Reflection on the utilization of the genogram

Genogram is a graphic display of someone's family traits, romantic relationships and also medical history. They go a long way away from a normal family tree as they permit the individual to imagine some hereditary patterns and internal factors that can interrupt or help connections. Genograms can also be used to identify recurring patterns of behaviors, alternatives and identify hereditary tendencies. Normally, genograms will demonstrate three generations (Krasner-Khait, 2000). The person can use a variety of lines to point relationships and names (see example below). A genogram not only will identify the titles of folks that participate in the individuals family lineage, but also how those individuals interact with each other. Depends on the reason why the individual is using the genonogram, he/she may observe the time frame of births, deaths, marriages and regarding a career, the person may also include family members careers and positions as well.

In relation to career counseling, Ruler (2010) explained if a person is uncertain which field is right for him/her a genogram may be helpful. Genogram is a diagram, such as a family tree, that signifies the job positions of family members. It gives the individual a concept of the types of careers he/she may effortlessly be proficient at. Genogram can obviously reveal how the family career selections have influenced the person's career preferences. There is no uncertainty that by identifying the family career choices the individual can notice how his/her family members' expectations possessed formed his/her own profession dreams and decision making.

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Sample of any career Genogram

Brief historical background

The origin of the use of the word "genogram" continues to be a mystery. The term genogram was first recommended in 1978 by Dr. Murray Bowen to substitute the long run "family diagram". Dr. Bowen started to use the new term "genogram" through the late 1960s by Bowen System Therapists and by the 1970s it was broadly accepted by the community. As the idea was broadly accepted in the appealing field of family medicine, the North American Primary Attention Research Group (NAPCRG) undertook the work to standardize the symbols. The person involved with coordinating the standardization during the 1980s was Monica Goldrick (What is a Genogram?, 2011).

In 1985 through the publication of any reserve Genograms: Assessments and Interventions (1985), by Monica Goldrick and Randy Gerson the word was quickly popularized in medical settings. Since that time the utilization of genogram has been employed by various professional field such as education, treatments, psychiatry, psychology, genetics and many more. Through the entire time, genograms have been used to incorporate observations about medical history and major traits of each relation. Genograms have been also used as musical instruments to uncover intergenerational types of behaviors, family issues and alliances, relationships, family secrets, professions, and any other information that will make clear the individuals family's current situation (Exactly what is a Genogram?, 2011).

Basic genogram symbols

Genograms are design which includes simple symbols that provides information about the relative such as gender looked after includes various lines to illustrate the romantic relationships between them. In a very genogram men are represented with a square and feminine by circles. When illustrating a family group, a horizontal range is usually hooking up the two parents. The kids are below from oldest to youngest and from to left (Exactly what is a Genogram?, 2011).


In a genogram the guys are represented by way of a square on the still left and feminine by circles on the right.

When creating a standard genogram, there are usually three different kinds of children; natural or biological, used child, and foster child. When there is a triangle, it symbolizes a pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage. If it is a miscarriage, a diagonal cross is drawn together with the triangle to designate the fatality of the fetus; regarding an abortion, the illustration is comparable but with yet another horizontal collection. A still birth will be proven exactly like from the gender, with the difference that the gender symbol is twice as small though the diagonal mix remains the same size (What is a Genogram?, 2011).


In a family romance, a horizontal lines is used to spell it out the union of two different people but and yes it could change to spell it out other family human relationships such as parting, divorce, engagement, and so on. The following are the most common symbols found in a family group genogram


This is a typical representation of the married couple; there is no special distinction between a spiritual or civil matrimony.


This graphic represent a wedded couple not longer living collectively; the parting is displayed by an oblique collection over the horizontal lines.


This visual represent a wedded couple is separated and have started a legal procedure to be divorced.


This visual represent a committed couple has already been divorced.


This graphic represent any particular one of the spouse died during the marriage.

Although there is a general understanding on the essential genogram structure and the usage of symbols, there were some variations every once in awhile or from publisher to another. Regarding to GenoPro (2010), as long as the person employs the four basic guidelines to build a genogram, people will be able to understand the work (What is a Genogram?, 2011).

Males should be always at the still left and females always at the right.

In case of ambiguity, always presume a men and female romance rather that male to male and so forth.

A spouse should be always being near his/her partner, then your second and so on.

Oldest child should be always at the departed and the youngest ant the right of the family.

