Principles and methods of research in organizational...

Principles and methods of research in organizational psychology

Organizational psychologists conducting research in real production conditions, use several methods. The choice of the most suitable one is one of the most important tasks that must be solved by starting the implementation of the research program. In most cases, the choice of method is determined by the nature of the problem to be studied. In the work of the organizational psychologist, practice is a place for all classical psychological methods - experiment, observation, questioning.

Experiment in organizational psychology. The purpose of the experiment is to determine the influence of a parameter on the actions or behavior of the people being studied - participants in the experiment. The first experiments in organizational psychology were research in the field of advertising (the dependence of memorability of advertising on its position on the page) and labor productivity (the Hawthorn studies).

Psychologists plan the experiment in advance. Planning first of all assumes that the researcher clearly defined an independent variable - an element of the organizational situation (management style, wage size, number of participants in the group working on the assignment, work schedule, etc.) and dependent - characteristics of the activities or behavior of employees of the organization, its customers or other stakeholders. Both variables are accessible to objective observation, measurement and can be fixed.

Dedicated variables must be monitored to get an objective result. Control over the experimental conditions allows us to state that any change in the reaction of the subjects is solely a consequence of a change in the independent variable. In order to realize this important requirement and provide reliable control, psychologists work with two groups of subjects - with an experimental group, which includes test subjects exposed to an independent variable, and with a control group. There are special methods of balancing these groups by composition.

The selection of participants in the experiment is quite difficult in solving the problem. Control and experimental groups should be as much as possible identical. You can achieve this by using one of the two methods of their acquisition, based on a random sample or by the correspondence principle.

The conditions in which the organizational and psychological experiment is conducted are designated as field experiments, since they are conducted in real conditions and with real employees. This imposes additional ethical requirements on the work of the organizational psychologist.

It is important that the implementation of the results of the conducted experimental research went under the control of the organizational psychologist, he needs cooperation with managers and workers who understand what caused the innovations that appeared as a result of the experiment and to what subjective winnings lead their implementation.

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