Knowledge of observation in learning to be a good counsellor

Every human being has the propensity to carry out observation of one kind or the other as it is area of the daily life. During the creation or technology of technology, the scientist needed observation of most the occurrences that took place which helped in the establishment of facts which were propounded into theory and later became regulations that are clinically proved. Within the same vein, the job of the counsellor requires full amount which would not work without full observation of events and happenings to the people concerned.

Observation is completed through the use of one of the sense of organ of your body which is the eye. Every good eyeball is expected to keep notice of occurrences as they happen in a variety of fields as this would help out with making a good accounts of past happenings, present and may be used to further focus on future issues. Counsellors are anticipated to acquire 'eagle eye' as their job requires the use of the sensory organs for prognosis. During the course, observation as a subject was portrayed in many conditions as it pertains to this field of work which would be analysed in this task expressing this as it could lead to becoming a good counsellor.


Therefore, this assignment is set to give attention to the next

A quick recap on what has been learned on observation

And how the knowledge acquired help in learning to be a counsellor.


According to dictionary. reference. com, observation is defined in many ways amongst which include; 'an function or illustration of realizing or perceiving', 'an work or instance of regarding attentively or observing', 'the faculty or behavior of watching or realizing', 'an act or example of browsing or noting an undeniable fact or occurrence for a few methodical or other special goal e. g. the observation of blood pressure in a patient'.

(http://dictionary. reference. com/browse/observation assessed on 20/03/11)

Investigation of any kind involves some element of observation to be able to achieve the desired result. It really is not only observational studies that use observation. An example is when a client goes to a counsellor on advice on how to give up smoking or any bad behavior, it is an over-all point of discuss that the counsellor must consider some important facts deduced from other conversation which would assist during the investigation and how to proffer final solution to your client.

Observation can be an act that allows the parties involve seeing the actions that are being taken by others. A counsellor in undertaking its activities would 'see through' the activities portrayed by the parties or people he's interviewing. A counsellor can understand this done when your client is asked some questions and this would help the counsellor in diagnosis of the issues your client is facing. This does not allow the counsellor a lot of information in what the participant or customer is considering or sense. Observation during counselling session only permits the actions to be seen and allows the client to be read. For the counsellor to manage the period properly, it will allow for enough time as this technique is time consuming. Additionally it is requires the intellect of the counsellor as sometimes activities put up by the respondent might be the actual expected as was said which would lead to significant amounts of confusion. Therefore, this requires that the employees should be sufficiently trained in order to measure to the required standard and having the data and skills needed.


An observation is an take action that is noticed immediately by the senses, and this is majorly through the eyes. You can find two different kinds of observations. These are

A qualitative observation is an observation that deals with the traits of an thing. These include shade, shape, consistency, etc.

A quantitative observation is such an observation that can be expressed and assessed in concrete numerical amount. For example, weight, temperature, elevation, span, and mass.

In order for a counsellor to use effectively the machine of observation in carrying out its work, there exists need to understand the various types of observation that is out there. Included in these are

Structured and unstructured observations.

Participant and non-participant observations.

Structured observation allows the counsellor to record the behaviour of the client as he's being examined. This might permit the counsellor to get complete information about your client which might also be utilized for further analysis. Set up observations generally provide quantitative data and this is only possible by using documenting devices.

An unstructured observation requires the counsellor to record the interview conducted to your client through the counselling session and this can be done by using video camera. This may not be effective where in fact the required saving equipment is unavailable for use and this can definitely influence the research of the interview in order to know what more analysis would be produced. Here the respondent might not even have the data that he is being interviewed.

Furthermore with unstructured observations there is a opportunity that the counsellor and the team members would record the most eye-catching or visible behaviours which can not be the most relevant or important behaviours to record.

In a participant observation the counsellor is completely involved in the questioning and answer session with the respondent as he (the counsellor) will package with the issues using the info come up with from what the client has said. This system can be regarded as being very useful as it permits a participative forum where the counsellor would listen to the scenario while present with your client rather than working from a seconded information newspaper or from an authorized.

In a non-participant observation, the counsellor will not form part in the activity being observed. This implies the counsellor only works on the information which the customer involved might have written down in order to handle his/her advice.


