Reincarnation And Its Psychological INFLUENCE ON Children Psychology Essay

Reincarnation is now increasingly more popular through time it is a broad and interesting issue to go over and shed light on. Everyone may know just a little about reincarnation, but few understand the complexities and exactly how it really works. Now you can learn how reincarnation really influences us. Reincarnation is a thought which is common to many religious values and spiritual routines. Based on the theory of reincarnation, when people pass away, some part of themselves lives on in another person. After understanding this is of reincarnation and after believing in its lifestyle there is an important hide aspect in it which interested me to share with you( S. E. Smith 2003).

This research can help us understand how it's important for the parents and the individuals to learn the immediate and indirect effect of reincarnation on their psychological part. Reincarnation is the belief that a part of our consciousness will continue living after the fatality of the physical body and will be re-born into a fresh body here on Earth. The notion of reincarnation is wide-spread, in truth almost common in the East, but it has never been that popular in the West. For many people the thought of life after death is very comforting since it lessens their grief and takes out their fear of annihilation (Esoteric Research lee bladom 2006).

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For others it is a topic that is never contemplated because "ignorance is bliss". But whether we believe in it or not, the fact remains that life after death is a certainty because life cannot be extinguished.

Problem statement

Based on my own experience in reincarnation I became enthusiastic about children's past life memories since when I was young i needed memory of other lifetimes I recall parts of prior lives as though they were yesterday.

Due to my experience and studies I did, I found three main issues that reincarnated children go through. One of them is the crash and the illusion that the kids pass through in their current life and that is the consequence of the destruct that occurs in their personality given that they find it so hard to simply accept their current parents.

Second problem Is the ignorance of the parents because of the insufficient knowledge about how it's important to comprehend and focus on their children emotional and believing in what they are simply passing through.

Reincarnation and its own psychological impact 4

Third problem is when something that took place to someone in a past life, has generated a phobia in this current life.

For the above stated problems, there is a need to find a solution and to make the parents aware from what their children is passing through.

Research questions:

The following research questions are used to guide the research process:

How can happenings or memories from a previous life influence people/children in their current life?

How should parents deal with reincarnation if it happens to their children?

How do reincarnate people change from un reincarnate people?


Reincarnation has serious emotional effects on children's current and future life?

Reincarnation and its psychological effect 5


The terms that are recurrent in this research includes reincarnation, phobia, ignorance, psychological impact and after loss of life.

Reincarnation: The term reincarnation derives from the Latin term meaning "the re-entering of the flesh. "It means the Rebirth of the heart and soul in another body(The North american Heritage Dictionary of the English Vocabulary). Other define reincarnation that there a differentiation between reincarnation in the brand new Age activity and the doctrines that come out of Eastern religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism. While the Western notion of reincarnation, or transmigration of souls, borrows greatly from these two Eastern religions it is cycle of birth, death and rebirth. This differs from the New Get older conception of reincarnation because quite often in the New Age movement there is absolutely no concept of wicked or immorality (Chandler 264; Pham 6).

Phobia: Public phobia can be an panic that is accessible to two varieties of treatment yielding medically validated results: drugs and cognitive-behavioral remedies. Graded exposure to feared cultural situations is fundamental to obtain a noticable difference of the stressed symptoms( Jesse Fox, Sunlight Joo Ahn Oct 2012: 255-271). additionally (Murray stein released in September)define phobia that is amount of anxiety and stress throughout their lifetimes. Also its is lack of public skills or desire to improve their interpersonal marriage.

Ignorance: ignorance and doubt are usually unwelcome emotions and it is the health of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed(The American Heritage Dictionary of the

Reincarnation and its psychological impact 6

English Words). according to Copy writer (Thomas Pynchon 2001)"Ignorance is not only a blank space on a person's mental map.

Psychological impact: Due to the world British dictionary defines subconscious as

pertaining to the mind or mental phenomena as the topic matter of psychology, and regarding, working with, or impacting the mind, especially as a function of recognition, feeling, ormotivation: mental play; psychological effect. While ( John B. Watson) identifies it as Mindset is an academics and applied self-discipline that requires the scientific analysis of mental functions and conducts.

Literature review:

There is a higher contract that reincarnation results children psychologically, since Past-life thoughts effects present life in both aspects negative and positive. Positive past encounters can help visitors to have extra exercises and to be more wise since they lived before. And with respect to the Negative past experiences can result in aversions and phobias that effect current and future life.

