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Postgraduate Psychological Education

Post-diploma refers to specialized education in a specific branch of science or practice, which is aimed at obtaining a scientific degree, profession or additional qualifications. Postgraduate psychological education can be carried out on the basis of any higher education.

Postgraduate education abroad

Master's and doctoral programs, as well as schools of professional psychology are typical forms of postgraduate ( Graduate ) education of psychologists in foreign practice. There are two main directions: research and practical professional.

The research and postgraduate education of psychologists includes master's and doctoral training programs aimed at obtaining the degree Master degree and Ph.D , respectively. These degrees characterize the scientific qualifications of the psychologist. In the USA, to obtain a master's degree (Master degree) students study two to three years. In addition to studying special subjects, students also acquire practical experience in applied psychology or write a dissertation on the basis of the research conducted. This level of education enables specialists to work as a researcher or practical psychologist in certain areas: to be engaged in testing, research in the laboratory, consulting patients, performing administrative work, teaching at a two-year college or school.

Doctoral programs (similar to United States graduate school) enhance the scientific qualifications of students (graduate students): they study in depth the selected psychological specialization, research methods, and also perform qualifying scientific work. The duration of training under these programs is usually three to five years. Such a program includes the study of disciplines related to research work in the field of selected psychological specialization, as well as the preparation of a dissertation. Psychologists with a doctorate degree ( Ph.D .) Have a higher professional qualification and therefore have a wide range of work opportunities in a variety of activities: teaching, consulting, conducting research, writing or editing textbooks or scientific works.

The practical professional postgraduate education of psychologists includes master's and doctoral training programs aimed at obtaining the degree Master degree and Psy.D , respectively. These degrees characterize the professional qualifications of a psychologist. The programs are aimed at training specific professional knowledge and skills in a specific field of practical psychology that the psychologist has been absorbing for several years.

Graduates of English universities, in order to become professional psychologists, must undergo a postgraduate psychological education course within two to three years (depending on the program) at the second level of higher education in a specialized program. Such a system is taken as a basis in a number of countries, for example, in Ireland, France, Greece, Portugal, Malta.

Special programs for the practical training of clinical psychologists exist in the US and many European countries. After completing these courses, which can last for several years, the psychologist receives a certificate that gives him the right to work as a clinical psychologist.

There are also schools of professional psychology that give a master's or doctoral degree in the field of practical psychology. The training of students in such programs is more focused on psychological practice, aimed at developing applied professional knowledge and skills in a specific field of professional activity. Such schools provide training for doctors of psychology ( Psy.D ). The degree of Doctor of Psychology is awarded (in contrast to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D.) for practical achievements in the field of psychology.

In the US, psychologists can also get a doctorate for a significant contribution to the teaching of psychology. The degree of Doctor of Education ( Ec1.V ) is a professional and is awarded to a psychologist for the development of curricula and their successful implementation.

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