The Background Of Anger Management Mindset Essay

All of us know what anger is & we would have thought it in a few or the other way in many situations in our life. It really is a totally normal & healthy real human emotion that every person faces & we can not turn down the actual fact that all of us involve some reasons or the other to behave in a certain way which falls within the limitations of ANGER. Anger to a certain degree is okay of all folks, but once it gets out of control it may lead to problems, problems related to work place, related to one's personal life & may also affect the whole approach to life one's Life. Anger management is a very important thing that we should all know inside our life it is necessary for both stabilizing one's emotional sates & the mental impact so it can cause in one's thinking process. You can never get rid of people who cause you to frustrated, create problems; neither can you avoid such people in life as they will often make entries into your daily life at different point. However one can definitely go through the ways of taking care of his/her anger & learn the art of doing so. A person who can control his/ her anger may very well be more happy, organized, enlightened & sensible than the ones who aren't.

Reason for choosing the topic

We cannot disregard the reality anger has always been a part of the life. The entire world is having assault, hostility, hatred & conflict in a few or the other way & we have to be practical & courageous enough to understand this. It is vital for all those to know the things which can make us & others upset. Most of the problems nowadays troubling individual are somehow linked to ANGER that has been increasing in the current technology because of multiple factors. Today's junior is battling from irritation, aggression guilt & reparation that happen to be causing these to behave in a certain way that makes them an irritated man. If we analyze closely almost all of us expand up with anger from the childhood times only. Also the tolerance restrictions that you have are going down day by day. (Ronald T. Potter-Efron, 2006)

Some of the things we need to note inside our life & which can help us in understanding the root cause of our irritated behavior are

Aggression is nothing but a psychological defense of human being against the threat of fragmentation. Whenever we are created, we face diverse personalities & inside our natural process we try & deal with with all the current diverse personalities that we come across making us confused concerning which should be the people we take & which are the ones to be disregarded. This is what makes us unique from the other & when someone challenges this personality of ours, we have a tendency to hide our weaknesses & make an effort to respond to them in a certain way. This causes frustration in the complete process of consoling one's mind & results unwanted manners. However not all of us react just as & some of us might offer with this in a far more apathetic way than the ones who become upset.

Relevance to real human Being

Anger is an extremely powerful sentiment that can commence from frustration, damage, disappointment or annoyance. It really is a very normal & healthy feelings that can vary from slight soreness to strong reactions. It is vital for human being expressing their Anger & is also very important to learn the reasons why one suppresses their anger 7 what can be the repercussions of doing so. Anger if suppressed can result in anxiety & despair. It can also disturb & impact ones relationships with others, might trigger change the way one thinks, the decisions one calls for. However they are all psychological aspects of it. Anger can also lead to physical problems like, Pain, high Blood pressure problem, skin area disorders. Even more dangerous are the behaviors like offense, physical abuse, violence & other reactions which can follow within an angry mind-set. (Ronald T. Potter-Efron, 2006)

However it is vital to know in the context of daily individual life as to methods to control his/her anger to steer clear of the above problems somewhat if not completely.

One should try & take profound breathing do positive talks & try to stop thoughts resulting in anger. Try & develop yoga breathing habits during any situation when you are feeling you're getting frustrated & likely to get upset Also try & gaming system yourself to relax & avoid high voltage discussions during such situations as it can help you to reduce your enjoyment.

One should definitely not try & control his/her anger but point out the same. . . However, the ways & time to take action should be looked at. You have to be assertive & should be able to express your sense, needs, would like & preferences in a healthy way. Each one of these can help you in expressing your anger which is good & very normal. Please note that anger outburst is dangerous for both our nervous & cardiovascular systems.

Try & discuss others support when you discuss your feelings. Sit with people who is aware of you & who are able to absorb your absurd thoughts as well.

Try & review the situations which make you irritated. Avoid such situations in future.

Try & put yourselves in others shoes to check out things that they might do in such circumstances which will make you irritated.

Try to consume healthy food & find different ways of being happy & funny in life.

Be a good listener. A lot of things in life become complicated scheduled to incorrect communication which is often done only if you are a good listener in addition to a good talker as well.

Try to be assertive, expressive proactive rather than reactive.