Reincarnation and its own psychological impact 7

So how much do our earlier lives have an effect on our current lives?( Josef mind) emerged up in discourse "that, something that happened to someone in a prior life, has created a phobia in this current life. " this means that pervious life impacts children future and current life by building his personality on the phobia that is established and brought on by recently experienced and has been carried to your currents lives.

For example it could be a person who is fearful of water might have been a drowned sailor in another life etc.

Moon Goddess on May 31, 2011 at 11:13pm in Daily Banter posted that he truly believe that he have been here before, at least one time. They cannot tell us who or what they once was but he feels that he lived before where it results him in his current life, Because he's afraid of heights, mildly claustrophobic, and reluctant of particular spiders & snakes. Nothing occurred in this life to instigate these doubts, but they remain there.

In addition to all the conversations and things of view( Rules of the House #25e) says that earlier life holds through over concerns -and said that earlier life results our present and future life emotional by creating for children a communal disease called phobia. Furthermore they published "If you're terrified by dread to the point you be anxious about being burned, you have phobia. "This

Reincarnation and its psychological impact 8

means that you are affected from your earlier live negatively since you fear fire without ever before having experienced it in this life, you have probably died by open fire in earlier lives.

Moreover, as the posted writer of "Hidden Treasures from Past Lives", Barbara explores the ways in which previous lives impact our current lives - as well as how to heal the effects.

Although nearly all Americans also is convinced that they have lived previous lives, and they're studying how do reincarnation may impacts their present life time. Many psychologists and

psychiatrists are studying the influence of past lives on their clients such as Barbara has researched their work as well as counseled her own clients in this field.

It is Barbara's notion and experience about earlier life that is affecting our thoughts, beliefs and the way we behave. And these leftovers from other lifetimes are what may be called legacies.

(Barbara k. folts 2010) proposes about the clues that it can be experiencing a legacy right now and about the issues that exists for just about any reason inside our current life.

Some possible examples of legacies that Barbara outlined are:

Abandonment in a previous life which leads to hypersensitivity to the people going out of you in this lifetime

Betrayal in a previous life which now looks as a difficulty in your trusting others.

Sexual abuse in a past life which leaves you with a legacy of sexual dysfunction in the current lifetime.

Being smothered or captured in a tight space in a earlier life leading to you claustrophobia now

Reincarnation and its psychological result 9

An unexplained warning sign, physical, mental, or mental, that is out of context inside your general life

A legacy can become part of your personality, the stimulus for your action.

other studies criticize about reincarnation and earlier lives such as( Joseph M. Higgins and Chuck Bergman ) that placed the result of reincarnation is positive since you gain the maximum amount of experience as it can be and u will be able to have many opportunities. In addition you will be better prepared for that encounter due to the knowledge and experience you've gained. While Dr. Jim disagreed with them since he placed that reincarnate people pass through many negative effects such as damage in their personality which will take work and time. Additionally it will be hard to allow them to continue since they get tired of the journey and that they have to continue until the journey ends.

Perhaps the best and best recorded evidence to get reincarnation comes from the task of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918-2007), a Virginia psychiatrist of impeccable qualifications, who began studying cases about past life remembrances, he studies about 3000 instances and all of them are children that are between 4 and 10 years who were able to talk about past lives and everything the actions that occurs with them in their past lives even they bear in mind the time they

Reincarnation and its own psychological impact 10

die and the villages they lived in. Additionally, lots of the children Stevenson analyzed could bear in mind how they had died in their past life providing details


The current research involves both qualitative and quantative methods since the data collection treatment derive from a questionnaire and an interview.


The first method of data collection is a questionnaire including seven questions which range between yes/no questions and available finished ones.

The purpose of these questions is to acquire data about the emotional aftereffect of reincarnation on children in their current and future life.

It is going to be allocated and administer by the studies herself.

Sample looked into includes 30 people from the Shouf area (the sample is random chosen).

Reincarnation and its psychological effect 11


The interview is going to be conducted with two known exerted in field of mindset it offers (three to four 4 questions) about this issue (aftereffect of reincarnation on children current and future life) and their point of view.


As an outcome I strongly believe that reincarnation has a direct effect on children current and future life since it entails in them the emotions of abuse and abandonment as well as their personality will be built on Remnants of mass and on earlier memories. So this is actually the parents role to repair and help their children come over their problem.

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