and gnawed or smashed it.

132. I usually stick to the principle of "think first, then do it."

133. I have more to do in order to find the recognition that I deserve.


1. Socially communicative awkwardness (SKN): 1+, 6-, 11+, 17+, 23-, 24+, 30+, 34+, 36-, 39+, 45-, 52+, 59-, 61-, 62-, 65+, 68-, 76+, 79-, 85+, 92-, 99-, 103+, 105+, 110+, 112-, 117-, 121+, 125+ (total of 29 questions).

2. Intolerance to uncertainty (NN): 5+, 8+, 13+, 19-, 32+, 40+, 46+, 49+, 56+, 77+, 83+, 89+, 90-, 93+, 96 +, 101+, 115-, 118-, 124+, 129+, 132- (21 questions).

3. Excessive striving for conformality (K): 3, 15+, 16+, 22+, 28+, 33+, 38+, 42+, 64+, 75+, 87+, 91+, 102+, 113-, 123+ (15 questions).

4. Increased aspiration for status growth (SSR): 2+, 7+, 12-, 21+, 26+, 31+, 41+, 48+, 60+, 66+, 72+, 81+, 98+, 106+ , 108+, 116+, 120+, I28 +, 130+, 133+ (20 questions).

5. Orientation to avoid failures (ID): 10+, 18-, 25+, 27+, 35+, 37-, 44-, 47+, 50-, 54+, 55+, 57+, 67+, 70-, 73-, 74+, 78+, 80-, 82+, 84+, 94+, 95-, 97+, 107+, 111+, 114+, 119+, 127- (28 questions).

6. Frustration intolerance (FN): 4+, 9+, 14+, 20+, 29-, 43+, 51+, 53+, 58+, 63+, 69+, 71+, 86+, 88+, 100+ , 104+, 109+, 122+, 126+, 131+ (20 questions).

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