Role and place of psychology as a subject in teaching and educating...

The role and place of psychology as a learning subject in teaching and educating teachers

Currently, psychological knowledge is most widely represented in the requirements for the training of graduates in pedagogical specialties. This knowledge is important for the professional work of teachers, therefore psychology as a subject is present in the programs of teaching and educating teachers in both secondary and higher educational institutions. Psychology is a subject of professional importance for the training of teachers of preschool and school education.

Students of pedagogical schools and colleges should learn a large amount of psychological and pedagogical knowledge and skills. In the preparation of primary school teachers, it is proposed to study general, age, pedagogical, social psychology; students also undergo a psychological-pedagogical workshop. The psychological disciplines are even wider in the educational programs of secondary vocational education of primary school teachers with additional training in the field of psychology. Students additionally study the basics of psychodiagnostics, psycho-physiological basis of education, family psychology, pedagogical, social, experimental psychology.

Psychology as a school subject takes a significant place in the programs of higher pedagogical education. Typical psychological disciplines, studied by students - future teachers, are as follows: 1) general psychology; 2) developmental psychology and age psychology; 3) pedagogical psychology;

4) experimental psychology; 5) psychology of abnormal development; 6) special psychology. Students of pedagogical specialties are also offered special courses and special seminars devoted to individual psychological topics. As experience shows, in connection with the growing interest in psychology, students willingly choose such courses.

Teaching psychology to students of other specialties

Currently, psychology is widely represented in various vocational education programs.

Teaching psychology to students of medical specialties. In medical schools usually teach courses in general and medical psychology, as well as special courses related to current professional topics. The basic course of psychology at most faculties is taught during the semester.

All senior students are offered elective courses in medical and social psychology.

Psychology is also studied in secondary professional medical schools. Courses of general and medical psychology, as well as psychology of communication, are quite typical for the educational programs of these educational institutions.

Historical excursion

Luria Alexander Romanovich (1902-1977) - a domestic psychologist who worked in various fields of psychology, the founder of domestic neuropsychology. His works in this field have become classic sections of textbooks and training courses in medical psychology and neuropsychology.

Teaching psychology to students of humanitarian, economic and legal specialties. Psychological education is included in the training of civil servants.

General and legal psychology courses are taught at law faculties. Psychological education is introduced in specialized universities that train specialists for work in penitentiary (correctional) institutions of the Ministry of Justice. Psychology is becoming a typical educational discipline in many educational programs for the training of bachelors, specialists, masters of the humanities and economics. A course of social psychology is popular. Teaching psychology as a general educational subject. Training course Psychology & Pedagogy is mandatory for most university specialties, and is also taught in technical colleges. This discipline is allocated a small number of hours of study. The connection in one course of psychology and pedagogy is not always justified. The teacher faces a difficult task of selecting the content of the course, which should combine psychological and pedagogical knowledge. Expectations of students of technical universities from the teaching of psychological disciplines are quite diverse, but often inadequate at the beginning of the course; Interest in psychology as a theoretical general educational discipline is shown by a small number of students. Engineers are taught the course of psychology of work and engineering psychology. Author's courses for individual specialties are also being developed. For example, for the students of sewing specialties, the courses "Psychophysics of clothing", "Evaluation of the psychological comfort of clothing", "Clothing plus psychology" have been approved; for students of architectural and construction specialty - the course "Ethics and psychology in the creative activity of the architect"; .

As you can see, the scale of teaching psychology to students of other specialties is significantly expanding. Interest of students to psychological knowledge and understanding of the need for the latter increases, however, the small amount of study time devoted to the study of psychology courses makes it difficult to achieve learning goals. One of the difficult tasks of psychology teachers is to take into account the professional specifics of the students being taught.

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