Holistic Approach To Supporting Health Psychology Essay

Emma and Kyle live in a home specialising in providing 24hr look after young women that are pregnant and their babies. Emma was taken care of from being 4 yrs old when she was removed from her parents' health care. She was fostered for 10yrs by way of a caring couple until illness forced them to come back her to sociable health care services. Several placements broke down as Emma was struggling to adjust to a fresh family and she was finally located in a young people's home run by social care services when she became pregnant at 15yrs old. She went to school until the birth of Kyle who was simply born 4 weeks premature. She moved into the mom and baby hostel when she was 6 months pregnant following referral by her sociable care worker. She's a good marriage with Kyle, although staff say they might get worried if she were to leave the hostel and live separately. Kyle has started regular nursery which gives Emma the possibility to attend school where she studies catering.

Defining health can be a difficult task. The most well-known explanation is that of the World Health Company (WHO) which was not amended since 1948. 'Health is a state of complete physical, mental and sociable well-being rather than merely the lack of disease or infirmity' (WHO 1948). There are many models of health that contain been developed over the years, one being the biomedical model which focuses on physical symptoms such as pain. This concept scientifically measures a person's health to choose whether illness exists or not. Biomedical researchers claim that your body is a machine and can be set when a breakdown occurs. A better model will be the Biopsychosocial theory which concentrates on expereince of living issues including emotional and spiritual aspects as well as cultural and family support. The holistic model better further to add not only physical, subconscious and communal factors but also determinants such as diet, alcohol, nicotine, rest, exercise and community life. The target of this survey is to look at and understand the physical, communal and psychological influences upon health by using the case study and consider how things can be better by using the holistic approach as opposed to the Biomedical and Biopsychosocial.

The first thing that will be considered in this article is emotional issues during infancy. Individuals who suffer from cracked or emotional relationships during infancy often become adults who experience problems understanding their own feelings and this may limit their capacity to maintain an effective marriage in later life. In the event analysis of Emma, she was looked after by her parents till the age of 4years then removed and placed into a caring foster family. It's possible that the biological family suffered with dysfunctional tendencies which could mean child disregard or even child misuse within the home. An infant brought up in this particular environment would think about it to be normal behaviour therefore being positioned in what world sees as a normal performing family, would be difficult to adjust to. Several studies suggest that up to 80% of children in foster good care have significant mental health issues because of the trauma of parting from the biological family in addition to activities of dysfunctional family members (Smariga 2007).

When a kid is separated off their primary caregiver who's usually the mother, separation anxiety can occur. Infants young than 4 years are specifically vulnerable and will experience high levels of emotional disturbances. Separation anxiety in babies can be cured with play therapy if recognised early on enough. This type of therapy is a kind of counselling which helps small children use different coping strategies to work through any existing problems and is just about the more favoured model theorised by biopsychosocial therapists. However, biomedical experts assume that an imbalance in neurotransmitters is the reason for anxiousness and other psychiatric disorders such as depression and can recommend the child take a mild sedative to help reduce the injury (Ponton 2006). The all natural model would dispute that certain determinants play an important role in discovering and treating nervousness. Nutrition is vital as food affects the balance of chemicals produced and released in the brain therefore, without sufficient necessary protein, the brain may become deficient using chemicals, resulting in panic and depression. Exercise is also very important as again this releases chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin which provide a feel good result (livestrong 2012)

Depression is a very common disorder and females are twice as likely to suffer from sooner or later in their lives as guys. This is due mainly to changes in hormones in adolescence. Biomedical experts believe that these changes are apparent during puberty and motherhood as well as after giving birth. According to the Country wide Institute of Health, factors that increase the threat of depression in women include reproductive, genetic, or other biological factors. In addition, women who juggle work with raising a family and one parents undergo more stress that could cause symptoms of depression (NIMH). A biomedical view is always to diagnose and treat depression by prescribing antidepressants. These kinds of medications increase the levels of serotonin within the body which continue to increase enjoyment. Recent studies claim that side effects due to long-term use of antidepressants range from digestive problems, sexual difficulties and even strokes and premature deaths in older people. Drugs that hinder serotonin may cause developmental problems in infants, development in adults, digestive problems, diarrhoea, and indigestion and may also raise the threat of dementia (Naish 2012). There are a variety of alternative methods which can help to keep depression under control such as avoiding caffeine, nourishment and exercise. Caffeine containing drinks reduces serotonin levels so lowering the medicine will by natural means increase contentment. Essential fats can't be naturally produced in our body it is therefore important that they are included in the diet. The richest source of omega 3 is found in oily fish and nuts. Many of the population are on low income or benefits and perhaps see themselves to not be in a position financially to eat fresh food. Eating junk food will boost the levels of sweets found in the blood that may give symptoms of fatigue, irritability, dizziness, insomnia, unhappiness and intestinal problems. Since the brain depends on an even supply of sugar it is of no surprise to discover that the above symptoms can seem. The ultimate way to keep your glucose levels level even is to consume entire foods, fruits, vegetables, and regular meals (Food for the mind 2012)

