Roles in which the teacher acts in relations with...

Roles in which the teacher acts in relations with students

The activity of the teacher assumes certain role expectations on the part of the students. NS Pryazhnikov and E. Yu. Pryazhnikova draw attention to the following role positions in which the teacher of psychology turns out to be.

A teacher is an expert in your field & quot ;. This position implies respect for the teacher and at the same time a great psychological distance and formal professional communication.

Teacher is a true friend & quot ;. This position implies more informal communication. The student needs a benevolent and "all understanding" older friend. However, in this case, there may be a problem of excessive reduction of the social distance between the teacher and the student, when students generally cease to perceive the teacher as a "specialist".

Teacher - psychotherapist & quot ;. Some students believe that since the teacher is a psychologist, he is able to solve their personal problems or the problems of their friends. Sometimes the teacher himself (by inexperience) agrees to take on this role, but then often regrets it. The task of the teacher is different, perhaps even more complicated than the task of the psychotherapist in the traditional sense.

Instructor is an example to follow in all & quot ;. This, according to Pryazhnikov, is not the worst role-playing position; the main thing is to have an example. The student is very worried when he suddenly discovers that a beloved and respected teacher is somewhat imperfect in some ways, and sometimes he is flawed. This can cause another "disappointment crisis" from an impressionable student. On the teacher this position imposes a special responsibility, because it is very difficult to be ideal and "exemplary", and even when you are closely watched by "adoring" and such trustful the eyes of the student (or student). In the student audiences, such "adoration" usually does not go unnoticed, which can lead to various gossips and suspicions.

Teacher is the object of ridicule & quot ;. Both schoolchildren and students often take pleasure in the fact that they "wash the bones" their teachers. This is normal. Another thing is that sometimes the discussion of teachers takes a rough form. Teachers have been observed that gross ridicule and nagging are usually directed at teachers who deserve it (evil, incompetent, allowing themselves to come to classes "tipsy", etc.). As for teachers who, in their own way, like students and know their subject, then the attitude towards them is usually the best, even in spite of obvious shortcomings in their behavior or clothes. Let's notice, that so-called student's jokes about teachers are perceived by many teachers without special insults. The most contemptuous attitude among students (and schoolchildren) is caused by teachers who can be said to be "no" (they are not interested in either students with their problems or the course they are reading).

Police teacher & quot ;. Students with their unorganized free time sometimes require a strict senior friend. However, the student is already an adult and the most important thing for him is to learn how to be a real adult. With constant supervision and care on the part of the teacher, this is very difficult to do. Nevertheless, some students are happy to receive such "police teachers".

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