Psychological portrait of AB Chubais - Political psychology

Psychological portrait of AB Chubais

High, ambitious, collected, Chubais feels himself elected. Stan is a ship's mast. The head is never twisted from side to side. She's exactly like a spire. In behavioral grasp, superiority is always expressed.

Take a look at the speaker Chubais. It is assembled and uninhibited at the same time. The right hand beats tact to thoughts. The gesture is affirmative, peremptory. The look is victorious. The irony is condescending. The red color seems to be deliberately used to distract attention. All the rest is striking. The manner of holding allows you to outline a circle that protects from strangers. It is remembered as a person at once, by, as a rule, only by its mark. At the same time fascinates others with their will, confidence, consistency.

At the same time, Chubais is closed, impenetrable. Inside him rage passions, Napoleonic lust, sometimes insane thoughts. Outwardly, they only denote them by a flickering dotted line. More often hides behind pomposity and arrogance, which are retouched by the inner pressure and the roll of energy. Often consciously goes into the background. However, it does not lose a clear picture of the entire landscape. Holds in consciousness the arrangement of all figures, sketches a picture of their possible movement. Staying on the reserve line, feels like a grandmaster, because he is able to think in a clear, strategic way.

The expression of a person is often capricious. Such a mask is usually inherent in irritable and hot-tempered people.

Closeness of the figure reflects vulnerability and soreness. Can unexpectedly lubricate strictness, embarrassment and loss of assertiveness. In these instants a cynical teenager appears in Chubais. However, it quickly restores a familiar image.

Communication, external spraying is alien to him. Avoid partying. Knows a sense of loneliness in the crowd. Always focuses on internal states, trusts them, assesses any situation from within, from oneself, from individual emotional chimes. Such people are usually dry, rational and alien to sentiment. Weigh the emerging problem, withdraw into itself, plunges into contemplation. Outsiders can take this as a complete trip. At such moments it seems indecisive, crushed, but this is an erroneous impression. Before getting involved in the fight, Chubais, as an experienced surveyor, assesses the terrain, memorizing in it every mound and crevices.

Why do we need a psychological portrait of Chubais? But we are talking about the prospects of the opposition. Who are the politicians who can (or can not) personify the alternative to the current government? The struggle for power for our country has become as new and completely unusual as the currency exchange or toilets. What Churchill called the battle of bulldogs an iodine carpet - the fierce, often bloody fights of our lords - remained hidden from people. In this regard, some common approaches to political pathopsychology have emerged. They began to write about the eternal paradox: when gaining power over others, a person drops by drop a power over himself. The first psychological portraits of Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Zhirinovsky appeared. The familiar traits of the pathopsychological personality have become characteristics of domestic politicians already - "narcissism", "sadomasochism", "destructiveness". We suddenly wondered what the man was experiencing, casually recalling that millions of his cabinets hang millions of his portraits, and seeing his own images floating on holidays over noisy thrilling crowds?

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