Some children will suffer with conduct disorders such as aggression, robbery, deceitfulness or violation of guidelines. This may cause problems in school and in the house which can result in police involvement. Triggers can develop from personality, genetics (common in children of people who had conduct problems), environmental (family problems and interpersonal stresses) or physical (problems in processing information). Anger affects your physical health and can cause hypertension, chronic lower again pain, abdominal problems and cardiovascular disease. The biomedical view would be to treat each indicator separately with medication where as a more all natural method would be to practice leisure techniques, participating in physical activity or by doing something that engages your brain such as pulling or painting. Another way to manage this would be counselling. Group remedy is a really good option for adolescents to learn from each other and social conversation is a vital part of the developmental process.

Adolescent years can be quite challenging for parents or professionals. Identities are forming, sociable lives are broadening and new behaviours are experimented with. This can entail alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs and unsafe sexual activity. Somebody who is intoxicated is more likely to engage in unsafe sex with a variety of sexual lovers. The continuing use of any chemical can lead to drug abuse and addiction. Emma fell pregnant at 15yrs that could possibly be a result of extreme liquor or drugs. A expanding baby is exposed to whatever is put into the system so no safe amount of alcohol, tobacco or drugs is present during motherhood. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor which in turn causes the blood vessels to narrow limiting the flow of blood to the infant. Also carbon monoxide will limit the degrees of oxygen open to the foetus which can result in still birth, low delivery weight or rapid infant death syndrome (livestrong 2012). The Country wide Institute of Health advises pregnant women never to drink during the first3 month specifically as this may induce miscarriage (NHS 2012)

Another form of depressive disorder is postnatal major depression (PND) which is common in both men and women. PND is different to despair and the starting point usually occurs after the birth of a newborn but can also seem during motherhood. Women may become more tearful and moodier than usual in this time around. Some women experience thoughts of harming their baby which is quite common affecting almost 50 % of women with the problem (Roberts 2012). PND can be undetected and left untreated which may lead to hostility and possible injury to the baby. Teenage mothers suffer from poorer mental health in the three years after their labor and birth compared with other moms therefore Emma needs all the support as she can possibly get during the early years to be a mother. She's no family around to support and help her. The feeling of isolation is the most stressful aspect of being truly a mother. Holistic treatments can be helpful to combat the strain of being not only a new mother but a teenage and solo mother. Massage, reflexology and herbal remedies may be useful to aid in leisure. Talking remedies are also very popular and can help with discovering underlying issues that may be occurring. Any medication that may be approved should be taking with extreme caution as it could interfere with breastfeeding.

Teenage parents often drop out of education due to stresses they experience, including stigmatization associated with pregnancy, isolation from peers, and lack of needed support from family, friends, colleges, social service businesses, and other organizations (SEDL 2012). In 2001 the federal government set up a program called Sure Start which was designed to provide alternative support to teenage mothers and fathers. This program has been very successful in providing support during psychological times, educational needs and family support to young parents. Sure Start originated to reduce the chance of interpersonal exclusion associated with teenage being pregnant by providing support for parents and their child to help them with cover, health care, parenting skills, education and child care (Sure Start 2012) Emma has managed to obtain a place in nursery on her behalf boy while she is constantly on the take part in education. This by itself will create a far more stable lifestyle on their behalf both while creating a future.

The focus of this report is to discuss the different approaches to health and reinforce a holistic approach to illness is by far the most improved and trusted method. A more natural approach can help, prevent or improve many medical issues before they arise. Many medications can help remedy illness and in some instances this is the only way to take care of an illness such as malignancy however, a sizable proportion of health problems can be linked to produced issues such as asthma, and stress.

Tobacco, liquor, drugs, poverty, job, income, education, communal, environment, lifestyle choices are all determinants and wider determinants in what determine the principles of health. Your body can be an impressive machine and cared for holistically there are no reasons why many issues should participate life. Throughout our life-time, stressful situations and emotional traumas are constantly shown. As we develop, our interactions with other folks generate stress such as attaining endorsement, pressure at school, or work, building relationships, romance breakdowns or bereavement. It could have many damaging effects on our health and wellness physically and psychologically.

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