Stress Among Women Working In Banking Industry Psychology Essay

Women in India have served a lot after independence. From just a experienced homemaker, women today have gained skills and potential of not merely being truly a homemaker but being at parity using their male counterpart. Additionally, varying tasks of working women, they have got preserved the traditional work culture of home. Now a day the firms are flourishing towards higher rate that the women have to help longer hours to sustain the typical of living and complete their basic needs. Regardless of getting the recent systems and services, women feel to be work filled and pressured. The abstract books on stress recommends that working women are resting on to the same face stressors applied by working men. Up to now, women are also confronting with possibly exceptional stressors such as inequity, stereotyping, public separation, and work/home clases. Stress arises because of several reasons that are discussed in the research paper. The study paper also contains factors behind stress and how to reduce the strain and get over such problems by the working women at their work environment.

KEYWORDS: Work area, Stress, Working Women.


Know About Stress

Stress is a feeling that is shaped when we react to particular events. It's the body's manner of growing to an effort and on the point of meet a solid situation with focal point, power, energy, and sensitive alertness. Stress is a standard physical reaction to actions that make you are feeling endanger and disturb balance in some way. Fortunately, research implies that lifestyles differ and stress-reduction techniques can assist in people figure out how to cope up with stress.

Stress identifies the strain from the argument between exterior environment and internal environment, guiding towards psychological and physical pressure. In such a fast moving world, it isn't viable to live on without stress, whether it's a student or working women. There is certainly both constructive and damaging stress, depending on each individual's exclusive insight of the pressure between the two forces. Not absolutely all stress is horrible. For example, constructive stress, also known as eustress, can help a person to execute a task at best efficacy and efficiency. Therefore, it is clear that some form of constructive stress can adjoin more colours and excitement to lives. The presence of a focus on, for example, can drive to make the most of the moment nice and produce better effectiveness. It is significant to keep this in mind, as stress management signify to use stress to our benefit, rather than on getting rid of the event of stress inside our lives.

I. 4. Present Status Psychological Well Being

The present position of ladies in the existing working environment can be proven using some current data on the working women culture.


( Source : www. bbc. co. uk )


External and Internal Stressors

People can get acquainted with stress from external or internal factors.

External stressors include unfavourable physical point out (such as pain or hot or winter) or distressing subconscious atmosphere (such as poor working conditions or distressing associations).

Internal stressors can even be bodily (microbe infections and other diseases, inflammation) or mental health (such as deep worry in regards to a destructive event which could or may well not happen).

Acute or Chronic Stress

Stressors can even be thought as short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic).

Acute Stress. Severe stress is the response to an instant danger, often called the deal with or flight response. The menace can be any circumstances that are expected, even subconsciously or incorrectly, as a danger.

Common severe stressors include

Noise (which can result in a stress answer even while asleep)






High technology effects (playing video games, frequently ringing mobile phones)

Imagining a risk or keeping in mind a dangerous happening

Under most circumstances, once the acute menace has agreed, degrees of stress hormones come back to normal. That is called the leisure response.

Chronic Stress. Often, current life poses ongoing demanding conditions that are not short-lived. The advice to do something (to fight or flee) must thus be governed. Stress, then, becomes chronic.

Common chronic stressors contain

Ongoing extremely pressured work

Long-term relationship problems


Constant financial worries


Stress at work is a significant new perceptible fact of contemporary standards of living. Job stress poses a load to physical health. Work related stress in the life span of controlled employees, consequently, affect the fitness of organizations. Job stress is a chronic disease caused by situations at work that negatively influence an individual's performance and/or overall well-being of her body and mind. Stress, either fast or steady, can bring risky body-mind disorders. Instant disorders such as nervousness episodes, worry, sleeping disorders, tenseness and muscle pain can all result in chronic health problems. They may also have an impact on disease fighting capability, cardiovascular and anxious systems and immediate individuals to regular addictions. Like "stress reactions", "relaxation replies" and stress management techniques are some of quite built-in response systems. Sadly, at present, do not get peaceful and soothing situations without requesting. To be laid back one has to battle to create such situations.

This research is to handle the analysis that how much pressured the women employees of the banking institutions are and just how do their stress affect their work life, sociable life, productivity etc. so a sample of 10 women employees are determined from each one of the three lenders for the study of workplace stress included in this.

Symptoms of Work Stress

It is not any clandestine that stress and related disorders are the most regular cause of employee impairment (Country wide Institute for Occupational Safeness and Health). As far back as 1992, a United Nations article called job stress a "worldwide epidemic". Control of workplace stress is leadership accountability. Good market leaders who are aware of the symptoms of stress can take care of situations to build more pleasing workplaces and also to improve both efficiency and the bottom line. Commercial women who have served in all conditions differentiate stress when they keep an eye on symptoms such as






Loss of home confidence


Physical tiredness


This is the fresh technology of women, who must chase their dream career. But this life is not a sofa of roses for everyone. Waken up at sharpened 6 each day after retiring to bed late at night, crackling up an scrumptious breakfast for every single one whilst getting the kids all dress up for school, caring for the sundry house needs that require her consideration that is the average working woman's home agenda for those. Things aren't easy for her on the work frontage either. The collective-roles that women are have that can be played these days, bring about energy leak both at the physical as well as mental level.


