Narcissistic sexuality - Psychoanalysis. T. 1. Freudianism and neo-Freudianism

Narcissistic sexuality

Politics love, they are afraid of him, they are admired. The ideal politician is the ideal object, collecting the maximum amount of energetically charged projections of love, hate, fear and respect.

We use the materials of the study, which was conducted at the Department of Political Psychology of Moscow State University. V. Putin still remains "a man who is pleasant in every way"; - Tightened, athletic, not thirsty. The only one who could compare with him (and in some ways even surpass) is First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The writer and generally public lady Maria Arbatova tells for a long time on the air why she likes President Putin, and just like a man. Engaging in martial arts, he somehow moves in a special way, apparently, as a creeping tiger, although at first glance it looks like a hiding dragon. And this makes him, in the author's opinion, a sexual symbol of the country (and if you look at all the famous bidders, like elephants, at night, then, perhaps, he will draw on the sex symbol of the planet)! So it seems: our hero walks his dancing gait of a predator around the textured, multi-tiered and simple-looking Masha. Like a cock that has not bitten yet.

After the classic works of A. I. Belkin, many researchers began to create political portraits, while focusing attention on the pathological features of the personality of the leader or leader. Sergei Korolev wrote in the magazine "Archetype": "Mr. Zhirinovsky grew up in Soviet society, under the supervision of a rather tough power, and he has a Soviet biography with all the consequences. Although in each individual case the consequences are different. Speaking about the biography of Mr. Zhirinovsky, one should first of all say about the fact of erasing the name and the far-reaching consequences of this procedure. It would be strange if the power, not guaranteeing a person any rights, even the right to physical existence, guaranteed him the preservation of the name. After all, over the centuries, erasing the name was a favorite technology of power. " According to SA Korolev, the sexual shock and the clearly expressed exhibitionism of Mr. Zhirinovsky undoubtedly represent an attempt at autotherapy: there is a situation of forced sublimation and a rapid and extremely infantile attempt to overcome it.

The personalized image is relatively holistic. But at the same time it is multi-layered, it is created from different parts. The image of a person is made up of its corporeality, appearance, psychological properties and social inclinations. But what is striking is that the prototype and its image may not coincide at all with each other. In other words, a person and his image in the minds of people are completely different entities. AI Belkin turns to the magic of Vladimir Zhirinovsky to interpret this phenomenon. He brings a smile. He's fun. It seems that this is the reaction of the sensible mind to the absurdity that he utters, to his wonderful slogans, to walk in a manner across all the cells of the chessboard. And they say: clown, clown. But remember: the clown is only amused when, behind the grotesque, behind the grimaces one discerns something and the unquestionable, and far from stupid ".

Is this Zhirinovsky in real life, how does he appear before us in politics? Of course, no. The politician acts. He is scattering fantastic, unrealistic promises. He emits a magnetic mood for success and charges it - no matter how - through which we will all be well, absolutely, necessarily - and how wonderful to enter this state after such a long depression and fright! In other words, in someone else's impersonal presentation of these ideas, these phantasmagoric plans would surely sound and be perceived in a different way.

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