Test and dedication - Political psychology

Test and dedication

The initial initiative formula is associated with imbalance. In the central initial formula, the imbalance passes through primary personalization. The personal character of the original model is found in the search for a candidate for heroic leadership.

The initial formulas are concluded by a series of tests that must be found among the pretenders of the real hero, or a possible candidate must undergo a dedication from which he will be able to accomplish the expected feats and heroic deeds.

The test reveals the applicant's capabilities. Dedication actualizes opportunities and completes a chain of formulas designed to personalize socio-political processes. In order to make it possible to return to the marching state in which the community was before the loss of well-being, total personalization of the realities of the prosperous condition is needed.

The test and initiation formulas continuously or explicitly organize the conduct of a political leader. First, the situation of political competition constantly forces one to think and develop his political career as a "true" as opposed to "untrue" position of a political competitor. Secondly, the political leader is included by the test and initiation formulas into interaction with the mass audience. He only in that case can count on identification with problems that worry the mass audience, if in the mass political consciousness he is considered "true" leader.

The appearance of the hero completes the initial formulas of the heroic myth. The estranged applicant enters the community, assumes the obligation to rid, overcome the crisis situation, return the community to its original pre-crisis state and accepts the values ​​of the original model as its personal. Thus, there is a socialization before an outsider, on socialization as a hero.

Socialization of the hero does not take place without a trace for the community. In the amorphous state, a structure is introduced, determined by the relation to the heroic character. Together with the socialization of the hero in the community, social distance is established. The original egalitarianism disappears. A hierarchy arises, which is determined by the attitude towards the hero. The system of socio-political positions is defined as a relation to the hero. The position system is defined by the relation to the personalized tasks of the hero. Positions generate a system of characters and functions. Characters must interact, functions - performed in the process of developing a heroic myth. The initial alienation of the applicant is replaced in the process of development of the initial formulas by active interaction with the community in a crisis situation. The first thing that gives the community the appearance of a hero is its structure and typology.

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