Influence of Peer Pressure on Teenage Sexual Behaviour

Research Proposal


The budding of a child from the innocence of child years to the maturity of a grown-up can be considered a complicated phase for most. An important factor that plays a very significant role throughout a person's life is their sexual behavior. After the mass commercialization of every product imaginable and open to consumers through print advertisements or TV advertisements, the idea of sex has been marketed to these young children almost on a regular basis. This influence is not only limited to print out or TV however the internet in addition has started playing an important role in being a medium which gives access to teenagers and young adults to explicit content. Liable men and women of the world and the federal government should make sure that those damaged by intimate harassment are given proper treatment facilities (Gilgun, n. d) which perpetrators who've committed such heinous crimes are punished.

Statement of problem:

Many adults become gender offenders as they increase up and some fall victim to victim like sex addiction. Also, anticipated to contact with explicit content on porn sites and other unacceptable material on the net these juveniles land prey to blackmailers, gender offenders, rapists and manipulators. In females, this could lead to unwanted motherhood.

Purpose of the analysis:

The purpose of undertaking this study is to predict sexual habit in teenagers anticipated to the kind of exposure they get from experiencing peer pressure about sex at college to movies and internet that are filled with delicate messages about making love and exactly how wonderful it is when the results of their activities aren't even totally clear to the teenagers undertaking this activity and exactly how it impacts their life forward and to explore what treatment and restoration facilities may be provided to young adults who have being harassed.


The relationship between your exposure to gender related content and erotic habits of teenagers is positive and correlated.

Methods and Types of procedures:

The method found in this analysis was to carry out some books review on this issue and also collect responses through teens and adults through a tiny study. The questions posed to them constituted of issues ranging from the impact of the press to any personal encounters they might have experienced. Also, peer pressure was a significant factor included to start to see the effects of how many teenagers take part in sex to fit in or submit to their peers' requirements.

Variables used:

The variables found in this questionnaire were young adults and young adults who answered the questionnaires on this issue of how they think sexually explicit content or delicate hints at selling sex to youngsters through advertisements, movies, TV shows and even billboards.

Some impromptu personal interviews were also taken up to find out if people are biased in their thoughts and opinions when conversing spontaneously vs. if they are given additional time to choose and think their options.

Limitations and delimitations:

The restriction in this review comes out in the form of bias. The respondents to be able to not let the interviewer or survey taker make judgments about them or associate the responses with their experiences subconsciously may give well thought out or morally reasonable answers alternatively than what they actually consider or think. Also since the scope of the study is bound to predicting intimate behavior in teens, factors such as puberty, assault, infatuation and internet play a stronger role in eliciting reactions and decisions somewhat than rationality.

Significance of the analysis:

The need for this study is the fact that it can help explain the factors which can help us understand teenage psychology and behaviors better to be able make plans or take collective community action to safeguard our kids and rehabilitate and recreate to life those people who have suffered.



Predictions about Teen Sexual Behavior

When children expand up to step into the adult phase with their lives they are faced with perhaps the most challenging situations in their lives. They can be offered new ideas, new peers, communal and peer pressure and their intro to puberty. A whole lot of young adults face the feelings of infatuation, obsession, becoming cool and doing something that could set up their reputation in front of their friends. On this age of media and mass commercialization, young adults face sex in all forms available. It is seen in films, TV channels, Television shows, internet, music industry and even cartoons like Simpsons where sexual references are not uncommon.

It is unexpected to note that while 58% of ladies studying in 8th to 11th class have faced some sort of sexual harassment once in a while or sometimes almost daily boys are also being subject to sexual harassment (Carney, 2007). The explanation for such benefits or trend observed in recent years can be the extreme exposure to sex in our culture especially to kids at an unacceptable years. This incompatibility can mistake these children who are along the way of becoming mature and distort their perceptions of intimate behavior and impede their normal and healthy development process. Contact with explicit content can maintain the proper execution of aesthetic content such as is common on billboards, Television, cartoons and internet. It can also be of verbal content. A kid whose parents curse and swear or use sexually explicit dialect and display violent tendencies towards one another or the contemporary society at large is at the mercy of take the impact of such publicity and replicate such habit when he/she grows up to be a teen and later in their life.

