How occupational stress affects employee's Job Satisfaction


The analysis mainly targets the empirical research on the nature and its effects of some chosen occupational stress indications and their influences on some Man Resource Management procedures (HRM) in relation to employee's job satisfaction of varied group like Sainsbury, Morrison's, Asda, Aldi and Lidl.

The analysis will be done by collecting data through the book survey on reliable & chosen occupational Stress Index (O. S. I) and HRM techniques that are related to employee's job Satisfaction which needs to be predicated on a representative arbitrary sample of employee from the whole inhabitants (employee) of the organizations. The empirical data will be provided by executing various statistical methods like relationship and regression, chi-square, ratio etc. and in the long run its conclusion and required suggestion predicated on the findings of the study will be developed and presented.

Research Questions

While formulating research questions, the link and triggers should be studied into account meticulously and so will be done in this research as I'll try to make clear occupational stress and HRM routines of working environment which analysis will be fond of screening a Hypotheis and make an effort to create a link and romance between occupational stress and HRM routines of organizations in respect to employees job satisfaction.

This analysis will address the following questions

1. To identify HRM techniques in the organization which are related to employee's health.

2. To measure the employees occupational Stress in the organizations

3. To develop and determine the amount of relationship between occupational stress and employees job satisfaction.

Brief Books Review

There are various pressures in almost everyone's life each day which is put through be coped up through vast runs of resources and strategies but sometimes it's an individual who copes well sometime while other individuals have some difficulty in coping with the pressure and this situation can be said as a stress for a person. This field has been investigated for several years now and discovered that work or occupational stress has turned into a major issue for organizations as this factor has many results such as lost productivity to burnout and from burnout to the increased absenteeism that for certain can prevent the organizations capacity to accomplish its laid goals and goals.

Occupational stress is any uneasiness which is experienced and perceived at an individual level and triggered by instances, events or situations that are too strong and regular in nature in order to surpass a person's coping competences and resources to handle them effectively (Malta, 2004). Stress is recognized to be one of the primary reasons of absence from work (Mead, 2000). Work stress can be defined as an incompatibility between your individual and his/her environment surrounded and reliant on various factors (Anderson, 1991). Coping is one of the critical indicators when we discuss stress, its factors and implications on the organizations goals and there are numerous approaches to the idea of coping. Regarding to Osipow in 1998 Coping is an interactive orientation that assumes that coping has man important role in the result that stress has after a certain strain. It's a cognitive and behavioural efforts which assists with managing the precise external or/and internal requirements that are appraised on the individual which surpasses the sources of a person (Folkman & Lazarus, 1998).

Ryan (1996) detailed coping giving four strategies an individual can make use of to respond to the work stress which are changes in individual's mental condition, health, behaviour and the work environment. Coping with stress depletes internal energy that is when the individual gets more stress from any options then he feels less energy for empathy and caring (Cherniss, 1980). Now research workers have proposed another group of coping resources that may be identified that are mainly conception focussed coping (Perlin and Schooler, 1978). If the employer- employee marriage is not restored quickly then chances are that the permanent final result for the employee will be negative anticipated to occupational stress which he is unable to manage up with and in this case the employees work related roles and associations can worsen the emotional condition of the worker and that makes the task more complicating if it is not diagnosed at time (Keilhofner, 1995).

There are various new and various management techniques have been developed to diagnose work related stress such as Individuals Reference Management, Business process reengineering (BPR), Total Quality Management (TQM) and Lean creation (Work stress, 2010). The Common Management practice assumes that when acceptable amount of pressure accumulates on the employees work place leads to more impressive range of performance and the competency level rises among the list of employees (le Ferre, Matheny and Kolt, 2003). There is an old perception that stress at low level causes increase performance and the partnership is curvilinear in dynamics but however beyond certain level of work stress the performance of an employee decreases.

This above stated marriage may be true under some conditions but recent research workers have found evidences and recommended that stress even at low levels may distort employee's job satisfaction and could have some unwanted effects on performance of the worker. The occupational stress presents a real risk to the brilliance of activity and satisfaction of the worker while performing the duty (Danna and Griffin, 1999).

The health insurance and safety exec, 2010 demonstrates around 5 lac employees in U. K experience work related stress at the certain level that is thought to be enough to make employees ill and more recent studies show that more than 5 lac people feel very or extremely stressed while being on work and estimation has been done whish demonstrates it costs more 3. 7 billion each year to the U. K society (Johnson, Cooper, Cartwright, Donald, Taylor and Millet, 2005). The consequences of stress can be both physical or/and mental health and therefore it has been defined as 'silent killer'. A number of the medical experts claim that there may quite strong relationship between stress and personal health (Greenberg, 2002).

