Study on methadone maintenance for opiate addiction

Methadone Maintenance a program was initially used broadly as an opioid substitute therapy to take care of heroin dependence, and it remains the best-researched treatment because of this problem. Methadone was developed in 1947 as a painkiller, and by 1950 dental methadone was used for the agonizing symptoms of withdrawing from opioids. Today MMT treatment centers offer clinics as an option to aid patients in methadone maintenance program. This enables the medical doctor of the medical clinic to monitor the client's consumption and screen the client's carrying on health care. This form of therapy is often ridiculed and misunderstood. The purpose of MMT is to reduce cravings and act as a blocker for the opioid maltreatment. Through the first level of MMT the patients are started out on the methadone to attempt to find the accurate & most effective dosage. Within the first period of methadone treatment, properly determined patients are tapered to adequate steady-state dosing. After becoming steady other medical and psychological conditions will be resolved (Krambeer, Mcknelly, & Penick, 2001). Opioid dependence is a regular disorder that often leads to relapse. Opioid include drugs such as narcotics, Opioid dependency is a mental addiction Opioids include addictive drugs such as, narcotics or opium's. Opioid addicts have many behavioral, physical, and mental effects. Behavioral effects of opioids include the client's failure to work and function in world. Habit also influences the client's home life. Opioid abusers have a difficult time keeping or gratifying obligations to attain a normal life. The addict has a head that is preoccupied with finding their next

high and can not give attention to their tasks like work or home life. This may lead to numerous marital issues or loss of job. The user's craving affects the family all together. The addict has physical results from cravings. The substance abuse has some area effects or symptoms that mimic psychotic behaviours. The drugs are also dangerous to the abusers health. An addict that has reverted to IV drug use is at a greater threat of contracting HIV/Assists Mental effects also include a number of problems for the addict. Substance abuse triggers many mental effects. Mental effects range from a number of issues such as depression, anxiousness, and suicidal thoughts

Methadone Maintenance is a helpful to individuals in the ability to function while with drawling from opioid cravings. There are benefits to methadone maintenance therapy.

Benefits include

Accurate dosages give the potential for normal function

Taken orally reduces the reason for HIV/Helps through clients using intravenous methods.

Drug Craving Reduction

Minimal Aspect effects

Methadone maintenance remedy has been an effective treatment option for individuals suffering from heroin craving. In a study conducted by (Deck & Carlson, 2004), methadone maintenance was analyzed to look for the effectiveness for opiate

addiction. The analysis advised that Methadone Maintenance was the regarded as the very best treatment option for opioid lovers. The study also suggests that health risk reduced by using the methadone maintenance program. The risk of addicts contracting HIV or other medical issues declines. Opioid lovers are at a better threat of contracting HIV/Helps because of intravenous drug use. Regardless of the common use of methadone in maintenance treatment for opioid dependence in many countries, it is a controversial treatment whose efficiency has been disputed (Mattick, Breen, Kimber & Davoli, 2009). In a report conducted by (Mattick, et al, 2009) 1969 members were included, and Methadone came out somewhat more effectual than solutions with no pharmalogical assistance, in keeping patients in treatment. Keeping patients in treatment can be an important step in treating addicts. In another study conducted by (Lange, Myers, & Freidman, 1988), Methadone Maintenance was an essential way in minimizing the risk of HIV. The study was a three-year field research. With the 300 participants incorporated in the study, 71 percent of the patients had not been taking part in IV drug use, which greatly reduced the chance of contracting HIV/Supports. Out of the 29 percent of patients that didn't continue treatment, 81 percent reverted back again to IV medication use. However, 71 percent stayed in this program and didn't use intravenous remedy. That is clearly a significant number of patients that the Methadone Maintenance helped.

Methadone Maintenance Therapy also assists in reducing criminal offense rates. The drop of criminal offenses can be from the reduced amount of the client's buying, selling, or taking drugs. The customers no more have a need to get the drugs. MMT allows the customers to obtain

and live a standard life. MMT also allows your client to execute simple everyday routine job such as, work. In a report conducted by (Bronwyn, Shuling, Weatherburn, & Mattick, R. (2004), court public records were used to ascertain crime reduction. The participant studied included 8, 154. The analysis found that based on the records there is a significant decrease in offense for patients in the MMT. The offense reduction was within men and women, and in every age groups. The recording proved a mass decrease in New South Wales. The analysis found that there were fewer robberies. MMT shows to improve client's ability to function in a sociable setting and has shown a vast decrease in criminal offense rates.

Although methadone maintenance works well in reducing health issues and offense rates, it is very cost efficient. According to (Barnett & Hui, 2000), methadone maintenance has demonstrated a cost effectiveness around $4000. 00 per year. This cost is a lot smaller than what an addict would spend in the average 12 months for drugs. Also the reduced amount of crime is cost efficient to the American people. Incarceration for against the law drug use cost a lot more than the expense of MMT. Also the client can function in culture and have the capability to work while involvement in the MMT program. This enables the client to keep up and look after themselves and their family.

Other Types of Therapeutic Treatment

The clients in MMT also need remedy to help develop coping mechanisms for the craving. The patient must address the detrimental behaviors and look for the cause or the main of the dependency. address patient's behaviours and in the context of the social

and emotional factors behind dependence. There are many forms of remedy that might be helpful for the individual. Family remedy would assistance with the educating the family on addiction, and help the family as a whole develop healthy way of dealing with the dependency. The family can even be a tool in helping the individual realize and develop goals of healthy clean living. I've also been a lover of Client Centered Therapy. Client Centered therapy allows the counselor to get the trust needed from your client. Group therapy can be wonderful tools in helping individuals reach their goals to recovery. Group therapy helps the individual relate and speak to others that have faced or had some of the same activities. Group Remedy is wonderful tool to your client, because the client has peer support and peer accountability. Group also gives the client practice in their sociable skills. Last but not least I feel that behavioral therapy is very beneficial for addicts trying to cope with addition. Cognitive Behavioral Remedy is also a good form of remedy to the customers. CBT educates your client. CBT can help the client understand why these are experiencing dependency and withdrawals. Through education and CBT the client can start understanding how to change the unhealthy behavior. The detrimental patterns can be substituted with a positive behavior. Behaviors are induced by our way of thinking, and with cognitive behavioral remedy the client has the capacity to change that way of thinking and to realize what sets off or situation cause the irrational behavior.


Methadone maintenance is an effective way to control sobriety with opioid lovers. The MMT program is a cheap program and reduces health risk and criminal offenses. Clients

can find comfort through this program with drawback symptoms, which gives them a much better chance of sobriety. Using the MMT program, remedy can be used to address the issues of addiction. Therapy can concentrate on the emotional dependency. The Methadone Maintenance Program gives the client the capability to reduce cravings that are associated with opioids. In my own thoughts and opinions Methadone Maintenance is an effective treatment of opioid craving.

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