One can also consult a professional therapist if he/she faces the problem quite often. Booklet reading is also a good way to offer with anger.

The previously listed steps can definitely help one in dealing with anger, but it very very important to us to comprehend the actual fact that anger is a standard & healthy psychological process in all of s & we have to all take it positively to ensure that it makes a positive change inside our life somewhat than causing frustrations & making our life complex. One should remember that anger is not really a bad thing & it's been one of the key to human development as it helps in allowing human being to evolve & take up with the changing times. It also teaches us to react to situations in the right way. It is a combo of mental and physical changes. Also a major surge of energy goes through our body as chemicals, such as adrenaline, that are released when one becomes angry. (Anger Management Techniques, 2013)

Even when the primary cause of anger has been settled one must be prepared to deal with the physical impact than it. As told early on anger also helps in launching chemicals, the energy has to go someplace when someone doesn't get upset. A person who is unable to describe his/her anger can also cause do it yourself harm & harm to others which cannot even think about. One can also become shy of others & may well not have the ability to or more comfortable with expressing himself/herself before others. Anger can also lead to verbal communication which in turn can make the other person angry as well.

There can be an interesting other aspect of anger as well. The surge of energy it creates, it could be pleasurable for a few of the individuals for some people it gives a sense of electricity when you release your thoughts on someone. This intern can be quite dangerous & is a major reason behind all the crimes. It could become an craving in this case

Relevance to UAE

The people in UAE respond to situation very firmly and if the situation relates to faith or any other theme which links them psychologically. That creates anger within not only among specific but in a society as a whole. This issue of anger management is so much relevance to UAE as there is certainly so much assault and crime widespread in that part of world. If proper guidance is directed at people on anger management it will help not only a person but the population in lowering the assault which is perpetuated all across.


Now that we have understood this is of ANGER, their relevance to human being & how one can control the same, we will try to identify things & their solution at length in the approaching sections.

Nature of Anger

Anger is an emotional state to getting annoyed & might range from minor to strong reactions. When one gets furious, his/her heart rate & blood pressure goes up & so does indeed the energy levels because of adrenaline & non adrenaline flow arising as grounds of the above

It can happen because of both internal & external factors. One can be angry because of a specific person or situation or incident. For example a traffic jam can make one angry because it causes delay in activities which might be very very important to the subject in the situation. Likewise a higher voltage chat it Supervisor at office can be an incident resulting in anger. Personal problems like inability in interactions & money crunch can also lead to anger.

Expression of Anger

One should always communicate his/her anger rather than suppressing the same. You can find many reasons for the same & we will try to analyze each one of these in detail.

If we look at the natural way of the majority of the individual towards responding to anger, most of us gets frustrated & ensuing tendencies is very close to aggression. It really is a natural, adaptive reaction to threats which brings about thinking oneself as a robust & ambitious person which allows visitors to fight and to defend themselves when they feel offended. . . A degree of anger is necessary for all those to make it through & we have to never allow anger to barbeque grill our brain.

However one cannot literally lash out to every person or thing that frustrates him/her. You will discover laws rules & norms in the modern culture that we live on & each one of these have set limitations for us expressing our anger. If we do not follow them we might come under enormous problems which further twin the trouble for us (Guide to psycology, 2013).

We should note that in our daily life we use both conscious & unconscious procedures to deal with Anger. One can show three various ways of responding to Anger.

Expressing- This can range from immense situation whereby one abuses battles & even attempts to cause physical harm to the other party involved. However, the best way to express anger is usually to be assertive & not extreme.

This can prove to be a healthy way of expressing anger. Assertive doesn't always means being pushy & demanding, this means being respectful & smart to encourage others to know what you are trying to explain them.

Suppressing-One can reduce his/her anger & can redirect the same towards other positive /negative things. It can happen when they carry their anger & tray to stop thinking about the reason for their occurrence. In turn they also start to think on something more positive to keep their brain diverted. Their complete purpose is to avoid & follow a constructive tendencies of deal with anger. However the negative impact that can result in which is only when you start struggling with within yourself & try to move the complete process inward. This may lead to High BP, sometimes triggering Hypertensions & also unhappiness in many cases. Suppressed anger can create other problems like ambitious action. People also create a habit of becoming cynical & constantly make an effort to put others down in front of the group where they will work / interacting. In addition they develop a habit of getting back again to people indirectly alternatively than face to face conversations. The worse of most is they are no more eligible or even in a position to dollop & maintain successful relationship as a result of above mentioned action.

