Recommendations for optimizing the education of boys and girls...

Recommendations for optimizing the education of boys and girls in primary school

For boys

1. Take into account the characteristics of the pace of activity of boys (they are slower than girls).

2. If you need group work, make up groups that consist only of boys.

3. Allow the boys to move and engage them in physical activity (from embraces and friendly touches in appropriate cases to wrestling fights for change).

4. In the classroom, offer more to tell and invent different stories, developing imagination and verbal skills.

5. Let the boys feel different things, touch to develop tactile perception, which promotes the development of writing and reading.

6. Direct excessively high energy of active boys to a positive channel of study and character education.

7. Pay special attention to the more sensitive, less competitive and less aggressive boys in the class.

For girls

1. Azam mathematics teach girls with visual aids and educational subjects, remembering also about abstract things (graphics, tables, etc.).

2. Stimulate interest in various techniques, computers, the Internet, remembering that intensive use of a computer up to the age of 9 may be detrimental to brain development.

3. In the lessons of mathematics and science for mastering mathematical calculations and understanding scientific data, combine the activities of girls with the design of notes in notebooks so that girls can use their advantage in writing.

4. Stimulate the healthy competition of girls in different activities.

5. If you need group work, make up groups of girls only.

6. Encourage girls and keep them convinced that teachers expect a lot from them.

Recommendations for optimizing the education of boys and girls of adolescence

1. Teachers should be aware of the impact of puberty on the mental development of adolescent boys and girls.

2. Education of character becomes an important task, especially against the background of the beginning puberty. Pay proper attention to this.

3. Suggest to boys models of behavior that correspond to the standard of male behavior (men who are respected for deeds and minds).

4. Redirect aggression to the channel of concentration, attention and creativity.

Summarizing, we can say the following:

1. In general, girls have higher academic achievement in primary school. But under certain conditions, boys can be as much and even more successful than girls.

2. Despite the gender differences between boys and girls, in our opinion, the leading factor in learning is the very system of education and upbringing. It includes directly training programs, pedagogical technologies of the lesson and after-hour activities, as well as little controlled and poorly studied factors influencing the personality of the teacher: his individual style of teaching, personal characteristics, including gender preferences (someone is comfortable working with boys, then - with the girls).

3. Oriented to right-handed children, traditional forms and methods of teaching create certain difficulties for the education of left-handed, right-hemisphere children. Specificity of the development of perception, mental activity, emotional response, behavioral strategies should be understood and understood by the teacher and used in teaching, relying on the strengths of each student. The learning process for a girl and a boy must take into account their individual characteristics.

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