Personal Career Reflection Article Recreational Therapists Mindset Essay

I was finding my job through the O*NET Online and I implemented the Holland Code to find the job that I think it is most suitable for me and I believe I can learn a great deal of skills which i never learnt in my own daily life and also from the school. The career that I've chosen from the O*NET Online is the recreational therapists. I believe recreational therapists are one of the jobs that filled with challenges and I believe I am going to learn a lot of other skills via caring for the patients. Furthermore, I think the necessity to be a recreational therapist, we have to be fortitude and kind to people. According from what I know, almost all of the jobs which may have been provided to recreational therapists are work in the hospitals and nursing homes. However, as recreational therapists, they will get their job from institutions fields as well.

The job opportunity of the recreational therapists is to see, analyze and record patients' contribution, reactions, and progress during treatment consultations. (O*NET, 2010) Furthermore, the recreational therapists also have to plan, direct or coordinate medically-approved recreation program for patients. (O*NET) They need to set up some activities, such as, athletics, trips, animals, dramatics, dance, performing, doing crafts and arts, and public activities. (O*NET) Held those activities is to help the patients to assimilate with the community and prevent other internal disorders. (O*NET) In addition, through those activities, it can benefit the therapists to assess an individual condition and present some advices to the patients to do appropriate recreational activity. (O*NET)

The therapists may also need to go over with the treatment team's member to plan and evaluate therapy program. (O*NET, 2010) Alternatively, recreational therapists have to provide treatments or recreational activities to the patients with health problems or have the difficult conditions to improve or maintain physical, mental and psychological well-being. (O*NET) They help the patients to recuperate the basic motor systems, build their positive and socialize better. (O*NET) The recreation therapists also help the patients to reduce the stress, stress and anxiety and unhappiness through the remedy and activities. Besides that, the therapists need to build up the treatment plan to meet the needs of patient, based on the needs examination, the passions of patient and the goal of therapy. (O*NET) Records and charts of the patients have to send to the treatment team to mirror the reactions of the patients and show the consequence of the procedure is progress or regression. (O*NET)

On the other hand, therapists need to get the information of the patients from medical records, medical staff and family and the patients themselves to evaluate the functions, needs and hobbies of patients. Therapists could also need to counsel and encourage the patients to develop leisure activities in their leisure time. (O*NET, 2010) Furthermore, the necessity to apply recreational therapists is it needs a four-year bachelor's degree and gets the skills of lively being attentive, speaking, service orientation, social perceptiveness, coordination, critical thinking and sophisticated problem resolving. (O*NET) In addition, have to have many years of work-related experience, job training, and/or vocational training will be the requirements of recreational therapists. (O*NET)


RIASEC code is the code that proposed by John Holland. He proposed the six basic personality types to comprehend one's career preferences. Based on the Holland's code, R means Realistic traits. A person who has this characteristic is the main one who loves to work with pets, tools and also machines and they have good skills of working with living organisms, tools and machines. (Jones, 2011) They prefer to work with the things that can be see and touch. (Jones) However, this kind of folks dislikes sociable activities, such as teaching, and communicates with others. (Jones) In addition, I stands for Investigative traits. The individual who have Investigative characteristics is the person who's good in understanding on mathematics and research. They like to study and solve problems on mathematics and technology, while they'll stay away from persuading, providing and leading people. (Jones) They are more precise, medical, intellectual, curious, reserved and unaggressive. (Jones)

On the other palm, the A in RIASEC code is means Artistic traits. The person who has artistic characteristics is more creative, original, expressible, disorderly, idealistic, and emotional. They like to do creative careers, such as crisis, crafts, party, music and graphical design, whereas, they'll try to avoids the work that is highly formal, and also repeated work. (Jones, 2011) They express themselves through words, action, and activities, such as theatre, works of creative writers, music, and fine art. Their characters tend to be more indie, original, and expressive. The S stands for Social traits predicated on the RIASEC code. Who has social features is the person who loves sociable life, and they're more friendly, helpful, ample, and kind to others. Furthermore, they prefer to help or use people, such as teaching, nursing, and also provide medical. They dislike doing the work by using machines, tools, living organism and attaining goal. They may be good in coaching, counseling and also solving social problems. Public traits are the opposite of realistic traits.