The review on the office stress among women is conducted with the next objectives

To determine the significant reasons of workplace stress.

To find the steps to lessen workplace stress among women.

To find the actions to reduce work area stress.


The questionnaires were filled by 30 women employees employed in the three major Finance institutions of Bhopal i. e. Axis Lender, HDFC Bank or investment company and ICICI Standard bank. So the range of sample results was less. The questionnaire was filled by 30 women employees of different designations. Therefore the perspective of employees differs according to their designations. The options utilized in the research are extracted from different current article like from online services, the Internet, and open public libraries. The study describes the factors leading to stress in the workplace and its effect on women. A highly effective method of coping with stress is given, but limited to ones reviewed in the primary and extra resources.


Women and Work environment Stress

WOMEN ACCOUNTABILITYStress at work, the stress of raising up children, the tensions that come with aging parents, these situations could give a moderately high amount of stress. When women are faced with collective roles, all of which carry serious requirements, they face levels of stress that are high enough to increase health trouble, missed work, and a diminished capacity to take on more.



A woman employed in a host with little elasticity or choice would be a greater threat of distress than a climate of no-voice. Interestingly, women's stress issues do not differ significantly. Women are multi-talented naturally and enclose duties within tasks. Work, family and home are not separate and the problems around balance surmount regardless of working for yourself or another person. The new review from University or college of Melbourne has publicized that almost 1 in every 5 Victorians working women go through depression that can be attributed to job stress and more than one in eight or 13 % of the working men with despair have trouble anticipated to job stress.

The books on work-related stress has made known various programs of job related stressors and connected them to such issues as job pleasure and worker yield (Beehr & Bhaget, 1985). Among the major causes of workplace stress is whether the person is content with the work or not. Many analysts discovered that job related stress issues are related to role ambiguity, role conflict, worker performance and satisfaction, over work fill, need for accomplishment and organizational performance. In 1976 Research conducted in the financial services sector identified that stress can also increase the probability of errors and quarrels as workers lower corners to attain focuses on - 81% believe anger at work has negative effect on morale, 74% are less beneficial when in a negative feelings, and 15% work slower (in concern with making a mistake) when their supervisor is angry. Concern with assault is often on the heads of people who handle cash on a regular basis, and can be a major cause of mental and physical stress (Assault and stress in financial services, 2003).

A survey of 1 1, 299 employees from 37 organizations determined ten factors as a lot more important contributors to worker stress. These were Employees not being absolve to talk with each other, Personal conflicts face to face, Employees not being given control over their work, inadequate staffing or budget, Management and employees not conversing openly, Management perceived as being unsupportive, Substandard sick and getaway benefit, Reduction in employees benefit, Lack of recognition or prize for performing a good job.

In yet another research "Managing Stress at the job" by Kate Jenkins conducted in 2001 drew volume of factors which increase stress in work places, which can be people are working longer hours, taking shorter or no breaks, with increase progress in IT and globalization, reduction in spare time and less sleep and there are additional time and travel stresses. (Jenkins, 2001). Work stress sometimes affects organization by

Increased rate of absenteeism.

Decreasing rate of commitment to work.

Increasing rate of employees returning.

Increasing rate of grievances from clients and customers.

Increasing rate of insecure working exercise.

Negatively affecting staff recruitment.

With the immediate development of technology, the pace of work fill has increased and so the stress among working women. There exists partially the fear from being retrenched in bad times, leading to better job doubt on the part of those who stay. Unquestionably, work-related stress is one of the very most frequently quoted stressors faced by persons all over the world. Although some stress is good for inspiration and growing competence, stress after a limit can bring about depressing crash such as reduced efficiency and success. A lot of people are sensing secluded and annoyed at work, which has resulted to raised work-related stress. Consulting experts and pros are being consulted on ways to raise link and motivation of their workers. Few companies set up gatherings and make their workforce feel appreciated at work. These are solution to encourage employees and assist them to sense protected at their careers, interpret into increased yield. On the other hand, not all companies have such method set up.

Figure 2 : Model Of Causes And Consequences Of Work-Related Stress

Source: Designed from Kompier and Marcelissen, 1990


III. Research Design: This research includes exploratory research on the concerned areas associated with working women and the stress levels that are constantly being noticed by them at their work environment. I have tried to highlight the problem in framework of such problem and tried to suggest some of them for fixing the problem.

IV. Data Collection: principal Data was gathered with the help of self-administered questionnaire which include 15 items. Supplementary data was gathered from newspapers, journals and online resources such as websites. Some analytical graphs were also collected to support the research objectives.

VI. Test Size: I have taken the test of 30 women employees from three different private finance institutions of Bhopal called ICICI Bank or investment company, HDFC Bank or investment company, AXIS Loan company.

