Impact of Prison Nursery Programmes

This article is approximately whether the babies need jail nursery with imprisoned mother. Its aim is to tell us the infant needs secure attachment with mom. The members are split into two groupings: mom and infant in one-year prison and mom and baby in 6 a few months' prison. Both group are tested and assessed for the connection and odd situation. The article shows that the newborns that elevated by imprisoned mother is comparable to the newborns who are lifted in healthy environment.

In my estimation, the author's ideas are creative. Normally, we know that the attachment of mother and infant is vital especially in the first childhood. We only know the value of connection of mom and infant under the standard circumstance but the author's research is widening to jail nursery. This is the new finding for this attachment theory. Matching to 2nd Feb lecture, Dr. Crockett said about the infant's connection to mom. She also proved us a video recording that the test of baby monkey is much more likely to stay with the padded monkey that doesn't source food than the cable monkey that supply food to it.

This study also proved the response of newborns when newborns were facing different cultural scenarios. This experiment is comparable to the video tutorial that performed on 2nd Feb, named "Secure, Insecure, Avoidant, and Ambivalent Attachment in Mother Infants. " Everything we can learn from this research is mother attachment also take place in the newborn attachment. Within this analysis, the percentages of autonomous mother are greater than dismissing and preoccupied. Though this review, we can know the attachment between babies and moms.

However, the connection is not the only real factor to effect the kid development as possible affected several factors such as parenting, youth experience and others. For a good example, the intense parenting will impact the child development to be neglected. In interpersonal development textbook's section 7, web page 196, the author stated different parenting style will have different children's characteristic.

Besides that, the test size is not appropriate for the experimental research. In order to have experimental review, the test size needs to be large. This research only has total 30 participants, so the result is not significant as this article mentioned, "The circulation of AAI classifications of mothers in the subsample reported here did not change significantly from that of the larger study. " This analysis also has incorrect sampling. This study's test is only recruiting imprisoned mother as the participant. It generally does not show that study is arbitrarily sampling. The reason that it's not randomly sampling is because the participant's requirement is too specific. The imprisoned mother needs to have infant to get involved into this analysis. Based on past school in PSYC350, Research Methods and Data Examination, the lecturer pointed out that the experimental review needs to have random sampling so the result can be generalize and apply to the other studies.

In the other hands, this study's end result has the issues to apply on daily life. The attachment can be changed in one the attachment to another. This is with respect to the parents or the caregiver because years as a child experience is important to the infant. On last Thursday category, Dr. Crockett said that there will have attachment changes on infant and that will depend on the way of the caregiver develop the connection with infant. In addition, there is hardly ever that the imprisoned mom will have infant by her aspect. Normally, the caregiver will need the responsibility to care for infant instead of the infant stay with mommy in the jail. Therefore, the study's end result is hard to generalize.

In the final outcome, I suggest that study can increase the sample size, so the end result is more significant. I also suggest the participant can be randomly designated, so that there has no confound changing in this research.

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