Masochistic character, Pain and bliss in one bottle...

Masochistic character

Integrated goal:


• the reasons that lead to the formation of this character;

be able to

• diagnose the masochistic nature;


• The skills of psychotherapeutic work with the carriers of this neurotic structure.

To get out of the maze,

You need to keep your hand all the time

Behind a cold, wet and quivering wall

Your humiliation.

(Nor Hall)

And jumped as if it broke through

Dams, floodgates that have collapsed down.

And he entered into such a self-analysis,

In such an incredible samogryz,

In such excitement and rage of self-knowledge ...

(Don Aminado)

Pain and bliss in one bottle

Elena Vitalievna brought to me a daughter and a son. They carefully held her by the arms. And she walked on, barely crossing her legs. The patient says: "In May, I had a misfortune: I fainted twice. It happened on the street. I lost consciousness. The second syncope was so deep that I stopped controlling my physiological functions. Probably, the third syncope will be lethal. I have been diagnosed in many hospitals. At me nothing have found: only an osteochondrosis. Encephalogram is generally excellent. What's the trouble?

At the beginning of our work, I applied several techniques of bioenergetics. It was important to balance the work of the brain, to give the body more stability. This goal was soon achieved. In her diary Elena Vitalievna wrote: "Before, I went to work in a taxi. Now I get to the service by public transport. I manage to walk from the metro to the house or from the house to the metro. I feel better. However, in my psyche, an imposter settled who constantly whispers to me: "You will soon faint again".

I open the book of American psychiatrist Alexander Lowen and say: "You have never heard of this man. And he in the section on the masochistic character writes the same thing that you just said ...

Subsequent sessions convinced me that Elena Vitalievna is the bearer of a masochistic character structure. He constantly ached, as if saying: "You are not good, you do not want to help me." It became clear that I could not do without bioenergetics. I began to ask the patient to recall episodes of her life that could cause a masochistic syndrome.

Elena Vitalievna from Memorable The work refused at once: "What should I stir up the past? All this has long been forgotten. In addition, no one in my childhood humiliated me. It happened only once, when I was in the last grade ...

- Elena Vitalievna, if it happened in the tenth grade, then surely it was before ...

- In general, I doubt that I am a masochist, - said the patient.

Once Elena Vitalievna came to me, and it turned out that she had high blood pressure. With the help of bioenergetics, I reduced it. Elena Vitalievna already at home felt broken, tired. She called me and said:

- Never do this exercise with me again. I felt sick.

When she came to the regular session, Elena Vitalyevna repeated her order again. She even drew a circle in the air that my hands made during the removal of hypertension.

- What did you do when you felt worse? - I asked.

- I called the phone and ordered a taxi for the whole month.

- But this is a visual expression of masochistic nature, - I said. "An ordinary person would probably have acted differently." He would have thought: "I felt sick. If the state does not change by morning, I'll call a taxi. " And you planned your illness a month in advance.

Once I came to the clinic to meet with Elena Vitalievna, but she did not show up.

Probably completely disbelieved, "- I thought. And even appointed another person for this hour. But on the next Saturday Elena Vitalievna appeared at the appointed time. I asked: "Why did not you come last time?" She said: "Paul Semenovich, you probably listened to me inattentively. I told you that I am going on a business trip to Norilsk. "

It's time to surprise me.

- You flew to Norilsk? How did you cope with such a difficult business trip?

- I actually got better. Fear vanished that I would faint. But my condition has not changed.

- Tell me, do not our meetings help you?

- No, - Elena Vitalyevna answered. - Something else helps me. I scoured the Internet and discovered that my illness was not uncommon. Thousands of people faint on the street ... It's comforting.

"Elena Vitalyevna," I said, "an ordinary person, not a masochistic structure, would have known about the mass character of your illness, I probably would have thought:" Thousands of people faint, but it does not make me feel any better ".

Further work with Elena Vitalievna became dangerous. The use of bioenergetics without loosening the masochistic structure could lead to sad results. Pay attention to this paradox. I try my best to help Elena Vitalievna, and she inspires herself: "It can not be so good. I will definitely bang ". Consequently, her efforts are directed to the directly opposite goal. The more success I achieve, the more temptation grows in it to prove me your rightfulness.

At the next session, I tried to convince Elena Vitalievna that only through recollection can we weaken the structure of a masochistic character.

- But this should not be done, - Elena Vitalyevna said. - I like myself and ask not to touch my personality. You, please, take the necessary point in my brain and do not try to alter me.

- Elena Vitalievna, - I answered. "You probably think that our brain is so specialized that it has a point responsible for your fainting." But after all our brain is not calculated, not divided into such areas. He is integral. Therefore, the dot a blow is impossible here.

- I'm forty-five years old, I'm used to myself and do not want to be different.

- For this you are paying somatic disease. Your personality will not escape. But the masochistic core is important to break ... Let's go back to our memories.

- Why stir up the past? It has long been forgotten and does not matter.

- And yet, do you remember any episodes of life that caused you great bitterness?

- Even if I remember, now it has nothing to do with me. When I was a girl and went to kindergarten, the teacher led us once to make herbariums of fallen leaves. I tried to create the most beautiful ... But the teacher was angry with me because I did not sleep in the dead hour, grabbed the leaves and threw them out the window.

On the last words Elena Vitalievna suddenly and bitterly burst into tears. I barely managed to reassure her.

- Elena Vitalievna, you said that the past is forgotten and has nothing to do with you. Why do you burst into tears? Your teacher has been gone for a long time, the herbarium has rotted, and tears have remained ...

Elena Vitalievna looked shocked. She wanted to say something, but could not get out of her condition. At the next session Elena Vitalyevna began to talk without my advice.

When I was little, this happened to me. I walked home and suddenly heard in the foundation pit a child's crying. I cautiously walked to the edge of the pit and saw a boy who was crying with fear and helplessness. I should have pulled him out, but how? I rushed to a metal grate, dragged her to the edge and called the baby. He scrambled upwards with difficulty, until the lattice, which I put inaccurately, tilted. The boy broke off, and the lattice slapped him on the fingers. He yelled and collapsed to the bottom of the foundation pit.

I was terribly frightened, rushed home and was afraid to say what just happened to me. I never learned anything about the boy. Honestly, I was often bitten by the thought: is he alive, maybe he was left without fingers. It often gnaws at me, and I feel that I acted incorrectly. "

I suddenly saw that before me there was another woman, suffering, open. She did not want to argue with me. Perhaps, at last, she discovered a secret of a masochistic nature. After all, if the girl did not have such a psychological structure, she would run to the adults and tell them about the boy. But she remained silent, keeping in herself a gnawing sense of guilt. Elena Vitalievna suddenly said: "I want to cry. But would tears help in my illness. "

- Elena Vitalievna, - I answered. "There is no doubt that you are different." For more than a year now you have been attending our sessions. Have you fainted during this time? You no longer face trouble. Yes, and your ailment was psychogenic ...

For a long time we did not meet with Elena Vitalievna. Sometimes I was seized with anxiety, and suddenly she was no longer alive. And then one day I saw her in the hall, where I was going to give a lecture. Next to her were the children, the same ones who had led her once under the arms. I hardly recognized them. The daughter was very changed, and the eldest son was sitting with his wife. After the lecture, I was surrounded by students, and I lost sight of them ...

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