Who can be considered a qualified counselor psychologist. What is necessary for this to know and be able to do

Psychologist-consultant, if you so call a person who is professional enough, responsible and at a high level engaged in psychological counseling, can only be the person who has a general and special higher psychological education and, in addition, sufficient experience in the practical role psychologist-consultant, highly evaluated by specialists and confirmed by the relevant certificate. Let us explain this in more detail.

The general higher psychological is the kind of education that a specialist receives after the successful completion of a psychological faculty or a branch of a higher education institution, a university or an institution. A special psychological term is an education that involves specialization in one area of ​​psychological science and practice. Such a dual education is necessary for a counselor psychologist to be engaged in counseling on a modern scientific basis and with a deep practical understanding of the matter, being able to answer, in particular, the following questions.

What is the psychology of the modern client?

What is happening now with the client who really turned for help in psychological counseling?

Why is this customer needed just such, and not any other recommendations?

What action should these recommendations have on the client?

How to explain to the client on a scientific basis the significance of these specific recommendations?

The answers to all these questions, given by a counselor psychologist, should be backward to the client and convincing enough for professional psychologists.

Special psychological is called such a psychological education, which is associated with the practical activities of a counselor psychologist, mastering the methods of psychological work with people who seek help in psychological counseling. This is primarily about such scientifically based methods of work that are taught at special faculties where practical psychologists with higher education are trained. Sufficiently large experience of practical work to a psychologist-consultant is necessary because he has to deal not with science or the teaching of psychology, but with quite real and often quite complex life problems of people. The knowledge obtained in the university does not turn into skills without experience of practical work.

Without exception, all the subtleties of the practical work of a counselor psychologist, all possible situations that he can face in life, can not be envisaged in advance and include the relevant disciplines in the curriculum of university training. Therefore, the experience of practical work to a psychologist-consultant in any case is simply necessary.

All of this is extremely important for the normal professional work of a counselor psychologist. In addition to knowledge and skills, a counselor psychologist must possess a number of special personal qualities. For example, he should love people, be able to understand and feel their condition without words, be kind, patient, sociable and responsible. To this list, it was quite possible to add words that were once mentioned about the counseling psychologist by a well-known expert in this field R. Mei. The counselor-psychologist, he wrote, should be able to attract people to himself, feel free in any society, be capable of empathy.

The main thing for a true counselor psychologist is "goodwill and the desire to understand the client, help him see himself better and realize his worth as a person."

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