Investigation - Handbook of a practical psychologist


Lesson 1. Preparatory part

Today you have to re-qualify to improvised detectives. Who does not conquer the extraordinary art of Sherlock Holmes, unexpectedly unravel, it would seem, the most hopeless business ?! Try and you will perform in this genre. But first you need to create such an intricate business. To do this, the participants in the game are divided into two equivalent teams, each of which will act as organizers of the confusing business, and as detectives for unraveling the case of the opposing team. The task is to create your own confusing business, in which, if possible, all the team members would participate. To do this, of course, is a secret from the opposing team, so it is best to prepare the case in order of homework and for a long time, drawing as many participants in the process as possible, "witnesses" and affected .

The case can be any - of course, comic, but as unusual as possible. For example, for a signal that can be, say, changing a tie by one of the team members, one player passes the other envelope to the job. Only the author and the person to whom it is intended can know about the assignment. The task can be contained, for example, the instruction to one of the players pass their book to another player through intermediaries, each of which may have very conflicting information about what, from whom and to whom the book is intended. The ultimate goal - to find out who has the desired book.

An important condition: when investigating any questions of an opposing team, you can answer only the truth, so it is really advisable that not players have full information on it. In addition, during the investigation it will be necessary to answer the question about the date and time of execution of individual tasks, therefore, all those who perform these tasks must record the date and time of execution.

Each team agrees on the place and time of the meeting to create their confusing business, and also about when everyone is going to investigate the case. To investigate, you need to come up with a statement in which you must formulate its goal, for example, unravel the whole chain on which the conceived thing has passed from the idea to the final point.

Now that the essence of the assignment has been clarified, proceed with the preparation of your confusing business.

Lesson 2. The game part

Dear detectives - followers of Sherlock Holmes! Today, you have to compete in discernment, ingenuity, ingenuity, ie. all those qualities that are necessary for any detective. Now every team must make a statement about the investigation of their case, and the leader will determine which team will start. (The team representative comes forward and makes an official statement for the investigation.)

So, we begin the investigation from the first team. The conditions are as follows: you need to ask the minimum number of questions to the opposing team to answer the questions contained in its statement. The team of detectives asks questions, the plaintiff's team gives exceptionally truthful answers, and the presenter, the same judge, counts the number of questions asked and at the end of the investigation reports it.

Now the second team comes out with a statement, after which the team-rival asks his questions, and the leader considers them. If the goal of the investigation is achieved, the leader reports the number of questions that were asked by the first team.

Before finally evaluating the result of the competition, you can hold a small contest for the best question. Each team submits its candidatures for the title of the best detectives, and the presenter writes them down. The best detective is determined by the method of "popular" voting. The final results of the competition lead the lead. He speaks with the congratulations of the winning team and the best detective of the season.

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