Impossibility of effective business interaction of...

Impossibility of effective business interaction of the client with people

To solve the problems of business interaction with people, business people and heads of institutions usually turn to psychological counseling. Appropriate problems often arise in their early stages of their business life, especially when they have to independently organize the work of other people, manage them and their business and personal relationships.

Here we will focus on the specifics of conducting psychological counseling in the field of business relations relating to the psychological compatibility of people and their interaction in work, as well as the ability to be a good leader - the organizer of the case.

The essence of the problem, which we will discuss in the first place, is this: people, when entering into business contacts with each other, often find that they can not successfully establish them. This, for example, is manifested in the fact that they are not in a position to distribute their responsibilities without conflicts in a way that is completely suited to them, they can not agree on coordinated joint actions related to certain issues, expect each other that does not fully correspond to their capabilities, claim for greater rights, but do not want to take on additional responsibilities.

We will discuss the typical reasons for this state of affairs, and then the possible ways of solving the relevant issues in the practice of psychological counseling.

Possible reasons for the emergence of intractable problems in the field of business relations can be quite a lot. This is the lack of a person's personal experience of participating in the relevant case, and the presence of negative character traits that interfere with normal business relationships with people, and the lack of abilities, and the great individual differences that give rise to psychological incompatibility, and the special circumstances that develop during teamwork .

Therefore, before starting to develop practical recommendations to the client about the solution of the problem of business relations, it is necessary to accurately find out the essence of the problem itself and its causes. At the same time, from the very beginning of psychological counseling, one must be able to clearly distinguish between what the client himself tells about the causes of his problem and what is actually there. As a rule, the client's own version of the essence of his business problem does not always coincide with reality, i.e. with the results of accurate psychodiagnostics.

The client's lack of experience in organizing the case is a problem that can be surmounted relatively easily, as the experience is acquired. However, the lack of own experience in business relationships can hardly be completely replaced even by the most reasonable psychological recommendations. This is due to the fact that during the accumulation of life experience, a person acquires knowledge, skills and skills that can not be immediately learned and ready-made. Man is also not able to control the process of acquiring the relevant knowledge, skills and skills for the reason that neither he, nor anybody else knows exactly how this knowledge, skills and skills really are formed.

As for the presence of negative character traits that prevent the establishment of normal business relations with people, this problem is much more difficult than with acquiring the necessary experience of life. To change the character traits at the age at which a person usually enters into an active business life is very difficult, since most of these traits are formed and fixed in early childhood. However, external manifestations and forms of behavior, functionally related to character traits, can be changed, although it is not always easy to do so.

In order for this to become possible, the client must first of all realize what he needs to change in himself, in his character. Convince the client of this only with one words is quite difficult. But, even if it can be done, there will not be a strong desire to change himself from him immediately.

This, in particular, is due to the fact that the client, as a rule, does not see his shortcomings as well as other people see them. He knows about them only from the words of the surrounding people, with whom he has to enter into communication. Until his personal desire to change himself will be backed up by appropriate reactions from surrounding people, one can hardly expect success.

In this case, it is advisable to let the client understand how he really looks from the outside, i.e. Give him the opportunity to see himself in real business relationships with people. A significant benefit in this can be the video recording technique, viewing and commenting on the videotapes made by the psychologist-consultant (video recording may include a series of fragments from the client's business contacts with different people). It is important to choose for comparison for video records such moments from the business life of the client, in which he manifests himself with the best and worst.

For a practical change in the nature of the client, you can use a method based on the so-called anonymous systematic retrieval of feedback information. Below, in this case, we mean a regular, purposeful gathering by a person from various, anonymous sources of information about how people in reality perceive and evaluate the business traits of the client's character. Very useful and perhaps most effective in this case may be a recommendation to the client to undergo a special training of business communication under the guidance of an experienced practical psychologist.

With large individual differences that give rise to the psychological incompatibility of people, the problem of ensuring normal business interaction between them is solved as follows: it turns out what these people are different from each other and what prevents them from interacting normally with each other. All this should be understood by each of the participants in business communication. The very fact of realizing the existing individual differences in most cases is enough to ensure that each participant takes them into account and adjusts to other participants.

If this does not help, then the counselor psychologist will have to tell the client how to behave rationally in business communication with people who are very different from him in psychology and behavior. In this case it is desirable to offer the client not one but several different variants of socially adaptive behavior and try each of them during a psychological consultation. Then the client will have to apply all these ways of behavior in life and determine the best option for himself. This usually becomes a way of behavior that allows people to successfully solve business problems and maintain good relations with business partners at the same time.

At the final stage of psychological counseling, the client himself shares his impressions with the counselor and further, on the advice of the counseling psychologist, chooses and fixes in his life experience the most appropriate forms of business interpersonal behavior.

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