In addition, E refers to Enterprising characteristics in RIASEC code. Enterprising traits' people enjoy leading and persuading others. These are avoiding the jobs that require careful observation, medical and analytic thinking. (Jones, 2011) Their characteristics are ambitious, self-confident, sociable, optimistic, extrovert, dynamic, hot-tempered, and talkative. (Jones) In addition, they may be more preferred to be sales manager, politician, economist, judge, and lawyer. C means Conventional traits based on RIASEC code. Who may have conventional traits choose to work with quantities, systems and orderly way. They generally will avoid ambitious and unstructured activities. They can be well-organized, efficient, accurate and proficient at following a established plan. These are more success in business and the profession that suit them are accountant, investment analyst and computer operator.

My first three highest personality traits through doing the RIASEC code are ASI and these qualities are matching to my job that I had choose. My Imaginative traits is the highest compare to others qualities. This means that I could find the jobs that related to words, actions, and also activities through creative and idealistic. Besides, my second highest attributes are social features. I could find the jobs related to services, such as psychologist, counselor, cultural worker, and individual resource manager. The 3rd highest characteristics that I came across by doing the RIASEC code is Investigate qualities. The occupations that ideal for Investigate qualities include doctor, surgeon, pharmacist, psychiatrist, nutritionist and translator. The interesting part of recreational therapists is the fact that it needs to think about the activities to give treatment to the patients. Furthermore, the recreational therapists need to be a good listener and this make me feel interest and I am interesting on listen others chatting. Besides that, assisting and looking after others also interested me. It is because I like to help other people who need help from me.

Realistic, enterprising, and regular attributes are those features that I have to develop interest to ensure an improved fit with my career. I have to try to work with the machines, tools and also have to be stable and self-controlled. Furthermore, I also need to become more self-confident, energetic and talkative. If I improve these weaknesses, it can benefit me to be more confident to talk to the patients. Confident is one of the top requirements whenever we want to become a recreational therapist. Furthermore, work within something is one of the areas that I must develop interest to ensure an improved fit with my career because I need to documenting and recording information by using computer or hands writing. Such as for example entering, transcribing, saving, storing or keeping information in written or electronic digital form. I have to improve those skills to ensure a much better fit of my career.


According to Leonard Personality Inventory, there have 5 types of "Bird" types. It really is openness swan, neutral dove, analytical owl, logical peacock, and decisive eagle. In Leonard Personality Inventory test, my highest personality bird type is openness swan. The person who is openness swan personality is more impulsion. They'll make the decisions and actions in impulsive. Swan personality is that they like to be different. For example, they dislike using clothes same with others and they will look for the job that is more special and less people will do it. Furthermore, they prefer to work in person more than work in teams or teams. They prefer flexible works more than rigidity works and they're more creative and original. This is because they love independence and look for fun when they are carrying out work. In addition, swan prefers personal casual and not set up workplace, such as, office work, type in data, and teaching. On the other hand, they are better to be bored when they do something. This is because they are really more impulsive on taking actions and decisions and this causes them will easy get bored when doing things. Additionally, they have got good innovation skills and they provide novelty in nearing situation. For example, when asking swan people do an architectural composition or pull their aspiration homes, they will draw a incredible home, whereas, the look with their homes will still logic and original.

Most of the openness swan personality has fit my personality and my job. The creative and original is the personality that fit my job. It is because the recreational therapists' job scope is to believe the creative activities to the patient. Furthermore, recreational therapists also need to provide the novelty in approaching situation. They not only need to think of creative activities, they also need to provide novelty ideas to their team or group customers, so their group mates or team mates can even be more creative or can think out of the box. While, there are a few of the personality do not fit my job. For example, the job i was chosen need me to be work in group or tem and also observe, analyze, and information the patients' involvement and reaction during the treatment treatment or documenting data.