DISCUSSION & Conclusions
The Major Causes of Work Place Stress among women are
In the Modern times stresses may take the form of financial needs, or mental disturbance. Contest at the job and an elevated workload are also the primary cause of greater degrees of stress. The stress can be recognized by the symptoms as mental symptoms usually experienced include sleeplessness, head aches and an incapability to target. Physical symptoms like heart and soul palpitations, breathlessness, excessive sweating and stomach-aches. What exactly are the causes of stress? There are various causes of stress that are also called stressors, like Common lifestyle stressors include performance, intimidation, and demise stressors. Performance stressors are generated when a person is placed in a state where she feels a need to stand out. This could be during performance analysis, lunch break with the manager, or delivering a conversation. Threat stressors arise usually when the present situation poses a risky threat, such as a monetary recession, or from a misfortune. Finally, demise stressors happen when there's a sense of reduction including the loss of someone you care about, or any other damage. Therefore, there are a variety of stressors, and even more diverse methods and methods of interacting with stress and turning it to our own advantages. The causes which are faced usually by working women at their work environment in my review at Standard bank are

Extended working hours

Harder to balance work and home demands

Under usage of skills

Unreasonable needs for performance

Underpaid job

Multiple duties at work

Lack of interpersonal communication between your employer and the women employees

Lack of interpersonal relationship among the women employees

The concern with dropping one's job

Less time to invest with the family

Treated inferiorly to your guy colleagues

Experience sexually harassing jokes from your boss and male fellow workers.

Very few of the women employees believe that they are suffering from depression while the majority of the ladies employees feel that they are free from the depression. Most of the women employees be anxious about their colleague's view about them while several women employees are not worried about the view about their colleague. A lot of the women employees of the lender discuss their problem and talk about their feelings with their partner or friends or others while very few of the ladies employees are not worried about it. A lot of the women employees work with more than 8 hours which is the starting place of the stress while few of the women employees don't work for more than 8 time. Nearly 1 / 2 of the women worker put in regular time on entertainment which helps them to remain stress free while 3/4th of the ladies employees don't do this. Nearly half of the women employees find their public life to be balanced while 40 % of the women employees don't possess their cultural life balanced. Very few of the women employees continue to be silent. A lot of the women employees fear the quality of performance which they give while 15 % of the women employees don't dread the quality of their work. 70 %70 % of the ladies employees try to find the solution of these stress while 30% of them do not find any solution. 45% of the ladies employees try yoga and other ayurvedic techniques to reduce their stress while 55 % of the ladies employees use other ways to reduce stress like resorting to hobbies and interests, vacation. Looking on the data of all three banks, it is seen that the women employees employed in AXIS bank are found less consumed with stress in comparison to other banks. This is because from the brand and have confidence in teamwork as their central values.

Steps To Reduce WORKPLACE Stress In Women

Stress management is the necessity of the hour. Though hard we make an effort to go ahead of a stress situation, life appears to discover new behavior of stressing us out and producing with nervousness attacks. Furthermore, be it our nervousness, mind-body fatigue or our erring outlooks, we have a tendency to ignore factors behind stress and the circumstances produced by those. In such disconcerting instants we often do not remember that stressors, if not avoidable, are reasonably controllable and treatable.

Unfortunately, today, women don't get relaxing and comforting situations without asking. Being stress-free one has to battle to make such situations.

The suggestions range from individually focused actions to broad founded organizational plan changes. Included in these are the next

"Just smile away and neglect everything" An employee of HDFC Bank

"Speaking with family members, loved ones, WATCHING TELEVISION or tuning in good music, Taking a walk or long drive" An employee of HDFC Bank

"Working in environment benefits, lot of optimistic approach. Optimistic approach is merely that reduces stress and achieves win. " A worker of AXIS Bank or investment company.

"Get modified with others, Find and spend some time for prayer, Review novels, Each is the kid of the supreme GOD" A worker of AXIS Bank

"We should do such actions from which we get pleasure and also make others satisfied. Pass your time and effort with your close friends and family members. " A worker of ICICI Loan provider.

Provide day care and substitute work preparation as resources for preventing stress.

Provide more job elasticity for females to better manage work home clashes.

Deal with Finances and Treat literally in spa, massage therapy centres in weekends.

Get Help by way of a partner or servant so that time could be spent with family.

Cook if you like it and serve by your hands to family.

Dropping / Picking up Kids from University in your leave days and then go for a little walk.

When stressed at the job for deadlines or otherwise, give priority to your "me" time first and maintaining home comes second.


In modern times majority of the ladies learned that their stress was essentially because of their idleness as well as were happy with fewer responsibilities. Lack of loving behavior using their company colleagues, scolding from boss, more working time, under usage of skill units was reported as reason behind stress always by maximum ratio of the ladies. Higher ratio of the respondent experienced stress always because of insufficient their involvement in decision making in their corporation that reduced their duties on their shoulder and the participatory model used in their organizational create enhanced their duties to the point of exhaustion. As women, they need to say that what they can do for themselves to reduce stress. They need to remember that old saying, unless you take care of yourself, nobody else will. Honour yourself!


I know that the existing degree of research might not exactly reveal the precise variables of stress about the causes and recommendations. Therefore, exhaustive research shall be carried out in future research work in this particular field.

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