Calming down -Some people have the ability to relax their anger not only by restricting themselves expressing it to others but also by minimizing their heart rate by handling their internal replies & consoling themselves to have abusive actions.

However in the event one is unable to share anger through any of the three above methods, then they should be prepared for the forthcoming troubles. (Anger Control, 2008)

Managing Anger

Anger Management is designed to lessen the emotional feelings & the psychological arousal because of anger. You can never get Reid go anger, nor can they stay away from the same, therefore the only constructive part would be to learn how to control the same & divert it to other fruitful areas. One can feel the area psychological lab tests that gauge the anger feelings, prone to anger, how well one is at handling anger etc. Normally all of us know the depth of our own anger & reasons for their arousal as well. However if we cannot map the same then we will surely obtain the test done. Some individuals have a tendency to show more anger than others. This can vary from individual to individual & can also vary between your same members of the family as well. Some people are coolheaded & have a tendency to absorb the negative situations much better than others. However some have significantly more hotheads than the average normal person. . Easily angered people don't always curse and throw things; sometimes they withdraw socially & get literally ill.

People who get furious easily are thought to have lower level of tolerance in comparison to others. When we speak about tolerance, it has been respect to irritation, which means they should not be exposed much to disappointment, annoyance or hassle. These kinds of folks don't like others to pinpoint their small flaws every time.

It is very important for others to know the reasons for many people behaving in this manner.

There can be multiple reasons for such behaviours. It could be either hereditary or internal. For example- some children's right from their childhood days and nights tends to behave itchy & annoyed this is related to their genetically inheritance.

However Socio social factors can be the other reason as well. Anger is frequently termed as a poor reaction. We tend to be educated about stress, unhappiness & other negative sentiment but never are we coached me interacting with anger nor are we consoled how to take care of it or route it constructively. (Bloom, 2001)

Background of an person also plays an essential role in the development of once personalities. People who come from chaotic, disruptive & upset parents have a tendency to develop anger within them. However, Psychologist is of the thoughts and opinions that this may just be another misconception & they often times find it a means of getting certificate to damage others. & this acts as an escape route because of their mistakes. One should always look at things & situations which will make them upset & make an effort to develop tactics & strategies to avoid these. (Franzen, 2008)

Ways of Keeping Anger Away

One can definitely keep his/her anger away but pursuing some simple yet effective guidelines in life. Here are a few of the techniques you can use to do so

Ample Rest- According to Adrian Faupel, Whenever one seems angry one should take profound breaths to calm down the aggression level. This can help in normalizing the adrenalin flow which helps in having the energy level down. One can read books to bring their mental temp on track level. People who are in relationship with lovers who are brief tempered can use these ways to bring one another down. You need to try taking profound breaths from the diaphragm as deep breathing from your torso doesn't relax the body. People can also try verbalizing the words like calm down & relax & then tae profound breaths. Try & bear in mind incidents from the past which made you happy. This can help you ion eliminating the strain & thereby relaxing you & reducing the anger. An essential & effective thing is also to apply Yoga. This helps in complete rest of your brain. (Faupel, 2010)

Changing the thinking process- As per Harword Kassinove, You can also package with anger by changing just how they think. When a person is angry his/her thinking can get exasperated & intense People should try & think positive rather than pondering on the prior mentioned nodes. For example while you are struck in traffic you need to think about something good that has happened to them in the past rather than thinking about the consequences of attaining overdue. Don't curse people around you as it isn't going to help you any ways & above all it will increase you aggression level. Think rationally somewhat than emotionally logical thin king always assists with having your adrenalin circulation don & subsequently cutting your temper level. Don't humiliate people around you as this might cause anger within them. Always use cold logic to guard your anger thoughts. Bear in mind that individuals around you aren't there just to get you. It's simply a rough stage that is propelling anger within you. You also need to become aware of your demanding dynamics & translate those to reasonable expectations rather than unreasonable thoughts. (Kasinove, 2002)