However, the weakness of an openness swan is the fact that they do not like to work in groupings or teams and they always prefer to be different. This is often a problem easily do not enhance the weaknesses. As an openness swan, they'll discovered that they easily get bored, whereas, the easily get bored is not suit to be recreational therapists I believe I can try to find the eye or funs of the work through the creative activities or provide novelty in getting close situation and documenting data to avoid the situation of easy get bored to death.

I think that a few of my personality has tended to the analytical owl personality. This is because the second highest personality that I acquired is the analytical owl. Make mindful activities and decisions, and likes to plan and structure will be the personality that can be found from me. I think a few of the personality in analytical owl is important and it can be apply to the work of recreational therapists. In addition, the personality that I've is that asking a great deal of questions about specific details. This personality can help me become more satisfy in my job, because recreational therapists not only have to observe, in addition they need to ask the patients questions as appropriate. The Leonard Personality Inventory test helps me to really know what are my strength and also my weaknesses and from those power and weaknesses, I can make an effort to improve or prevent it.


Everyone has the skills to reach the requirement of employment that he/she is applied. Whereas, a few of the skills that people posses aren't really useful and related to our job that people applied. Sometimes, people will find employment that is put on their skills. Therefore, they will become relatively easy when they do the job. The skills that I posses is calculating, communicating, consulting, fixing, counselling, debating, guiding, leading, persuading, guarding, teaching and visiting. However, the job that I applied is recreational therapist. The abilities that the work needed is energetic listening, speaking, service orientation, sociable perceptiveness, coordination, critical thinking, reading understanding, and instructing skills. (O*NET, 2010)

I have most of the abilities that the work required. The required skills of this job are dynamic hearing and speaking, such as, the therapists need to provide full focus on how many other people stating, taking time to understand the things being made, and requesting questions in an appropriate time, and try to communicate information effectively through talking to other people. (O*NET, 2010) The counseling is the abilities that will learn how to ask questions within an appropriate time and also counselling people who is facing problems. Whereas, the communicating skill is the skill that it is more socialize, and daring to speak to stranger. I know how to talk to others that I really do not know as well as the one who is introverted. Both of the skills that I have will be the skills that contain been required in the work.

Moreover, actively orientation is also considered as the skill of guidance. It is because service orientation is they are actively searching for ways to help people who need help. For instance, they will find the ways through giving remedy or activities to help those people to recover or to ease their illness. Furthermore, the skills of the job needed are interpersonal perceptiveness and critical thinking. The skill of sociable perceptiveness is necessary in become recreational therapists because they need to be familiar with others' activities and understanding the effect that they certainly. The skill of coordination has been needed because the therapists have to adjust the activities in related to others' activities.

Besides that, critical thinking is an important skill that required in the job. Recreational therapists need to work with the reasoning and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of choice alternatives, conclusions or methods to problems. (O*NET, 2010) Recreational therapists need to have the reading comprehension skill as well, because the majority of their work is related to the documents, which need them to comprehend the written phrases and paragraphs. (O*NET) I really do not need those skills that related to critical thinking and also reading comprehension. Thus, I could improve my skills that I really do not have whenever i am working as recreational therapist.

In addition, I've the teaching skills that fit the mandatory of the work. Recreational therapists need to teach other folks how to do something, such as when playing a game, the therapists need to explain and instructing the patients how to try out the overall game. This instructing skill is needed when making use of this job. Some of my skills can fit the requirement of the work, while, I still don't have a lots of skills that is required by the work. I do not need the critical thinking skill, so I should try to learn the skill from senior colleagues and also learn it in lifestyle. Alternatively, I also need to improve my understanding skill, such as try to read more British books to improve my understanding or require advice from co-workers. Although I have the abilities of communicating and counselling, I still need to boost it. It is because I am still a freshman, I really do not need enough experience of it. I need to improve it to become more expert on interacting and counseling. After I increased those skills, I can handle my work or job easier.


