Introduction To Psychological Trials Paper

The review of person and his characteristics is the most important tasks of internal knowledge. Development of psychological research is characterized with significant increase in interest to problems of psycho diagnostic. The aim of modern psycho diagnostic is research of characteristics and distinctions between individuals and communities in a systematic manner. The task of such research in the most standard form is meaning of mental and internal characteristics of individuals and their intra-individual relationships.

Psychological test is the foundation for psycho diagnostics of individuals and the building blocks of practical mindset. The purpose of this paper is to specify the concept of psychological test, summarize its major categories, the ideas of trustworthiness and validity, and other fundamental questions associated with emotional testing.

The notion of a psychological test and its main characteristics

The scope of psycho diagnostic includes a set of various diagnostic solutions to identify mental health characteristics of man. It presents a bridge between standard and applied mindset, and with regards to the methods used, it functions as a typical floor that unites every area of their request. Functional psycho diagnostics solves some typical problems, such as the following

1. To determine certain emotional properties or behavior in a person.

2. Determine the degree of development of these properties and their appearance in specific quantitative and qualitative terms.

3. Information of diagnostic mental health behavior of a person

4. Comparison of the degree of development of internal characteristics in several people.

The standardized psycho diagnostic methods, allowing obtaining equivalent quantitative and qualitative indicators of the amount of development of the properties in people, are called psychological tests. Under standardized techniques is intended they have strictly defined guidelines of application, which range from studying the situation and concluding with the methods of calculation and interpretation of results.

The literature presents a great variety of definitions of psychological lab tests

"Psychological test is actually an objective and standardized measurement of a sample of patterns" (The American Psychological Relationship).

"Test is a standardized, often time-limited research designed to create the quantitative (and qualitative) individual psychological differences (The American Psychological Relationship).

"Under test is known a particular tool for analyzing the psychological characteristics of the average person, which includes set of duties or questions, offered under standard conditions and is supposed to recognize particle types of habit" (The North american Psychological Relationship)

Objectivity, validity and consistency are the main requirements to the test. It is necessary to examine these concepts and also to discuss that they impact the field of internal testing.

Objectivity of an subconscious test means that primary indicators, analysis and interpretation of data do not depend upon the behavior and subjective judgments of the experimenter. Development of examining tasks, its method, handling of test results is executed according to certain standard rules. To accomplish objectivity, a psychological test must follow the following conditions

- standardization of strategies of performing the test to allow for assessment of its results;

- standardization of test performance evaluation;

- Description of final result norms of the test for contrast them with results got from the processing of test data.

These three conditions are known as the stages of standardization of mental tests. During the development of a test certain standardization techniques are completed, such as three periods

1. The first level of standardization of mental tests is to determine uniform testing types of procedures.

2. The second phase is to determine a uniform evaluation of the test: the typical interpretation of the results and pre-standard evaluation.

3. The 3rd stage of standardization of subconscious tests is to determine the norms of the test. Norms are essential in the interpretation of test outcomes (primary variables), as a benchmark with which to compare evaluation data. For instance, in checks of intelligence the principal received IQ is correlated with standard IQ (43, 44, 45 points in the test of Raven). In case the IQ received by respondent is above normative, as 60 things, we can discuss of the respondent as high. In case the resulting IQ is lower than typical, then the degree of brains is low, if the received IQ is 43, 44 or 45 details, then it is average. (Ford-Martin, 2004)

All ways of psychological medical diagnosis, both standardized and non-standardized, are aimed at measuring personality characteristics and characteristics of intelligence. Each method is designed to evaluate a certain personal characteristic, and information about the degree to that your test actually actions it is known as the concept of validity.

Effective method of tests can be created, if it exceeded all the phases of validation, when it meets requirements of both standard and practical validity. Practical validity explains the test not by its internal content, but in conditions of its value for reaching certain functional goals (prediction, identification). (Messic, 1980)

The previous important characteristic of lab tests are their dependability. Reliability means persistence of test outcomes of each evaluation try out with the same subject matter, with the results of his first test. Definite stability of the test will not exist, and errors are allowed, but the higher are they, the lower is the test stability. The high trustworthiness of the evaluation method means that this accurately actions the attribute.

These three basic characteristics of subconscious test determine its used in practical psychology.


Psycho diagnostics is the of psychological science, and at the same time the most crucial form of subconscious practice, that is associated with the development and use of numerous methods of acknowledgement of individual mental characteristics of people.

Psycho diagnostics is some methods and tools for medical diagnosis of mental characteristics of man. Among such methods is tests. The usage of psychological lab tests is aimed to investigate the characteristics of person, and provide information about mental properties of a person (the topic).

An effective mental health test should meet requirements such as objectivity, validity and dependability, in cases like this it gives the best results, that can be interpreted and applied in sensible psychology.

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