Problem dealing with process- As per Peter favaro, A lot of the times our anger & aggravation are induced by some real & unavoidable factors. But, not necessarily is anger an awful thing. It can even be used as a good & healthy change. An extremely common reason behind anger is also the eagerness to find answers to problems. But we also need to know that there isn't a solution for some of the problems & you need to be practical enough to understand the same. Rather than finding answers & solutions, one should look to take care of such situation/problems. One can make a plan & check the improvement consequently to avoid anger. However, not always will your action be like the plans. Subsequently they may be a little different & you should have the persistence to bring it on track rather than getting irritated. Right & rational ways of handling problems should be looked at. (Favaro, 2008)

Better Communication-As per Anthony Fiore, A lot of the times clash in way of thinking results anger creation in two or more individuals. People tend to attract conclusions in the mid way of some ongoing communication &get struck in the area of the communication that they might not have liked. However, this may well not be right as the whole dialogue may be giving some other results. Hence, a good tuning in & expression during any dialog is very important. Also try bringing down the heated conversation by carefully tackling the same. One should also deal with a calm attitude during any conversations to avoid confusions. (Fiore, 2005)

Using Humor- As per Kim Olver, Laughter is definitely an anger killer. Laughter helps in providing the adrenaline circulation within you down by assisting you relax. It helps someone to get a far more balanced method of things. Laughter can always be relied on to help unknot a anxious situation. One should also be mindful while passing humorous statements. Don't make an effort to just "laugh off" at problems, alternatively, use humor to help one face them more constructively & also don't surrender to harsh & sarcastic laughter as that's just another form of harmful way manifestation. (Olver, 2011)

Changing Your Environment- As per Fiore, remember that environment plays an important role in ones psychological built up. For example when someone reaches office, the demand of the hour can be to just work skillfully, but once you are in the house, you feel a little calm. This helps in changing one's psychological state that may vary in both places. Likewise one should try & find some space in their life to take into account themselves & stay away from the routine. This also helps in delivering emotions to a wholesome level. (Fiore, 2005)

Easing up- According to Mitch Abrams, make an effort to get some time for your individual life as well in addition to the work life. Try & avoid things & situations that irritate & frustrate you. Try & find options for things that are not working by having a path. (Mitch, 2010)


Counseling- According to Lisa Adams, if someone seems that his/her anger is really uncontrollable & struggles to deal with the same, you can check with a psychologist or other accredited mental health professional to learn the tricks of controlling anger. Upset people should try to learn the art to be assertive rather than be approaching ambitious. (Adams, 2008)


Anger has been one of the very most detrimental & common delusion that impacts our day to day life. In order to solve the problem of anger, one has to first think about the reasons of the event & then look at the ways to lessen it or channelize it to a positive road as it harms both us as well as others. Also, one cannot ignore the role that persistence plays in lowering anger & keeping oneself relaxed & composed. We need to look at a few of the practical ways of anger decrease & then avoid the same from arising in our mind. For instance, whenever we are angry with this loved one, at that time he/she seems to us as unattractive. We exaggerate his/her bad characteristics by centering only on those aspects that irritate us & ignoring all his good qualities, until we had built up an image of a faulty individual. We have to practice patience in our life to get over anger.

One has to also realize the positive & negative feelings arising from anger. This can help to channelize the same in the positive direction. Although everyone has a different way of coping with anger, a few of the common strategies is often as below

Being sportive enough to take care of defeat.

Meditation & relaxations

Shouting in private location to bring out your aggression.

Running (Anger Control, 2008)

Any of these may help to obtain your disappointment and melt away any emotions you're that you is bottling up. However, this still leaves the problem of dealing in another way in situations that makes us angry. You need to apply some ways to avoid & channelize your anger. One can use the below mentioned steps for interacting with anger.

Stop yourself from engaging in situations which gets uncontrollable.

Give yourself space.

Breathe deeply to calm yourself down

Analyze situations calmed down once, make an effort to see what has took place really

Define the situation.

Solve-Consider all the possible options to solve the issue. (Ronald T. Potter-Efron, 2006)

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