According to Harper and Vilkinas in 2005 considers that Performance Management systems (PMS) has some key elements composed of of Stakeholders, Professionals and employees Perspectives. This review focuses mainly on two key points is that the Managers and Stakeholders argued that the PMS experienced more positive impact on the Performance and secondly the analysis highlights the difficulties encountered while evaluating PMS.

Robert Karasek is rolling out a model for stress known as 'the job pressure model' which argues that the task stress and the causing physical and mental health of work stress results not only from an individual aspect of the environment but its because of the chain of pressures from the environment which requires a freedom in work but the strain occurs only once the job needs are high and the work decision latitude is low.


This job stress model states the strain level rise only once demands are high in job and decision latitude is low which eventually causes negative health outcomes such as Cardiovascular diseases and Hypertension. This model also illustrates the predictions about the socialization of personality features and behaviour pattern of the employees. Job stress model mainly emphasizes on distinguishing features of the task environment which may be further categorized as needs and control which further examines the stress creating factors and not solely dependent on individual perceptions or individual environment fit.


It is vital that methods and methods are carefully considered so that Technique allows the researcher to accumulate the right and valid information from all the resources and then consequently analyse the collected data to find out the proper bottom line and correct recommendations. The research will be mainly focussed on the quantitative strategy where different lab tests will be conducted through relationship & regression and chi-square and percentage methods.

The methods and methods that i will be following while executing this research are described below

Locale of the study

The locale of the study study will be supermarkets like Sainsbury, Morrison's, Asda, Aldi and Lidl. group situated in Bangor and other North Wales, U. K.

Population and Sample

A unbiased test will be taken from the whole population will be taken from the employees of Sainsbury, Morrison's, Asda, Aldi and Lidl. Organization situated in Bangor and other North Wales, U. K. An kept up to date list of employees will be accumulated from the authority and out of most employees 1000 employees (500 men and 500 women) will be chosen purposively as sample of the study which will clearly show how stress influences employees job satisfaction.

Instrument for Data collection

In this research study the required data will be collected from the employees and that'll be collected by forming a structured questionnaire which has been made for getting clean and justified information about employees' views, ideas regarding Occupational stress and the individual resource management practices of the organization and their performance level as well. In my own research questionnaire both open and closed finished questions will be which is Simple and immediate questions relative to the objectives of the analysis. These questions will be made to get the desired result and to ascertain the thoughts and opinions of the employees regarding a number of aspects involved in this analysis. The questionnaire will be pre-tested with a few employees over some time period to get necessary corrections and when needed the questionnaire will be changed and then the corrected questionnaire will be finally used for data collection.

Data collecting procedure

The gathering of the data will be achieved by the researcher and prior to data collection researcher will obtain the employees to provide necessary help and co-operation for data collection. The researcher will make all promising initiatives to form rapport with the participant in order that they could feel free to response the questions within the questionnaire and later Data collection obtained from the participant will be complied, tabulated and analysed to attain findings.

Selection of based mostly and Self-employed Variables

The efficacious collection of variables makes the study successful and unacceptable and inconsistent collection of variables can lead to faulty outcomes. Worker performance and job satisfactions while dealing with the occupational stress are the primary focus of the study and therefore it'll be regarded as the dependent variables. Therefore, I have decided on some Occupational stress index which relates to HRM routines such as Handling diversity, Job analysis, Job explanation, Job features and Recruitment, Selection, Training, and development, Equivalent employment opportunity, Profession planning, Performance Management, Settlement strategies, and finally worker and Organizational relationships as independent variables.

Data control and Analysis

Compilation of data

After doing the assortment of data from the employees of various organization mentioned previously, all the questionnaires will be coded, compiled, tabulated and then analysed relative to the research targets and in the anticipated process, all the reactions in the questionnaire will be given numerical coded worth due to honest considerations.

Statistical technique

The examination will be achieved by using Statistical Package deal for Friendly Sciences (SPSS) which is a software which bargains in several various descriptive analysis such as range, amount and percentage, suggest, standard deviation and get ranking order which will be used if it is necessary. Pearson's Product Point in time Co-efficient of Correlation will be used to be able to explore the relationship between the concerned factors like employees job satisfaction, and occupational stress and throughout this analysis, probability of at least five-per cent (0. 05) of will be used as basis while rejecting a null hypothesis.


The research will be conducted through acquiring the permission from the scheduled authority to carry out the study with the employee responses and the statement will be totally confidential.

To avoid personal biasness, special attention will be taken while obtaining viewpoints of the study members to ensure good consideration.

Result of the research work will be accurately and fully represented what's observed based on the actual replies of the respondents.

Reasonable and appropriate samples will be decided on to obtain rational result.

Appropriate Conclusions and Suggestions will be drawn on the basis of the results of the study.

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