Perhaps, the greatest impact is of personal experience in predicting the sexual behavior of teenagers which is usually when a person has been subject to incest or any other form of intimate and physical harassment. This person becomes bitter and rebellious on the society and will take revenge by doing those very actions and deriving satisfaction from the pain inflicted on others as a compensation for their anguish.

A recent research has connected the race, time and weight of adolescents to their intimate behaviors in case there is young ladies. Some interesting results that emerged in limelight included but are not restricted to the actual fact that overweight and sexually lively females and underweight females do not practice safe love-making. Latino young girls were probably to engage in risky intimate habit including having higher than four lovers, not exercising safe making love and rampant use of liquor (Nauert, 2009)

This finding suggests that as opposed to generalizing all teenagers exhibiting rogue sexual appetites; sexual patterns in teenagers can greatly vary predicated on their geographical location, their environment, get older and even gender. Important results that help predict teenage sexual patterns include that, teens who watch sexually explicit content more regularly than their counterparts will probably engage and start sexual intercourse previously (Collins et al. , 2004) (Also see Show 1) Furthermore, the impact of verbal mention of sexual activities is equivalent to aesthetic impact in teens leading them to become sexually energetic at an earlier level in their adolescence. However, it is vital to know that if teenagers are shown films or educated about the practices of disadvantages of experiencing sex before or without safe techniques it can put a good impact and create consciousness among them and impact their sexual action.

Recently, the internet has became yet another medium through which teenagers who are still in the period of development and are excited by puberty and the many opportunities to socialize and go to functions, meet new associates and become add up to their peers exists, the access to sexually explicit content such as images, videos, pornography and the latest addition to the list; networks present a great threat of eliciting harmful sexual behavior. In a recently available research it was discovered that those young adults who make an online search and networks were at the mercy of online sexual harassment such as unwanted demands to converse about gender, provide private information, intimate solicitation or demands to do something sexual. 33% reported online harassment including the highest ratio on instant messaging (43%) and chat rooms (32%). (Ybarra & Mitchell, 2008) Such effects have made internet a bane sometimes rather than a benefit with negative impacts on not only the mental health but physical development of a child as increasing numbers of people suffer from sophisticated about their bodies and abilities scheduled to sexual sources and discrimination.

Sex young for a few can be damaging to moral and ethical prices along with inflicting mental health problems. About 3 million young adults contract a sexually transmitted disease such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and even Products. Most concur that teenagers have a tendency to be reckless in their behavior, and unprotected sex is merely one of a host of risky manners in which they indulge. But even for those who are always careful, accidents can occur and contraceptives can are unsuccessful. Moreover, some teenagers are exploited or coerced into having sex and thus have little control over contraception (cited in Besharov & Gardiner, n. d)

As exhibit 2 portrays that those engage in sex and risky behavior include weed, alcohol and drugs that further increases the condition of active libido in teens.

Feral children like Genie who've had no connection with the outside world for 13 many years of their life and confined to a solitary room where no auditory alerts or visual alerts could reach rendered this child very different from normal teens. Genie cannot stand erect and struggling to even connect effectively with words. She was fed baby food, cereals and eggs to keep her alive. (Curtiss, 1977) This kind of treatment rendered her completely isolated from other human beings where she was unable to speak or understand normal real human emotions or any kind of sexual desires or tendencies. Another important factor which has influenced sexual patterns in teenagers is music. According to a study article publicized in the North american Journal of Preventive Medicine, Apr 2009, Brian Primack made the statement that in a sample of adolescents hearing lyrics of a tune that feature sexually explicit lyrics the trend to engage in pre-coital activities and sexual activity was higher. This finding is a reason behind concern and requirements educational intervention because such activities by feminine teenagers which bring about teenage pregnancies are a matter of general population health matter.




TV exposure and Contribution To Initiating Sex


Early Intimacy and Risk Taking Behaviors

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