In my own opinion, I believe the most important values in my life are education, independence, independence, national security, and integrity. I think education is the most important values in my life because if you do not have a certificate in this cultural, you are difficult to find a job or alive. Within this new period, everyone will dsicover your qualification and the level of your certificate, from then on, they'll only decide is the fact worth to employ you. In addition, liberty is one of the top values for me personally because I favor to work in flexible time somewhat than work with long hours in the office. I think prefer to work in versatile time because I could use the leisure time to relax and I am going to not easy get weary of my job.

On the other hands, I think independence is the key values of my life. I think everyone have to be impartial because parents and friends will not always besides us. Therefore, to be self-employed is important for us and also let our parents and friends never to worry us. Furthermore, I think unbiased is important since when our company is facing any problems inside our life, we are certain to get well soon. The main one of quite values in my life is countrywide security. I think countrywide security is important if you ask me and everyone. The countrywide security offers us safety place to stay or live. When the national is not secure, most of us will live in a difficult country and the legal cases will always happen in our surrounding. Integrity is the value that is important in my own life. Somebody who is integrity will respect by others and their characters will be nobler compare to others who don't have the values of integrity.

Flexibility, companionship with colleagues, freedom, prestige, and personal development are those work prices that I believe it is the most crucial for me. In doing job, I believe flexibility of the job is very important to me. This is because the more versatile of the job, the higher efficiency that I could get the job done. Besides, I believe the companionship with acquaintances is the key values to work. People cannot get work done by themselves, they always need other people or friends to help up. Therefore, the camaraderie with acquaintances is important especially you will work within an office. We must built good a friendly relationship with the fellow workers to prevent pointless misunderstanding or issues.

As a head in a group, he or she will need the prestige. If she or he doesn't have the prestige, his / her group members won't respect or follow his or her command. Somebody who has prestige are certain to get work finished with high efficiency and easy. This is actually the work worth that can't be vital for a leader. In addition, I think personal growth is important to work beliefs because we cannot imprudent to produce a decision. Job or work is not the playground for us to simply make decision, every one of the decision that we make will affect others. We need to become more mature to produce a decision.

The ideals that I can fulfill in my chosen career are education, self-reliance, nationwide security, and prestige. I must get a bachelor's level to fit the standard requirement of this job. Therefore, I have to have the training and find out something that can apply to my job from my degree. Alternatively, self-reliance is the worth that can fulfill in my chosen profession because a few of the work that I have to done by myself. Therefore, I need to be independent and don't count on others to help me. Additionally, countrywide security is important worth to fulfill the career that I chosen because the security the country, folks in the united states will not always be anxious about their security problems. This is to create a person's confident to the country and the patients won't stress about these problems. I think the therapists will need to have prestige to generate the comfortable of patients. The therapists can be simpler to assimilate with the patients.

The liberty and flexibility will be the values that cannot be fulfill in my own career. I believe freedom cannot be fulfill in my own career because most of the time, I am employed in the task place. It really is difficult to get independence through doing this type of job. Thus, I could still find the interesting area of the job to prevent me to get tired. Besides, I believe be considered a recreational therapist is not flexible in time and work. This is because we should do our job done before the time, and sometimes we will need to work overtime in special conditions. I think be a recreational therapist doesn't have versatile work because we need to documenting and documentary information directly into computer. In addition, I am ok with this kind of job even though I cannot really get liberty and flexibility. I believe I will learn a lot of new things using this method job. I believe teamwork is the worthiness that I need to develop to perform better within my job. This is because recreational therapists not just need to do individual work, they will also need to discuss the info or new activities with other folks. Therefore, I think the teamwork is the value that I will develop to perform better at the work.

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