Psychological and pedagogical practice of working with gifted...

Psychological and pedagogical practice of working with gifted children

It is clear that if the main goals of working with gifted children are not clearly defined and clearly formulated, then the very task of psychological and pedagogical support will be based only on particular tasks and can not lead to a real change in the unfavorable situation. Psychologists involved in the psychological support of gifted children aim to support the student's confidence in their abilities, understanding their difficulties and virtues, develop his communication skills and self-regulation. This is all necessary, but within the framework of a fundamentally different task. In most cases, the essence of psychological support lies precisely in the combination of the individual originality of the gifted child, the characteristics of his lifestyle and the various options for the content of education, "supporting his confidence in his capabilities," in organizing the conditions for his "favorable communication with classmates and educators .

All this is private, although absolutely necessary things. The psychological support of a gifted child must come not only from the immediate problems of its development and learning, but first of all be guided by that need, which will become for him the basis for solving his main task.

Pedagogical methods. About the same situation in the pedagogical methods of teaching and development of a gifted child. The deepening and widening of the educational content, the introduction of a system of common concepts, intersubject communications, design research work - all this is good and necessary, but these are also intermediate methods and methods of work, and they are poorly focused on the main goal of working with gifted children.

As for the design and research work, for all the importance of this direction of psychological and pedagogical activity and its undoubted promise, this activity should work within the needs of the gifted child. At us this form of activity of the child, on the one hand, is declared by the additional form of educational activity, and with another - performance of design activity became obligatory for all children in some schools. This is the case when a child is thrown out of the tub together with water.

Design and research activities can and should work well only within the framework of setting the main goal of working with gifted children.

Causes of unsatisfactory situation

Insufficient understanding of the relevance of this problem in a number of institutions of society. Of course, in general in society and relevant educational structures there is already a genuine understanding of the scope of tasks for working with gifted children, however, quite often (primarily in the media and in the system of training teachers), genuine work is covered by high slogans. Strangely enough, according to our observation, it is in the system of pedagogical education (in pedagogical universities) that there is no clear understanding of the importance of working with gifted children. There is no understanding that only the creation of one's own intellectual and creative elite can lead the country out of today's spiritual crisis.

Weakness of the personnel base. For gifted children, special conditions are not necessary, they need specially trained teachers, which in our pedagogical system are not really prepared, i.e. the problem lies precisely in the personnel base for working with gifted children. Moreover, it is not entirely clear what a true teacher of gifted children should be, what exactly is required of him.

Insufficiency of the developed psychological and pedagogical strategies. It should be noted that most pedagogical strategies, even in their own way effective (for example, deepening of instruction, orientation on intersubject communications, expansion of education, etc.) nevertheless, are connected mainly with the system of education, whereas the main problem lies in the system of personal development of a gifted child. From this point of view, many of the strategies currently available, solving (and often very efficiently) some kind of service tasks for the development and education of gifted children, are categorically ineffective in addressing the main goal of working with gifted ones.

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