Genograms in guidance strategies

According to Gibson (2005), genograms have been applied effectively in profession counseling with adults; nonetheless it has been limited utilization in career guidance with elementary, middle and students. A job genogram may be used to show how parental goals and role models impact career aspirations and educational decisions that may be valuable in assisting students in reach their goals. The usage of genogram in career counseling provide student and counselor a specific method of assessing and identifying the career patterns in the child's family. The usage of family career genoram is a good way to start out enhancing the student's profession awareness. This exercise will help support communication between your student and the others of members of the family as well concerning teach different interview and assessment techniques that will eventually help his/her adulthood profession development competencies.

According to Niles and Harris-Bowlsbey (2008), men and women need to develop positive self-concept or competencies that add a precise knowledge of their strengths, hobbies, abilities, and beliefs and exactly how those characteristics may influence their profession decisions. Regarding graduates and men and women, career genogram is an effective tool to determine job goals. If the individual has a particular interest, the genogram can help on thin down the job alternatives in a shorter timeframe. Career genogram might also assist in counseling people in changing job pathways. When developed, the genogram most likely will include different kinds of jobs or career that may be identified by different family members (King, 2010).

According to Magnuson (2004), family genograms are usually used in the perspective of family counseling, provide a discussion for explaining influences and styles that changes as time passes and across years. Genograms can be developed mainly to document a range of family dynamics. In addition they could be designed with a far more concise target, such as finding the influence of family on a person's profession decision making process. Profession genogram might assist in counseling adults by assisting the client to gather essential information for the life span planning process. It might also help discover patterns that may be of assistance in the job choice process. By developing a genogram, the individual will figure out how to identify his/her strengths and possible limits of his/her future career.

Counselors use it to learn a variety of information about the family that may well not be assessed or recognize with regular questionnaires or interviews. When talked about with the family this process helps clients make options for change. Several clients have found an elevated understanding of their families revealed ideas about job.

Other uses of genogram


Genograms are also found in matrimony and family guidance as well as in specific therapy to describe chronological and present information. In family and or marriage counselling, it can show feelings attached to marriage or family roles. Families can discover the beliefs and strengths of these constructive family habits and discover problem notions to be able to stay away from duplicating the same negative behaviours in the future. In individual guidance, genogram might explain recurrent episodes that contain impacted the person's self-concept in positive or negative ways and assist the individual make mindful selections so will establish healthy habits and decline those which may have harm healthy development and development (Joy, 2010).


Genograms are being used in healthcare to classify or identify health issues, disease and at unsafe standards of living in the young families. It could be used to discover and describe heart disease that will go from years to years and above all affecting males. Genograms may be utilized to document genealogy of over weight as well as diabetes. It can be used to show that an health problems may be declined due to certain changes in lifestyle. Genograms may also assist physicians identify illnesses which may have a genetic, element such as cystic fibrosis and hemophilia (Enjoyment, 2010).

Personal representation on the use of your genogram

Career genogram might assist in counseling individuals by assisting your client to gather vital information for the life span planning process. Additionally, it may help to identify patterns that will help in the profession choice process. By developing a genogram, the individual will figure out how to identify his/her advantages and possible limits of his/her future career. One of the trends in my own family is our family rules played out an important role in forecasting the family member's manners and beliefs thus career decision making. For example, my family was raised in a wholesome and functional environment which made us being more resilient and grows autonomy. Although the majority of us performed in the lender industry in a certain time of our occupations, our values and just how we were elevated will certainly have an effect on our career development. It helped us have significantly more overall flexibility in choosing a career and knowing what we want from a specific career. Not all of the family members went to college or university in support of two folks have graduate diplomas.

As each relative was finding your way through his/her professional life, our parents prompted us to acquire personal autonomy while remaining related or connected to the family. They never imposed a particular idea or job so long as we do it with dignity and esteem. We'd the chance to consult with the family our needs and problems which gave us the support essential to develop maturity in our profession decision process.

Another pattern, biases, or variety found while doing a job genogram is that every one of us chose a different career way but all are involved in supporting or assisting others. Although I am the only person among my brothers and sisters currently working in the mental health field, there are already members of the next technology (nephews, nieces and cousins) demonstrating curiosity about the field as well. One of this copy writer future goals is to truly have a private practice or own business which really is a common pattern as handful of my family people have been completely entrepreneurs or business owners.

Career counseling helps your client build high motivational level by understanding the individuals professional needs and desires. Genogram can be an important tool in career counselling process as it helps with various aspects of personal understanding, support and better understanding based on family history. And also other interventions, genogram help the counselor achieve one of the best goals of job counselling which is to ensure that every client set goals and give his/her best in attaining them while understanding his/her advantages and values never to only enhance his/her work skills but to show the person's hidden ingenuity.

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