Teaching of psychology in the second half of the XX century...

Teaching Psychology in the Second Half of the 20th Century

Resume the teaching of psychology in the middle of XX century

The resumption of the teaching of psychology in universities occurred in the middle of the 20th century. Since the beginning of the 1940s. In a number of universities, psychological departments open at the philosophical faculties, and thus the training of professional psychologists begins for the first time. In 1941, the Moscow Philosophy Faculty was restored as part of the Moscow University, where in 1942 the Department of Psychology was established. Its head was Professor SL Rubinstein.

Historical excursion

Rubinstein Sergey Leonidovich (1889-1960) - Soviet psychologist and philosopher. Philosophical and psychological education was in Marburg (Germany).

Since 1942, for several years, he was director of the Institute of Psychology. In 1943 he created in the Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Department, and then the Department of Psychology, and in 1945 - the psychology sector at the Institute of Philosophy of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Psychology courses were read at the philosophical and philological, as well as at the historical, biological, legal, geographical and economic faculties. Facultative courses were conducted at the faculties: mechanico-mathematical and international relations. To the teaching involved such prominent scientists as BM Teplov, AN Leontiev, SV Kravkov, AA Smirnov, AR Luria, P. Ya. Galperin. This restored one of the traditions of university psychology - the fusion of the teaching process with scientific activity. Unity of scientific and educational work was also created by involving students and graduate students in scientific work. The purpose of teaching

Psychology was a serious theoretical training of specialists and ensuring a perfect mastery of the methods of experimental research and empirical work. Moscow University has become a major school for the training of highly qualified personnel. Since 1951, the department of psychology at the university was directed by A. II. Leontiev, who continued to improve the psychological education.

In 1940, the philosophical and economic departments of the historical faculty of the Leningrad University were reorganized into independent faculties. In 1944, within the framework of the Faculty of Philosophy, a department of psychology was created, headed by BG Ananyev. The system of higher psychological education began to develop in the Leningrad University. VN Myasishchev and AV Yarmolenko participated in the creation of the psychological department. In both scientific and pedagogical activities, the psychological department was closely connected with the Psychoneurological Institute. Psychology at the university in those years also taught such outstanding scientists as AA Bodalev, LM Vekker, BF Lomov, ES Kuzmin, NV Kuzmina, IM Palei, E F. Rybalko et al.

In the 1950's. the teaching of psychology for students of pedagogical institutes was perfected. Traditional themes or training courses were: general, age and pedagogical psychology. In addition to lectures, practical training in psychology began. In 1970, a textbook on psychology appeared edited by AV Petrovsky for students of pedagogical institutes.

A significant milestone in the history of the teaching of psychology is the emergence of in the light of a number of teaching aids. In 1938, a textbook on psychology was edited under the editorship of KN Kornilov, BM Teplov, and LM Schwarz. In 1940, the fundamental principles of general psychology came out of print. SL Rubinstein, largely predetermined the nature of the subsequent educational literature on psychology. In 1946, the second edition of this book, which has become classic, appears. In 1956 a textbook was published edited by AA Smirnov, AN Leontiev, SL Rubinshtein, BM Teplov.

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