There are various forms of counselling besides dealing with emotional problems as cured in the class. Counselling can also package with issues about lack of confidence and how to get back it, behavioural pattern in human, public behaviour among others such as

Counselling in the task place.

Quite many of folks at places of work require sufficient and professional counselling which would help them in taking care of their use private/personal issues of life. It helps people identify issues, difficulties and issues that are induced by thoughts, emotions and emotions and encourages those to reply and make progress towards changing once and for all and keeping the distressing issues in it. Some organisations maintain a counselling division which assists associates of staff on various issues while some refer staffers to the professionals for onward resolutions.

Counselling the ones that can cause personal harm scheduled to problems.

Many face issues which they cannot handle or solve in their myopic and restless condition. However, counselling helps to put this right. The counsellor may help them in many ways among which is the full or partial review with their behavioural design and acts during the counselling product.

Counselling to those who are drugs and alcohol addicts and those who are HIV positive.

The counsellor work hand in hand with the UK government to assist in reducing the amount of alcohol and drugs addicts in the united states. More also are those that are infected with HIV which is a dangerous disease.

Counselling teenagers.

Many teenagers who are university leavers or jobless and the ones who would like to make a job with those who are prepared to go the university or college all need counselling. The trained counsellor on youths and children use these set of individuals in order to steer them on the right part to check out in order to achieve their desired purpose of life.

Counselling through the GP.

United Kingdom is a place where the medical team work together with other interpersonal workers in order to bring succour to many lives. Most of the surgery in UK has the counselling section that help people who going right through stress of whatever form to escape their current state. Some young women who may also wish to know how to prevent unwanted being pregnant could be helped in this department. People with mental disorder get to use the counsellors on the tedious basis for advice which can help recuperate them.

Counselling on eating disorder.

Eating behavior is another concern that if not manipulated may effect into health risk. Many people have found themselves to blame on many occasions due to insufficient discipline about how to eat. This occasionally leads to over weight, constipation and other forms of illness. Though this might sound peculiar why you might need the help of a counsellor to escape this. But, it is necessary since it has considered a habit. Counsellors may help monitor by having a close observation on the patient/consumer so as to measure the level of changes or results of the counselling directed at him/her.


The role of observation in the machine of any counsellor cannot be overemphasized. Observation has enjoyed an integral role in the practice and has allowed significant amounts of communication flow between your counsellor and its own clients/patients/respondents. However, a few of these would be highlighted below

Counselling helps to clean the mind of specific from thoughts and activities which if not well catered for would leave your brain dull, restless and confused. This can also lead to catastrophes like dangling, careless loss of life, suicide, dejection. To this therefore, a counsellor's capability to observe the client critically would help in reducing the chances of ill destiny.

It alleviates worries and problems that fill the heart. Whenever a patient is put under close observation with a counsellor, this will allow the counsellor with an in depth understanding of the problems the patient/customer is facing. Therefore, the necessity to maintain a follow-up even after discharge of the patient/client from the counselling device.

Subjecting a client under close observation would help the identification and examination of issues that are affecting the average person. Observation play an integral role here as it allow the counsellor one on one interaction with the client and also permit the individual to open up usually.

Most of the occurrences of life are taken to understanding once they must have been seen by the eye. Observation enables the counsellor to truly have a defined agenda of solutions to administer to various people with different problems as they tackle the unit.

It enhances communication. Counsellors would gain an improved chance with the client as it will assist those to communicate better still with other folks. This is because they would be capable of assessing the feelings of other folks towards certain content and altering viewpoints consequently. In addition, it provides an improved upon understanding of rivals and friends.

It also helps the counsellor to identify materials issues in the life span of the average person.

Observation assist in improving skills of decision making. Counsellors get more knowledge of their clients or associates of personnel when there can be an possibility to place a close look to them. This might lead to better chances on knowing how to take on or advise the average person involve.

It enhances understanding.


Observation is a vital tool in counselling and instruction. This brings the counsellor nearer to the individual that will require the interest of the counsellor. Folks of various age range and gender like the youths/young ones, the adult, the vulnerable, the weakened and the strong all need the attention of the counsellor.

Therefore, from the afore-mentioned, it is apparent that observation assist the counsellor in having a better and concentrated information into whatever situations brought before it at every time. The success of the counselling product also greatly will depend on its ability to make use of the sensory organs to acquire facts which would be helpful to the individual in question.

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