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The mode of work of psychological counseling

The most convenient for clients is considered such a mode of work of psychological counseling, which most corresponds to their temporary opportunities, interests and needs. Clients are most often interested in receiving psychological counseling during the hours immediately preceding the beginning of their work, or immediately after its termination, as well as where they live and work. Since the majority of people work approximately from 9-10 to 17-18 hours, the optimal mode for conducting a psychological consultation is the mode of work in which the corresponding intervals of time are laid: from 8-9 to 18-20 hours. In this morning, a relatively short amount of time is spent on conducting a full-fledged psychological consultation, therefore, in the morning, you should plan for a small part of the counseling, for which one or two hours are enough.

Best of all, of course, if the psychological counseling will work in the morning and in the evening daily, or with a variable mode of work: day - morning, day - in the evening, including one of the days off, for example Saturday, when most potential clients are relatively free from their basic work.

From the mode of work of psychological counseling for clients, it is necessary to distinguish the mode of its work for the employees themselves (the first we conditionally call the external, the second - the internal one). The internal mode of work of psychological counseling is determined depending on the personal capabilities and working conditions of counseling psychologists, as well as support staff.

Optimal is considered such an internal mode of work of psychological counseling, in which the counselor-psychologist, in addition to counseling, i.e. direct personal work with clients, and deals with other activities on which the success of counseling depends. This is, in particular, psychodiagnostics, processing and interpretation of its results, discussion of professional and other questions related to its work by the staff, analysis of the information that the consultant receives from clients, work on documentation, preparation of what is normally required for normal and effective psychological counseling, etc. If you take all this into account and approximately calculate how much time it takes for the counselor psychologist to consult (personal work with clients) and on everything else that is related to psychological counseling, it turns out that the time spent with clients and time , expended on other types of work, roughly correspond to each other. From such an approximately equal ratio, it is necessary to proceed in most cases, practically planning the work of psychological counseling.

Establishing an individual mode of work of a psychologist-consultant, one should take into account his individual characteristics, in particular, the usual daily routine, the order of work and rest. Some people have the highest quality of work in the morning, while others have it in the evenings. Some quickly enter the normal mode of operation, but they soon get tired, others, on the contrary: they slowly enter the work, but they keep their efficiency for a long time at a high level. The first usually need frequent, but short breaks for rest, the second - rare, but long.

Distribution of duties between employees of psychological counseling

According to the number and variety of specialists working in them, psychological counseling can be different. There are very few consultations that deal with private practice on relatively narrow issues. There are quite large psychological consultations where many psychologists specializing in different fields work.

One can imagine such a case when one counseling psychologist deals with different problems, while performing the functions of auxiliary personnel. This, as a rule, individual professionals engaged in private practice of psychological counseling. It is also possible that psychological counseling is a fairly large institution, in fact an entire organization, comprising up to a dozen or more consultants in different areas and a significant number of people from the service staff. The most common option is when four to six people work in the psychological counseling, of which two or three are psychological counselors and the rest are support personnel.

The problem of personal distribution of responsibilities between employees of psychological counseling arises when several people work in it. In this case, the responsibilities should be distributed among them approximately as it is usually done in medical institutions, in clinics and hospitals, i.е. provide a narrow, in-depth specialization in certain types of psychological counseling. The more psychologists in the consultation, the more desirable it is to do so.

This recommendation is caused by the fact that a specialist in a narrow field achieves a generally higher level of professionalism than one that does everything little by little.

However, if only two psychologists work in a psychological consultation, a clear distribution of professional duties between them and their specialization in different types of psychological counseling is undesirable, since this can cause problems in working with clients in a temporary absence in consultation one of the psychologists. It is much more reasonable in this case to proceed as follows: to make part of the duties common to both psychologist-consultants, and to transfer the other part to the level of narrow specialization. At the same time, duties related to urgent cases, most often encountered in the practice of psychological counseling, should be common. It is advisable to make special functions that need to be performed relatively rarely and do not require an urgent decision.

However, it is important that the psychologist-consultants in all their functions be sufficiently interchangeable: in the absence of one of them or the impossibility of its work with the client, another visitor meets with the visitor. The same principle determines the distribution of personal duties between the staff of the psychological counseling support staff. It is also important to ensure that employees from the support staff are interchangeable and psychologically compatible both with each other and with counseling psychologists.

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