Reflective Article on Coping with Stress

Psychology can be explained as the analysis of habit as well as brain, embracing all areas of the entire individuals experience.

In other words, it can be an applied science discipline that seeks to understand humans along with categories by ascertaining standard rules as well as researching specific cases. On the other hand, psychological adjustment is the process of adapting to, dealing with, as well as managing the emerging troubles of the daily life.

Adjusting to your daily life in conditions of subjective well-being,

Subjective well-being is an individual's perceptions as well as self-adjustments of health insurance and well-being (Webb & Wills, 2012). It requires a person's sense of happiness and life satisfaction. With regard to my entire life, I could say that I am content with my subjective well-being.

However, since I am a veteran, I think that the veteran's administration needs to be more attentive as it pertains to veteran's health care for me personally to be extremely satisfied with this modification facet.

Context on its part is the historical, communal, economic, and ethnic factors as well as settings that impact our lives. I am in a position to modify to different contexts effectively as well as for that case; everything I think, say, and do is often shaded by where I come from, whom I am with, and what is happening at the moment. Besides, diversity entails different cultures and ethnic settings. Upon this part, I am culturally proficient, and therefore I will change well in diverse settings.

Balancing Priorities

Balancing my priorities, specifically with home, work, university, recreation, and family must be an ongoing plan.

I am a student and at the same time, set aside time for working in order to pay my charges. I also need enough time for my family alongside recreation. All this is probably not possible, with the limited resources inside our disposal. To that effect, I have an effective work-life balance that effectively enables me to follow my daily timetable relating to plan.

In this case, I ensure which i target my most pressing needs and needs at home, work, college, and even entertainment. Needless to say I give more focus on work and institution since these priorities are so important to my prospective economic balance. However, daily I must devote my free time to my family and for recreation activities to keep fit.

Developing Identity

I develop my id by elevating my self-esteem along with creating a distinctive self-concept that allows me to stick out in different cultural systems. In review, self-esteem is a view of oneself as well as an frame of mind towards the personal, whereby; it reflects a person's subjective emotional analysis of his/her own worthy of (Fennell, 2009). I have already been in a position to develop my self-esteem effectively through regular practice.

In addition, self-concept is the sense of being distinct and split from others as well as the persistency of the self. Here, I have completely developed myself concept by having my own unique way to do things. I always come out with thought provoking ideas that are based on my own research and conception of life, something that helps me develop my self-concept. Ethnicity is often rooted in social heritage, competition, nationality, dialect, and religious beliefs. I often modify to different cultural groups by being culturally qualified.

Coping with Stress

Stress is a reaction to a stimulus that distracts a person's physical or mental equilibrium (Tummers, 2013). I often manage stress by engaging in calming activities, or rehearsing soothing techniques, that help take care of my stress and improve my overall coping.

Besides, among my coping strategies include; being proactive, pursuing my interests, and seeking out peer support from others that we am cherished and looked after, esteemed and appreciated (Taylor, 2003). Strengthening my public skills, requesting help, and always learning from errors.

When it's all said and done, I really do believe that I have a more positive outlook on life to a spot, however, not over exaggerated.


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