Stress, Stress and anxiety and Depression among College Students

Stress, Stress and anxiety and Depression among College or university Students


Stress, depression and panic are major and commonly reported concern among the college or university students. Usually stress and depression among college or university youths are reason behind their educational and academics performance. Usually stress, depression and nervousness are associated with decrease in grades which effects some way to student's skills and capability to perform. Most popular known reasons for stress, depressions and other internal problems are time stress, inability, tough competition, educational pressure, some other problems include emotional breakdowns as a consequence to inferior sense for other for some life is not worthwhile. Many students face mental health problems in a school they must be guided and counselled properly to cope up with their psychological problems plus some measures must be studied like forming university student counselling centres or mentors and mentee programme must be made compulsory on all schools. Also a health committee should be formed and professionals must be chosen and school must carry out activities for pupil and professors too because of their mental health conditions.

1. Introduction

Today, I will talk about the stress, depression, panic and other subconscious problems on the list of college students all over the world. I'll discuss about the issues, its symptoms, and finally the methods to prevent these mental health problems from happening.

The school students are the future of our culture, they presents the world investment for future thus their mental health is an essential aspect not only for them their own right also for society as they are the one who are adding for bigger part of contemporary society. The mental health problems like stress, depression and nervousness among college students are increasing every year. There are multiple reasons for such emotional problem most usual problems for these varieties of mental disorders are higher academic requirements, changes in interpersonal and family life, new and various environment. Other problems for depression and stress are time pressure, difficult tournaments, and pressure of academics and fear of failure.

1. 1 Background:

What are psychological problems? Relating to health websites and doctor subconscious problems like stress, depression and anxiousness are disorder in spirits that makes us unfortunate and hopeless for periods of time. These kind of emotional problems have significant influence on once life, work, health, his/her pleasure and people he value. These types of physiological problems have impact for small amount of time and long time, for small amount of time emotional problems like stress and depression people feel low for some time but the guy can work and take care of daily activities. But dangers are associated with long time mental health problems which sometimes become physical illness. You will discover review which says millions of folks are affected by depression, anxiety and stress every year.

The main reason behind these emotional problems among college students are stressful life, drugs or illness, family crisis, financial problems, for some it is due to change from their senior high school life, for others it may be separation from family and academics failing is also one of major reason behind stress, depression and other stress and anxiety problems.

2. Why So Stress?

"Our anxiety will not vacant tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its talents"

Charles H. Spurgeon

Student forms the base of any society's future, their wellbeing is quite crucial not only to themselves, but also to the society. Mental health problems in the university students are becoming quite big and must be taken care and attention off. These problems can vary between 2% to 5% of total student's populace. (Young, 1978)

There are various reason why stress occurs among the list of students. First of all is worries of academic superiority, often student concern with getting lower marks than expected. This is quite popular, as practically grades will be lower than what's expected. Other tensions might be scheduled to changing environment from high school to university, being abroad. It has been observed that the strain, nervousness and depression on the list of students in second time is a lot more than that is at the first year, this is primarily because of the increase in the load and complexities of the topics to be learned. (Eisenberg D, 2007) This further gives an implication that proceeding to the further years will ply more strain on the student and so the stress could be more.

2. 1 Causes of Stress, Nervousness and Depression in Students:

  • Fear of academics excellence.
  • Living from the family.
  • Feeling of isolation and loneliness.
  • Conflicting Romance.
  • Increasing complexities in the academics.
  • Financial condition.

2. 2 Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety and Depression:

Stress and anxiety often contributes to depression, it's important to identify whether a student is having depression or not. It is recommended to consult a health care provider. Doctor will ask pursuing question to determine whether you are stressing over something. (Farnsworth, 1970)

  • Any background of depression conditions.
  • Depression instances in family
  • Medication background.
  • Whether using drugs or alcoholic beverages.
  • Negative thoughts of suicide and death.

2. 3 Treating Stress, Anxiety and Depression:

Often corporations provide medication to the students to triumph over depression. The mediation for such stress and depression includes only two effective treatments, antidepressants and psychotherapy. However there could also be the situation where a combination of both two treatment methods can be found. (McArthur, 1961)

2. 3. 1 Antidepressants:

Antidepressants in medical terms works on neurotransmitters. They may be some specific ingredients alter the way brain works and control mood. However it must be used with extreme care, as exact ways are quite uncertain, how it would work.

2. 3. 2 Psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy is the most recommended way of treating stress and depression. It includes changing the mindset or the thought process of the given individual to permanently remove the negative thoughts. You will find two ways where this can be done, that happen to be cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and interpersonal remedy (IPT).

CBT helps an individual to change the idea process. It offers several sessions to change what sort of individual thinks, which consequently steps him from the depression. While, IPT is used for more serious circumstances, includes conflicting human relationships and other serious personal problems.

2. 4 Preventive Options to be studied by Educational Companies:

  • Workshops and workshops should be conducted, to recognize the students having mental health problems of stress and depression.
  • Institutions should mandatorily have counselling centres to keep a tabs on way of thinking of the students.
  • A review or poll to be conducted to obtain a scalable perception of the emotional problems on the list of students.
  • Once the students with such internal problems are found, respective ways of psychotherapy should be integrated on them. (Mowbray CT, 2006)

2. 5 Summary:

Stress, anxiousness and depression is quite widespread in the student's community. This is credited to various facts such as academics pressure, personal human relationships, environmental changes etc. It had been found that the amount of students experiencing the subconscious disorders was varying between 2% to 50%. There are some measure that may be considered by the institutional organisation, as talked about in the section 2. 4.

The recommended way to treatment of psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety and depression is Psychotherapy. Yet, in more serious circumstances there may be a blend of psychotherapy and antidepressants.


Problems like stress, depression and stress and anxiety are serious issue not limited to college students but also for us and we ought to always protect ourselves from getting such a serious and demanding disease. One must be ready to ask for support of his/her family or friends for help. They are dangerous disease thus one must prepare yourself to adopt support and mentoring as early on and appropriately. School must create more affective and battle environment because of its student to better manage up with the machine and conform it somewhat than getting frustrated and emotionally breaking and getting psychological problems. For subconscious well-being of college students health education programs and mentoring should be put into its curriculum and closer attention also needs to be paid on the teaching methods of organization, teachers and their teaching process.


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