The burden of totalitarianism, Authoritarian regime - Political psychology

The burden of totalitarianism

The totalitarian trend in modern Western countries is economically dictated by the "etatization" the economic organism resulting from the law of "efficiency and rationality". Technical progress is also a potential source of totalitarianism. Of course, not all developed countries show totalitarian tendencies. They are born mainly in conditions of deep social and economic crisis in the absence of strong democratic traditions.

Famous theorist of liberalism F. Hayek in the book of 1944 "The road to slavery" considered totalitarianism from the point of view of the conflict between liberal and angilitic currents, emphasizing that such regimes appeared in the context of mass democracy and highly developed technology. F. Hayek recognized the undoubted genetic relationship between totalitarianism and socialist doctrines, for any utopia, in his opinion, leads to absolute violence and arbitrariness. Establishment of fascist regimes in Italy and Germany Hayek directly dependent on the rebellion of a large, class-deprived class whose social status was threatened by the arrival of the elite of industrial workers.

Authoritarian mode

A soft form of totalitarianism is an authoritarian political regime in which power is exercised by one person or a narrow circle of persons, and the participation of the population is reduced to a minimum. This regime limits democracy, establishes the power of one leader or group of individuals.

And. Kant stressed that "radical evil" in politics - this is not the cruelty of the ruler, but its unlimited authoritarianism. All kinds of appeals to the man of power to be wise, prudent, responsible are broken because of a simple axiom - kings, leaders, charismatic leaders, presidents are trapped in an illusory reality. They live in a world that is alienated from everyday life. The famous phrase that if there is no bread, so let the brioche eat, is not a historical anecdote. Monetization, for example, was presented to the people as a concern for the welfare of the population, which by its incomprehensibility does not realize its own benefit. Are real bills on hand worse than different benefits? If it's hard to make ends meet, then take the money. And people rejoiced and thanked the authorities, until they realized that they were simply robbed. Pompous talk about improving the quality of education has nothing to do with the modern school or modern university. Officials have long forgotten what a living student of our days looks like. The theme itself turns out to be an ordinary simulacrum. Words, words ... The illusion of some incredible efforts, some kind of advancement to a country of incredibly educated people. Even the term "intellectualization of the nation" appeared. And all this against the background of an incredible degradation of the education itself.

Our society is becoming less and less critical about its social organism. It resides in a powerful delirium, believing that any objective analysis of social processes only prevents the authorities from implementing their own programs. Among other illusions, the belief that we created the most advanced society in the history of mankind has taken root. In this regard, criticism is perceived as a destructive force. Meanwhile, we need answers - simple, absolutely honest answers to extremely difficult questions. I need to understand: effective democracy can only mean castrated democracy. Genuine democracy has nothing to do with formal rhetoric, public incursions of power into public life without a clear understanding of the real state of things, with a cult of power and immorality, with the polarization of the interests of different social groups in the country. It is important to return to social institutions their true destiny - an excellent political program for any party.

If civilization is not capable of distinguishing illusion from reality, it is close to sunset. Already, the necessary fasteners have been lost in society. The state and the people live as if in different dimensions. Desperate to get in touch, people will begin to survive without the state. However, in this case, the state itself can turn into a kind of props, becoming as conditional as the British monarchy. There is also a more sad scenario. The experience of depoliticization will lead to the fact that no rise in national self-consciousness will be impossible. The nation and power will rot, degrade at the same time.

Mankind struggled to free itself from the burden of totalitarianism. However, his danger did not disappear. The preconditions that would lead to the birth of a totalitarian state continue to operate, if the values ​​of democracy and the democratic development of society are not accepted by mankind.

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